The People & Kudos for Oakland Public Works 2012


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The People & Kudos for Oakland Public Works 2012

  1. 1. May 2012
  2. 2. Employee Appreciation
  3. 3. Places to Visit in the World - Oakland Ranks #5! ~ New York Times, January 2012
  4. 4. From: Santana, DeannaSent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 4:52 PMSubject: Thank you to PWA Staff MessageDear Public Works Staff,Thank you for your hard work, longhours and dedication to keeping ourstreets and community clean andsafe. .. I deeply appreciate yourcommitment to this community.With deep respect,Deanna J. SantanaCity Administrator
  5. 5. From: Garzon, Gerard (Gerry) Sent: Friday, December 09 To: Lau, David W; Martinez, Carmen (Library Director) Cc: Soo Hoo, Lily; Louie, Denise Subject: ThanksDavid - I wanted to send a big thanks to Denise Louie and acknowledge her for pulling together so many pieces re. the Main Library work in such a short amount of time.Gerry GarzonAssociate DirectorOakland Public Library
  6. 6. From: Mandy SolisSent: Monday, March 05, 2012To: Jones, Sabrina D.Cc: Amirzehni, GusDear Ms. Jones,I wanted to send my gratitude….forputting up stop signs on ourcorner, 3rd and Madison!!!My neighbors and I are SO excitedabout this. The signs will make ourstreet a safer place for ourfamilies. I am so appreciative ofthe City of Oakland for respondingso quickly to my letter.Mandy Chuey
  7. 7. Re: PWA call center and servicesFrom: Cleveland Heights neighborhood list-serve!On Feb 2, 2012, Cascade Heights<hausrat911@...> wrote: FYI I reported this extensive abandoneddebris (blocking the sidewalk) to the city lastweek and as of a couple of days ago, it wasremoved - a large panel, a black leather-lookloveseat and a large mattress.Thank you City of OaklandPublic Works staff for theprompt response!
  8. 8. SeeClickFix - Mobile App & New Report aProblem MagnetsMayor Quan honored all of Public Works last night in herState of the City address by calling special attention to thenew mobile app featureFrom: John McCabeTo: TeamLots of people put a lot of work intothis. In particular, I want toacknowledge Kristine Shaff,Sabrina Jones, Ivan Poon, NicoleNeditch, and Stephanie Hom andthe Public Works Call Center.
  9. 9. SeeClickFix - Mobile App & New Report a Problem MagnetsFrom: John McCabeTo: TeamKenneth Chen has done an AWESOMEjob interacting with the customersusing SeeClickFix. His communicationshave reflected the professionalism andconcern of our agency, and histimeliness encourages communityinteraction.Kenneth - Thank you!
  10. 10. From: Bailey, KenSent: Thursday, March 15, 2012To: Walker, LarrySubject: Great JobThanks ...The Excellent progressyouve made...You have showngreat resourcefulness andefficiency on this project...
  11. 11. From: Little, LorenSent: Friday, Dec. 09, 2011To:Nicks, Johnny;McLaurin,Ameal; SS Acting Supervisor1; Smith, Lorenzo.Subject: # 391050, Sequoyah Rd.KUDOS AND COMPLIMENTS
  13. 13. From: Chimonyo, CynthiaSent: Friday, November 04, 2011Subject: Occupy OaklandTo: Levin, Brook A. MinorDerin; Ferguson, David,Foster, Frank; Ryugo, Jim;Clanton, Daniel; Smith,Lorenzo; Seaberry, MichaelIt was obvious that PWA worked asa high performing team…
  14. 14. From: Deanna J. Santana, CityAdministratorSent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011To: All City of Oakland EmployeesSubject: grateful I am to work withsuch a talented group ofemployees here in the City ofOakland...
  15. 15. From: Mayor QuanSent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011,3:18 PMSubject: Thank you to City StaffKen Rayford, R. Brooks, C.Williams, S. Duran, V. Norris, L.Satterfield, R. Pardo, N. Owens, R.Podesta, and all those who helpedwith the OO Encampment
  16. 16. From: Phyllis Biddle/ Mark Halal/Kevin N. WileySent: 10/18/11; 10/17/11; 8/4/11To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Shelly Ricky" appreciation to ..Ricky Shelly"...let you know that Ricky has beendoing an excellent job...""...just want to acknowledge thegreat work Ricky does here..."
  17. 17. From: Biddle, PhyllisSent: February 27, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Alejandra Leon"It is not easy to please an entiredivision but Alejandra has proven to bethe exception...""Top Performer"
  18. 18. From: Veronica L. LeeSent: August 03, 2011To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Thank you...Mike Miller and Shawn Daniel,and Project Crew "...the job that youdid is most appreciated...and noticed byour customers..."
