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NOVEMBER 2012                   M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                                         K...
NOVEMBER 2012                    M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                            McGary 2012-2...
NOVEMBER 2012                    M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                                         ...
NOVEMBER 2012                     M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                   New Tech Institute to...
NOVEMBER 2012                     M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                                        ...
NOVEMBER 2012                 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R                                     Lady Pi...
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McGary November 2012 Newsletter


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Tons of information in the November Newsletter!

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McGary November 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation McGary Middle School NewsletterNovember 2012 Developing 21st Century Learners Principal’s CornerMcGary School Contacts Dear McGary Parents, Guardians, and Friends,Tammy Dexter, PrincipalTammy.dexter@evsc.k12.in.us I would like to thank you for supporting the Cornbread Drive and the Penny Wars the past several weeks! We love having the opportunity for our students toDale Naylor, Asst. Principal give back to the community!dale.naylor@evsc.k12.in.us On Saturday, Nov. 3rd (barring rain), we will be working with our friends from Bethel Church to clean up and prepare the community garden for the winter. WeShannon Strieter, Professional also have plans to work on the courtyard area (we have stone paths planned) asDevelopment Specialist well as some other small landscaping projects. Please come over and join us fromshannon.strieter@evsc.k12.in.us 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. We would love to have your help! Parents of 8th graders will be receiving a lot of information in the next fewMark Simon, Counselor weeks about options for your students in High School. Please make sure that youmark.simon@evsc.k12.in.us pay attention to Open House dates for the different programs. We are so fortunate in the EVSC to offer a wide variety of secondary programs for our studentsTheresa Schneider, Social Worker including: Early College, New Tech, The Shepherd Academy, and The Medicaltheresa.schneider@evsc.k12.in.us Professions Academy. 8th graders and their parents are invited to attend the William Henry HarrisonDianna Augustine, Principal’s High School 8th Grade Student and Parent Night on November 8th at 6 p.m. in theSecretary/Treasurer Commons. This will be an important information session for all of our 8th graders.dianna.augustine@evsc.k12.in.us Thanks for all you do to help your student be successful. Please let us know if we can help in any way!Valerie Deutsch, Secretaryvalerie.deutsch@evsc.k12.in.us Best Regards, Tammy DexterSheree Edwardson, Nursesheree.edwardson@evsc.k12.in.usTerri Goldman, Cafeteria Managerterri.goldman@evsc.k12.in.us Collecting for a CauseJulie Mullen, Community andFamily Outreach Coordinatorjulie.mullen@evsc.k12.in.usATTENDANCE PROCEDUREIf your child is ill, going out oftown, or will be late to school,please call the school office at476-3035 by 9:00 A.M.
  2. 2. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R Kids Fest and Health Expo The University of Evansville Physical Therapy Program will present Healthy for the Holidays, a kids fest, andhealth expo. This event will be held Saturday, November 10th, on the U of E softball / baseball field from 9 a.m. to11:30 a.m. The planned activities are a one mile family walk / run and a parent/ child 3-legged race. There will alsobe free health care handouts for everyone, along with other fun activities for all age groups. Please make plans toattend this free, fun event. WayBack Burgers Offers Report Card Specials Jake’s WayBack Burgers is offering specials for students who bring in their report cards and have earned A’sand B’s on it. Students will receive a free kid’s meal for every “A” earned and a free junior cheeseburger,hamburger or kid’s chicken fingers for a “B”. In addition, Jake’s will also offer a free junior shake for perfectattendance and/or perfect conduct. News from you School Social Worker Winter is fast approaching, and your used coats can make a difference! Infant and children coats are in highest demand, but ALL coats arewelcomed. Bring your gently used coats to any Don’s Cleaners now through December so they can be cleanedand distributed in January. For distribution times, dates and locations, call The Evansville ChristianLife Center at 812-423-9222 or the Salvation Army at 812-422-4673. Food For the Weekend The Tri-State Food Bank sponsors a Back Pack Food for Kids Program. This program assistsstudents who may not have enough food to eat on the weekends. Good nutrition is important becausedeficiencies can lead to serious health problems, including impaired cognitive development, growth failures,physical weakness, anemia, and stunted growth. The program sends non-perishable food home withparticipating students every Friday. Each Back Pack contains 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and 2 snacks.If you are interested in this program, please contact your McGary Middle School Social Worker,Theresa Schneider, at 476-3035.