  19. 19. From: Walters, WinifredSent: September 15, 2011To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Thank you letter re.W. Auditorium"...I wanted to thank yourorganization and AlHightower Sr. specifically...."
  20. 20. From: Farrell, MarySent: Thursday, March 29, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Bill Yu Does a GreatJob"...he is always willing to work onparts of Lakeview that need alittle extra work help when weask..."
  21. 21. From: Costello, MarySent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Julia Chang" I would like to say what anice job that Julia does...Iappreciate both you and theservices you provide..."
  22. 22. From: Harris, JeanSent: Tuesday, February 08, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Julia Chang" The Medical unit is very pleasedat the work that Julia does in ouroffice. She always does a goodjob.."
  23. 23. From: Ikharo, UmmuSent: February 07, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Julia Chang" Since Julie has been servingour office, she has done anoutstanding job...Julies is apleasant person and all the stafflike her."
  24. 24. From: Bratton, JoyceSent: January 31, 2012To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Great Job WithService DeskRoslyn Ratliff " Kudos to Rozfor a job well done!"
  25. 25. From: Harold Bowles, Custodian ServicesSent: October 21, 2011To: Andre Young, CustodianSubject: Commendation"We have been receiving many complimentson the improvement in custodial services atOPD. You are the primary component of theimprovement...“
  26. 26. From: Schiesser, PaulSent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011To: Bowles, HaroldSubject: Sau King"Sau King is great...I hope youcan hold on to her…
  27. 27. Kudos and ComplimentsNovember 9, 2011MacArthur Blvd. & Patterson Av.TO: CLANTON DANIEL W."Thank you for fixing thepedestrian light. Keep up thegood work."From: Carlos Castellanos
  28. 28. Kudos and Compliments November 30, 2011 5445 Carlton St. TO: CLANTON DANIEL W. Quick Repair "Thank you“
  29. 29. From: Harold BowlesSent: October 18, 2011To: Shawn Daniel and MikeMiller, Project CrewSubject: Cesar Chavez goodwork"Thank you for a job welldone."
  30. 30. Kudos and ComplimentsJuly 11, 2011Kales &Broadway Request #359676 TO: CLANTON DANIEL" Many Thanks to the personsresponsible for putting back aKales Ave. Street Sign...“From: Ms. Souroujon
  31. 31. Kudos and Compliments October 28, 2011 Shaw St. & Stanley Av. TO: CLANTON DANIEL W."...I just wanted to take amoment to Thank You all for repairing the light..." ..."YIPPEE"
  32. 32. Kudos and ComplimentsJanuary 19, 20121021 56th St.TO: CLANTON DANIELDear PWA employees:Thank you for such a promptand thorough response to myrequest. I appreciate all you do.Yours sincerely, Brandon Larson
  33. 33. Kudos and ComplimentsMarch 7, 20127015 Elverton Dr.TO: CLANTON DANIEL"Thank you for fixing our light onElverton – your hard work isappreciated.Thanks again.“
  34. 34. Kudos and ComplimentsMarch 7, 2012TO: JONES SABRINA800 Alvarado Rd."I truly appreciate yourassistance..."Maxine Jew
  35. 35. Kudos and ComplimentsMarch 15, 20127117 PINEHAVEN RD.TO: Clanton Daniel W."Thank you ...It is wonderful tohave the light back for a saferstreet and is very muchappreciated."
  36. 36. Kudos and ComplimentsMarch 3, 20125600 ASCOT DR.TO: RAMEY JAMIE P."The crew that cleared theslide... did a fabulous job.""Good job, Public Works!"Elaine Geffen, Piedmont Pines
  37. 37. Kudos and ComplimentsJuly 26, 20113832 Martin Luther King Jr. Wy.TO: RAMEY JAMIE P."...want to thank you for yourquick response andwonderful service regardingthe repair of the curb......"Pastor Willie Reed
  38. 38. Kudos and ComplimentsFebruary 16, 20125233-5299 Camden St.# 156682"Nice going Oakland PublicWorks! Super Fast Response."
  39. 39. Kudos and ComplimentsOctober 17, 2011REDWOOD RD. & SKYLINE BLVD.Dale C. Smith"Thank you for the fastservice on the Redwood Roadsign on Skyline!"; " It looksmuch better!!!"Dave
  40. 40. Kudos and ComplimentsDecember, 13, 20116491 Benvenue Av. # 385357Dale C. Smith"Thank you for repairing thelarge pothole in front of myhouse at 6491 Benvenue Ave."Al Richardi
  41. 41. Kudos and ComplimentsFebruary 7, 2012573 Montclair Av.Dale C. Smith and Crew"Thank you" Letter for fixingsign is attached.
  42. 42. Kudos and ComplimentsOctober 6, 2011291 Athol Av."Thanks for fixing the light.Good job."Tim Patrick
  43. 43. Dear Marcel:It was a pleasure working with you.Wishing you the best on your retirement!Congratulations!Domingo, ReneeMarcel;It was pleasure knowing you andworking with you. You werealways the problem solver around thedepartment and never said no to anychallenge. We will miss you and goodluck with new opportunities.Mohammad
  44. 44. From: Humphrey, NancySent: November 15, 2011Thank you OO Safety Officer AND ALLMinor, Derin; Jackson, Renay; Petrovic, James; Foster,Frank; Miller, Herman; Matarrese, Martin; Ryugo, Jim;Carthan, Brian; Watson, Arthur; Cleveland, Everett;Rayford, Ken; Ramey, Jamie; Smith, Lorenzo; Ferguson,David; Levin, Brooke A., Troyan, Vitaly Kattchee, Susan;Gomez, Mark; Troyan, Vitaly; Shaff, KristineIt was my pleasure, Brooke, and the professionalism ofthe staff and supervisors/managers out there made it allvery easy to do.Thanks,NancyNancy Humphrey, Environmental Compliance Specialist
  45. 45. To: Nancy HumphreyFrom: Brook A. LevinI wanted to thank you for the work you did yesterday.You really stepped up to take leadership at assuringthat all Public Works staff were working in a safeenvironment while dealing with the cleanup ofOccupy Oakland. You were professional, problemsolving and had a good plan to check each person in toassure compliance with the safety standards that hadbeen established for the cleanup.Again, I want to let you know that your teamwork wasvery instrumental in the cleanup being conducted insafe manner.Thank you!Brooke A. Levin, Assistant Director Public Works
  46. 46. Dear Scary Team! (Please forward to others I have missed,that you know participated in on the 4th Floor)Hartfield, Rolanda; Patterson, Gregory;Avery, Treva; Jourdain, Ava; Simmons,Tanya; PWA Main Reception Desk; Enright,Donna; Moore, LaShun; White, Lee; Lopez,Yolanda; Hall, Sharon A.; Brown, Jasmine S;Lane, RhondaThank you for celebrating your spirit & play& contribution & imagination!Not only did the children have fun, but we alsosupported the OPR efforts.Kristine ShaffTraining & Public Service Administrator
  47. 47. From: Brian HillSent: October 04, 2011To: Stanley, JenniferSubject: brilliant bit of striping"... I was so pleased to discover the striped bikelane on Oakland Ave as I was riding uphilltowards 580 at a pace that was inevitably muchslower than the freeway-bound traffic. Thanksto that stretch of bike lane, it was no problem atall establishing the correct position in the laneson Oakland Ave and then getting under thefreeway.
  48. 48. Re: New Curb Painting by KaiserHospitalWang, Joe; Clanton, Daniel; Jones,Sabrina D., Troyan, VitalyThank you
  49. 49. RE: 2011 Annual Facility Safety Inspection ShepherdCanyonFrom: Shaff, KristineSent: August 30, 2011To: Nervis, Gerald; Pegross Jr., Lou; Lonestar, DavidCc: Ferguson, David; Smith, Lorenzo; Troyan, Vitaly;Elliott, Greg; Dana Price; Beck, BrianDear Drainage: All management and staff!You are the first section to have multiple years ofexcellent facility inspections and we want to thank youfor it! It shows that the day-to-day operations are welldone, the never ending housekeeping types of issues arekept up, the offices, yard, storage are clean and incompliance with regs…I will happily bring this to next Safety Committee asyou are a model for others.
  50. 50. To all who staffed the PWA Booth at Art & Soul -Finacom, David; Cooley, Detra; Staller, Christian; Carter, Pat;Pegross Jr., Lou; Chan, Paul; Samuel, Bryn; Girma, Lulseged;Patterson, Lisa; Chau, Daniel; Gagliardi, Mark; Nicks,Johnny; Moore, LaShun; Ramirez, Elise; Miller, HermanThank you for doing such a fine job representing PWA andthe work we do! I hope the assignment was meaningful andinteresting for you. Community outreach is important to oursuccess and this opportunity for PWA to shine was in partdue to your efforts. Should you have any feedback aboutour booth for future events – please forward them to me orDetra Cooley.Again, thanks.Susan Kattchee I Manager, Enviromental Services Division
  51. 51. To: Jackson, RenayYou are fabulous.Not only were you the first person I thought of whenI needed information and advice/direction, levelheaded, practical, cognizant of workplace realities &personalities, you inspired me to go straight to thesource and get their buy-in, which I could do due toyour factual info – and it actually worked! AND youtook the time to go take the pictures I needed but didnot have the time (or the foresight) to get myself.Thank you as always.Kristine ShaffTraining & Public Service Administrator
  52. 52. A Kudos to Jennifer and JasonFrom: George DuncanSent: July 19, 2011To: BikePedSubject: Biking in OaklandJennifer Stanley, Thanks for all the current info on Bikerelated progress. I am also pleased about the new ShuttleBus Service that Alameda is planning to soon startoperating between Alameda College and Lake MerrittBART.With new signage. bike lane graphics, etc. I am feelingmuch safer … Keep up the good work, you are makingOakland a better place to live.I am a Board Member of "Waterfront",The"Bicycle Coalition”and a booster of The Bay Trail andMeasure DD, Thanks again, George Duncan.
  53. 53. From: Dale DavisSent: July 20, 2011To: Amirzehni, GusSubject: Re: Keller Ave. RepavingThank you for this very in depth explanation. Iappreciate the time it took to format and send thisinformation to us. I have shared it with ourHomeowners Association.Thank you again for your helpful response. Keepup the good work!(Ms.) Dale DavisSequoyah Hills HOA
  54. 54. To: Humphrey, NancyThank you again for Thursdays three sessionscustom designed safety training on Lead, Mold,Asbestos~ You did an awesome job of re-designing the materials for our staff in multipleunits, to make it much more relevant to theirwork. ...Your expertise came shining through, andI believe made them all feel better and moreknowledgeable about what they face daily.Much appreciation,Kristine Shaff
  55. 55. From: swoodkraft@aol.comSent: July 15, 2011To: Smith, LorenzoSubject: bump repair on Templar PlaceMr Smith - Thank you so much for beingresponsive to our concerns about thebumps in our street. They have been sobad for so long - its just amazing to driveover that patch without jolting noise ordiscomfort…Sincerely,Sara Wood-Kraft
  56. 56. Re: Dimond Park Entrance at FruitvaleLooks Amazing!To: Miller, HermanThank you Herman! I was so pleasedto see it today, it brightened mymorning!
  57. 57. Saturdays Neighborhood Streets SafetyTo: Patton, KennethDear Kenneth,Thank you so much for the extra work, the extraattention to detail, and the extra inspiration youhad for the signage gracing SaturdaysNeighborhood Streets Safety community eventwith the Mayor and ADA program at 18th &Adeline! It was a pleasure working with you onFriday back and forth, and also with your staffwho helped me out. The signs made a great lookand we will be able to use them in the futureprojects with Marcel and Streets.
  58. 58. Neighborhood Streets SafetyCelebration of Pedestrian Access & Safety Model ProjectOakland, CA – Senior, disabled and student pedestrianaccess and safety have been greatly improved at the busyintersection of 18th Street and Adeline Street, thanks to thefocused attention of Mayor Quan’s Pedestrian Access andSafety Task Force, Oakland’s Americans with DisabilitiesAct Programs Division, and the Public Works Agency’sDepartment of Engineering & Construction. This“Neighborhood Streets Safety” project leveraged limitedCity street and sidewalk improvement resources to addressthe priorities of pedestrians that frequent this intersection.As part of the Office of Parks and Recreation’s Unity in theCommunity celebration on Saturday, June 25, 2011, theNeighborhood Streets Safety collaborators will hold aribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference to celebratethe greatly improved four-block area.
  59. 59. YOU PEOPLE ARE TOPSI am proud of my home City,OAKLAND.KUDOS TO STREET MAINTENANCEService Request #: 371939
  60. 60. From: Tom VinsonSent: June 23, 2011To: PWA Call CenterSubject: Re: Request 371939I just want to say "THANK YOU" for doing sucha nice job and doing it so quickly!The second patch you did seems to be holding upvery well. I know resources are short and I wish Icould help. Under the circumstances, YOUPEOPLE ARE TOPS~I am proud of my home City, OAKLAND.Tom Vinson
  61. 61. From: Cornu, SharonSent: June 22, 2011To: Troyan, VitalyRE: Bus Stop at Allen Temple ArmsHurrah! Special thanks from thisoffice.Sharon CornuDeputy Mayor for Community &Governmental Relations
  63. 63. From: Shaff, KristineSent: June 08, 2011To: Ramsey, Wes; Chang, JonathanCc: Ryugo, Jim; Levin, Brooke A.Subject: RE: Bldg 3 inspection (Carpenter,Welding, Paint Shop)Nice work crews! Both for having a well runshop with so few items for the consultant to beconcerned about, and for being the fastest everin resolving them. This is a model for others toemulate. Many thanks again.Kristine Shaff
  64. 64. SAFETY FIRST -1. In collaboration with Risk Management, implemented online training courses to meet CalOSHA compliance requirements and reduce accidents and injuries on the job.2. In collaboration with Fleet Equipment Services, provided enhanced safety training for both commercial and non-commercial drivers, resulting in fewer accidents caused by staff3. Established Safety First site on Intranet for ease of access by management and staff to needed resources.4. Implemented an annual calendar of safety training, inspections, and audits to provide program continuity to management and staff.
  65. 65. SAFETY FIRSTHigh Visibility Crosswalks - PuttingPedestrian First in China TownNew America Media, News Report, JonahMost, Posted: May 26, 2011"Jonathan Bair, a Board Member of WalkOakland, Bike Oakland agrees.It’s a gooddesign, it’s good for pedestrians, and we’dlike to see those systems all over the city,he said."
  66. 66. From: Estes, LesleySent: May 25, 2011To: Pegross Jr., Lou; Lonestar, DavidCc: Ferguson, DavidSubject: THANK YOUThis is a bit late but I owe you a big THANK YOU!! Lastweek you came through for me in a very difficult urgentsituation. I had 60 State Water Board staff members,including the executive officer, at the rotary nature centerwaiting to see the CDS unit…. Showing off what we do isvery important in the Citys ability to obtain future fundsand avoid future regulatory actions. You came throughand I very much appreciate it. Good, no, great job!Lesley Estes, Watershed and Stormwater Management
  67. 67. RE: Dumping - 48th Avenue and East 12thStreet - GONE!!TO: Fuentes, RichardSENT: 5/2/2012Thank you Richard and all of the City ofOakland folks involved in this quickturnaround . . . I really appreciate theexpedited service and out tenants andneighbors will as well.Thanks again,Ted PetersonPeterson Properties
  68. 68. From: Sharon FlynnTo: Rice, Clarence, English DexterRequest Number: 400202Problem Address: 1000 42ND STThank you for attending this so promptly. Ibelieve the graffiti was gone in under an hour.That is excellent service! We here at NOCCS verymuch appreciate your hard efforts.Thanks again and have a great weekend.Sincerely,
  69. 69. From: Ron SipherdSent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 7:56 PMTo: Brunner, JaneSubject: Public Works response on IllegalDumping on Chabot RoadI want to observe that the city has been quiteresponsive to these reports and swift toremedy the situations. They deserve to becongratulated on their performance. Ditto fortheir repairing of pavement potholes in ourneighborhood; good job, guys!
  70. 70. From James BurksRequest Number: 399451Problem Address: 3200 62ND AVThank you for taking care of the litterproblem at 3200 62nd Ave - #397552James Burks
  71. 71. Downtown Cleaning for The MarathonEventFoster, Frank, and Versall, Roosevelt andthe crew did a great job in getting the noparking signs out for the Marathon – veryhelpful.Jim MacIlvaineSpecial Events Coordinator + Oakland Film Office
  72. 72. From: Bruce RiordanSent: Monday, April 23To: BikePedSubject: Good work Jason Patton Jason:Just wanted to write and say"WELL DONE" for all the work youand your crew are doing to makeOakland better for bikes (andpeds). ..Thanks Jason.Bruce Riordan
  73. 73. To: Ryugo, JimCc: Troyan, VitalySubject: City Employee - TonyMr. Ryugo,I want to bring to your attention one of the Cityof Oakland employees …who should berecognized for his exemplary commitment topresenting a good image of city staff.This City of Oakland employee is anexcellent reflection of good civil serviceto the public… “Tony” stood out todayand should be recognized.Brian MathewsSenior Program Manager- Enforcement OfficerStopWaste.Org (The Alameda County WasteManagement Authority and Recycling
  74. 74. Kudos and ComplimentsNovember 30, 2011Skyline HighTO: RAMEY JAMIE P."Just a note to express ourthanks to your great crew inresolving the trough bump atSkyline High..."; "...excellentwork."
  75. 75. From: Delgado, KennethSent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 10:12 AMTo:Seaberry, MichaelSubject: Thank you!!!Mike, the Crew at Station 1 as well as myself want to thank Truong and Felipe for getting the truck back in service in a timely manner...The crew was very impressed ...
  76. 76. From: Delgado, KennethSent: Thursday, march 22, 2012 0:2-To:Seaberry, MichaelSubject: Great JobMike, Id like to thank you and yourstaff for all the hard work...pleaseextend our thanks to James andhis Guys...
  77. 77. To: Electrical ServicesRe: 800 Alvarado RoadService Request Information:Request Number: 399836Kudos and ComplimentsProblem Address: 800 ALVARADO RDDate / Time Reported: 3/7/2012 9:41:30 AMI truly appreciate yourassistance. Please forward myappreciation to the responsibledepartment head. With Gratitude, Maxine Jew
  78. 78. The American Public Works Association(APWA), Northern California Chapter, honoredthe Oakland’s Public Works Agency this year:Derin Minor, Facilities Services Manager has been selected as APWA Employee of the Year for his outstanding work…. 2012 APWA Awards
  79. 79. The American Public Works Association(APWA), Northern California Chapter, honoredthe Oakland’s Public Works Agency this year:PWA Director Vitaly B. Troyan has beennominated as one of the nation’s Top TenPublic Works Leaders of the Year by theNorthern California Chapter of the AmericanPublic Works Association.Mr. Troyan has created a high performanceorganization…innovative and costeffective…
  80. 80. The American Public Works Association (APWA),Northern California Chapter, honored theOakland’s Public Works Agency this year:Nila Wong has received the Award ofMerit in Administration and Finance.She is being recognized for her ongoingcontributions in budgeting, fiscalmanagement and grant administration.Ms. Wong represents the highest example ofcommitment and professionalism in publicservice.
  81. 81. The American Public Works Association(APWA), Northern California Chapter, honoredthe Oakland’s Public Works AgencyJimmy Mach is being honored with theAward of Merit in Engineering andTechnology.Mr. Mach has been recognized for hisefforts to improve Oakland’s pavementpreservation program, researching thelatest innovative pavementtechnologies and integrating safety…His contributions are invaluable toCity improvement.
  82. 82. The American Public Works Association (APWA), Northern California Chapter, honored the Oakland’s Public Works Agency East Oakland Sports Center received the Project of the Year award for Structures $5M-25M Project Manager: Lyle Oehler Resident Engineer: Jose Gonzalez
  83. 83. TO : Shaff, Kristine“Thanks so much for your diligence in wrapping up thisproject. ... I might not have thanked you enough…”(Jennifer Stanley)“I really appreciate your responsiveness with thisstuff. It’s not everyone who can be depended on tofollow through…”“Your performance has been exemplary. Every timethat I have work with you on projects, you have beenvery straightforward.” (Frank Foster)
  84. 84. ClevelandHeightsNeighborhood ChatFrom: duane_v <duane_v@...>To: ClevelandHeightsNeighbors@yahoogroups.comSent: December 1, 2011Subject: [CHNeighbors] Street light maintenanceThank you all for the useful information. Ifiled a report - and what do you know - thepile was gone the next day, with anautomated reply sent to me to confirm theremoval of said objects.Cheers,Dennis.
  85. 85. To: Foster, FrankSent: Wed Jan 18, 2012Subject: Crew on HegenbergerJust want to say that the litter crew onHegenberger is doing a superb job! Theyre trafficwork-zone is set up very well.Great Job!Thanks,Brian Beck (BlackBerry)Employee Fleet & Safety Coordinator
  86. 86. From: Linda AdamsSent: December 22, 2011To: Clanton, DanielCc: Troyan, Vitaly; Linda AdamsSubject: RE: 92nd Avenue @ San Leandro StreetsGood Morning Mr. Clanton,Thanks so much for getting this done. I was so happy tosee last evening as I was turning to go home, that thearrows were painted. We as homeowners and taxpayerscertainly do appreciate the work that the city does toimprove the safety and quality of life in our community.Once again, thanks for getting this done.Linda Adams, Executive Assistant
  87. 87. From: Linda Adams, December 20, 2011To: Troyan, VitalySubject: 92nd Avenue @ San Leandro…a very Special Thank You to Mr. Arthur Watson, PublicWorks Department), and the Asphalt crew for getting thepot holes fixed on 92nd Avenue & San Leandro Streets inOakland. I am a homeowner… and I and my entirecommunity are very pleased to see that the work wasdone, and we can all now drive safely in that area.…And also, great recognition to the City’s ElectricalPainters, and the Graffitti crew that continues to helpkeep Oakland Clean and looking nice…Thanks to themfor all of their continued support and hard work.Linda Adams, Executive AssistantAlameda CTC
  88. 88. Text Box Text Box
  89. 89. Dear MannyThank you, Thank you, Thank you. Unfortunately there are not enoughwords to express the level of appreciation for your ability to keep all of ussafe in our vehicles. What with less and less to work with somehow youand your staff have pulled off wonders.Not once in all these years I have dealt with your department have I everheard any disgruntled or negative remarks about you. This speaks to theyour caliber of professionalism, work ethic, and ability to create a safe,respectful place for your employees.Yes we out here may have complained about the turn around on ourvehicles. Or search frantically for our vehicles we thought were stolen.When they were towed after ample warning by you folks. But theseriousness of having safe, reliable, city vehicles was always first andformost. Enjoy your retirement. It was a pleasure to share this workexperience all these years and thank you again for all youve done to keepme and my staff safe.Stephanie BenavidezOPR/Rotary Nature Center
  90. 90. To: The Public Works FamilyFROM: MANNY TO ALLIt was because of your constant support andencouragement that I was able to perform my dutiesso well. I have gained considerable knowledge, and Ishall always cherish this as one of the most satisfyingphases in my life. It has been a true privilege and anhonor serving for the past 27 years. On a personallevel, I have shared a special bond with all of you, andI shall take with me special memories of our timetogether. My career was challenging and rewarding. Idid my best, and I was well rewarded in kind and infriendship. It was a privilege to be part of the City ofOakland, Heavy Equipment ServiceManny
  91. 91. From: Ellen GonsalvesSent: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 12:52 PMTo: Ralls, ChristineSubject: PWCallCenter - Thank YouHi, Debbie Houser gave me your e-mail and I just wanted to thankyour team in the PW call center as I frequently send e-mails aboutillegal dumping on G Street between 92nd and 85th.The call center has been most responsive and have even called me fromtime-to-time. This service has been vital for us. It is embarrassing forcustomers to see dead animals and debris.Again, many thanks to your team! You should be very proud of theirefforts.Thank you,Ellen GonsalvesGonsels Machine Shop8710 G Street, Oakland
  92. 92. To: Shaff, Kristine Subject: RE: Just a quick follow-up on the 18th & Adeline Street Improvement ProjectYour expert advice and assistance in pulling together internal resources and creating publicity for the project was invaluable. We were extremely demanding and that the schedule was very tight but you consistently kept to a “can do” approach—and we did do it! The many community members in attendance were very impressed with the ribbon cutting event. (Darn that train wreck for getting in the way of a good news story!)Christine CalabreseADA Programs Manager
  93. 93. Text Box
  94. 94. Subject: Tora Rocha andMonarch Butterflies
  95. 95. Re: Repaving Project on Claremont AvenueFrom: Wald, ZacharyChief of Staff Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 1:03 PM To: Lau, David W Subject: Thank you to Joseph Tanios and Wai WongDavid –I am writing to express how appreciative I am of the extra effort that Joseph Tanios and Wai Wong have put into the repaving project on Claremont Avenue….Great Work!Jane Brunner, City Council District 1
  96. 96. From: Ivan Jacome, California Highway PatrolRe: Oakland Public Works National Leader of the Year AwardMon 4/16/2012 6:33 AMBravo To: Marsh, Joseph; Carthan, Brian; Ryugo, Jim; Troyan, Vitaly; Mitchell,Jason; Dana Price; Elliott, GregMar 7, 2012, at 2:55Thank you for your leadership Joe! Good communication.Brooke A. LevinAssistant Director Public WorksSent from my iPhone
  97. 97. RE: Cityworks automated emails - improved (with hyperlinks)Thu 4/26/2012 4:58 PMMcCabe, John; Mitchell, JasonJones, Sabrina D. John:Your work is really appreciated. Thank you!"Awesome! Thanks Oakland DPW!" More citizen satisfaction in@CityofOakland #gov20 -- SeeClickFix (@seeclickfix)Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!
  98. 98. To David Lau, Neary Mike, Troyan VitalyNew Service Request #375871 - Kudos and Compliments - 1ST AV &LAKESHORE AV Kudos and Compliments - 1ST AV & LAKESHORE AVEPittman Green7/14/2011 3:49:45 PMSpecial kudos to Joel Peters!MR. PITMAN WOULD LIKE TO THANK MR JOEL PETER AND EVERYONE FORALL THE GREAT WORK 1ST AVE& LAKESHORE AVE AND FOR PROVIDINGTHE STREET SIGNS FOR PITTMAN GREEN.Project C227310-Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers in the area bounded byMidvale Ave, I-580 FWY, Laurel Ave, and Carlsen St.Thank you.
  99. 99. Oakland Public Works Director is National TopTen Leader of the YearOakland, CA – Oakland Public Works Director, Vitaly B.Troyan, P.E. has been honored by the American PublicWorks Association (APWA) as recipient of their Top TenPublic Works Leader of the Year award for 2012. Theaward recognizes the “excellence of the best and thebrightest leaders in the profession,” according to APWAExecutive Director Peter B. King.
  100. 100. McCabe, JohnNice!"Fixed - thank you!" -A citizen in @CityOfOakland whos happy to see thatthe graffiti they reported has been #fixed -- SeeClickFix(@seeclickfix)Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint! Re: OGP Race CourseSent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 3:48 PMTo: Starr, Iris; Smith, Dale; Patton, Jason; Robert LeiboldSubject: thanks DPWDear Iris Starr,Just wanted to thank you and the Oakland Department of Public Works forhelping improve the OGP race course.Mark SneedMajor Motion Cycling
  101. 101. From: Foster, FrankSent: Friday, February 17, 2012 3:16 PMTo: Shaff, KristineSubject: RE: Agenda ReportKristine,You are a lifesaver. I am glad we are on the same team. I greatlyappreciate your assistance!!!Frank Foster From: Moore, LaShunSent: Monday, April 02, 2012 11:40 AMTo: Shaff, KristineSubject: RE: SHELTER in PLACE ORDER ---- OPD Reporting a ShootingIncident at Edgewater and HegenbergerGood job for being on top of it KristineMs. LaShun Moore-Cotton
  102. 102. RE: West Oakland Graffiti Abatement ProgramMonday, April 16, 2012 9:29 AMFrom: Smith, Sandra MBuilding ServicesTo: Levin, Brooke A.; Hunter, GregoryAs you are aware, graffiti is an on-going problem so we are happy thatthis service is available in the West Oakland area…Oakland Public Works National Leader of the Year AwardWed 4/18/2012 10:37 AMCongratulations to the director.David E. Fraser, MPA, MBA, Ed.S., Ed.D. Cand.Adjunct Professor Public Affairs & AdministrationCalifornia State University, East Bay
  103. 103. From: Mike LydonSent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:38 PMTo: Ryugo, JimCc: Douglas II, Mark; Ann Kranack; Valerie Ow; Barra-Gibson, MariaSubject: Pedestal & Plaque Wow ! You guys are awesome ! Thanks for the quick response to our plight and up-righting the fallen plaque. Thats a tough ole plaque. It really looks fine and survivedthe topple quite well. Please thank all involved for us - they are first rate !CheersMike LydonPiedmont Avenue Merchants AssociationTo: Deloach Reed, Teresa; Campbell-Washington, Anne; Jenkins, Dawn; Sierra, Patricia; Perkins,Cynthia; Jackson, Jimmie; Haliburton, Fred; Sheppard, Adrian; White, Darin; Hoffmann, Mark; Miguel,Steve; Pastor, Scott; Walker, Larry; Bailey, Ken; Troyan, Vitaly; LaCasse, Kirsten; Mitchell, Jason;Hernandez, Rina; Montu, Janelle; Landreth, Sabrina; Solitei, Osborn; Seaberry, Michael; Hatcher Jr,Lucius; Galang, Elvira; Parras, Erico; Manley, Tom; Lipp, Robert; Young, BobThis is the letter toexpression our appreciation to you as part of the effort for the fire truck purchasingTEAM OAKLAND, THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL-DONE!! We look forward to working with PWA, the local vendor and the manufacturer to complete thisprocess. Donna Hom - Chief Financial Officer/Personnel Manager - Oakland Fire Department
  104. 104. Request Number: 397907Description: Kudos and ComplimentsProblem Address: 95TH AV & A STCategory: OTHERDate / Time Reported: 2/21/2012 8:26:23 AMJENNIFER *************Comments:R: Jason,The neighbors and I wanted thank you for the time and effort you put into getting95th street cleaned up. We’re happy to find hard working people like you who actwith urgency. Keep up the good work.To: Deloach Reed, Teresa; Campbell-Washington, Anne; Jenkins, Dawn; Sierra, Patricia; Perkins,Cynthia; Jackson, Jimmie; Haliburton, Fred; Sheppard, Adrian; White, Darin; Hoffmann, Mark; Miguel,Steve; Pastor, Scott; Walker, Larry; Bailey, Ken; Troyan, Vitaly; LaCasse, Kirsten; Mitchell, Jason;Hernandez, Rina; Montu, Janelle; Landreth, Sabrina; Solitei, Osborn; Seaberry, Michael; Hatcher Jr,Lucius; Galang, Elvira; Parras, Erico; Manley, Tom; Lipp, Robert; Young, BobThis is the letter to express our appreciation to you as part of the effort for the fire truck purchasingTEAM OAKLAND, THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL-DONE!! We look forward to working withPWA, the local vendor and the manufacturer to complete this process.Donna Hom - Chief Financial Officer/Personnel Manager - Oakland Fire Department
  105. 105. DECPhotography Contest WinnerFirst Place DianeTannewald
  106. 106. DEC Photography Contest Winner Second Place – Jose Martinez
  107. 107. DECPhotography Contest WinnerThird Place Rebecca Tuden
  108. 108. Lou Pegross Nila WongDavid Ferguson Pat CarterEverett Cleveland Ignacio NavarroKelly Pschirrer Joseph MarshLois Loving Eddie DunbarHerman Miller Elena NegoitaDetra Cooley Darian AvelinoBryn Samuel Wlad WlassowskyBrian BeckIris Starr Marcie Pardo-EspinosaBruce Williams LeRoy Slaughter & EastYolanda Lopez Oakland Senior CenterSabrina Jones Cookie Robles-Wong &Kristine Shaff Dunsmuir House