  3. 3. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R McGary 2012-2013 Student Council Members President: Gammont Jackson Vice President: Brandon Duncan Secretary: Hadrian Klees 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Keona Brown I’Nayha Brock De’Ante Booker Bianca Collins Brandt Hout Nykia Collins Jaidyn Forest Breanna Julian Brandon Duncan Tyler Lay Hadrian Klees Meredith Hodges Lexie Rouse Destiny Lerche Cara Hurt Ce’Nheecia Skinner Aliyah Parker Gammont Jackson Caleb Sweeny Brooklyn Rogers Darkaisha Johnson Jeremiah Thomas Hailea Rose Christian Nix Student Council’s Mission Student Council members are the leaders of the school. The students were selected by a vote from the studentbody. This year the student council will be planning and organizing dances, and activity night, and teacherappreciation week. Student Council meets at 7:15 a.m. in room 8 every Friday morning. Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Rachel Roberts, Ms. Janon Khaja, and Mrs. Eileen Korba Fall Music Concert BRAVO to the music department on a successful and entertaining Fall Concert. The auditorium was standingroom only!! Thanks to Mrs. Nance and Mrs. Schuessler for putting together this very special evening, andcongratulations to all the students who performed that evening. Spring Musical / Play Tryouts Tryouts for the Spring Play/ Musical will be held the week of Thanksgiving on Monday, November 19th, andTuesday, November 20th, after school until 5 p.m. There will be an after-school bus available to transport thestudents home at 5 p.m. The title of the show this year is 50 Years at McGary and will feature music from the pastand present, a story that includes the big events of our country and at McGary middle School, and the whole thingwill be student-driven. We will be needing lots of help with props, stage help, singers and dancers, and actors. Mrs.Nance received a 2012 Excellence in Education grant for $1,000 from the Public Education Foundation ofEvansville, Inc. to help with expenses on the Spring Musical this year. We can’t wait to see the finished product!
  4. 4. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R November Family Night November’s family Night will be Operation: Family Fitness. We have scheduled the date for November 29th from5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.. We have many exciting things planned for the evening, so please join us. If you have anyquestions, feel free to contact Julie Mullen at 476-3035. Super Citizen of the Month Congratulations to Robin Duncan, who is our October Super Citizen of the Month. Robin displayscharacteristics commonly associated with Super Citizens of the Month making him worthy of this honor. Robin’spicture, along with each month’s winner of the Super Citizen Award, is posted in the back hallway display case.Congratulations on a job well done!! Teen Power Penny War Update McGary Teen Power is sponsoring a Homeroom Penny War to benefit the Tri-State Food Bank. Each homeroomhas been collecting pennies since October 1st. Teen Power will then take the donations to the Tri State Food Bankwhere they will use all of the funds to help with their annual Christmas Dinner that the organization provides forfamilies in need. The winning homeroom will be treated to an ice cream party. As of this writing, Ms. Scheller’sclass leads the way with 3,983 pennies collected, followed by Mr. Morrison’s homeroom and the 3rd highest totalbelongs to Ms. Robert’s homeroom. So far, we have collected 14,367 pennies that will feed 480 people! There is stilltime left, so search for those pennies!!!! November’s Health Tip Divide your plate, conquer your weight. Fill half of your plate with veggies or salad (watch those fatty saladdressings!). One quarter of your plate should be a lean protein, such as fish, chicken, or beef – that has been eithergrilled, baked, or poached. And the last quarter should be a starch – but watch the butter and oil added to it. Cornbread Mix/ House War Update Students and staff at McGary were asked to bring in cornbread mix as part of a house war to benefit EvansvilleRescue Mission’s Gobbler Gathering, which is their annual thanksgiving gift for families in need. The mixes wereplaced into Operation City Beautiful boxes that were decorated by each respective house at the entrance of theschool. We collected 360 boxes of cornbread mix for this very worthy cause. The winning house was Rispetto with120 total boxes collected and they will be rewarded with bonus house points. Congratulations go out to all of thehouses on your efforts that benefit this very worthy cause!
  5. 5. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R New Tech Institute to Host Open House on November 8th The New Tech Institute is hosting an Open House for current eighth grade students and their familiesThursday, November 8th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the New Tech Institute. EVSC’s New Tech Institute is afull-day program for high school students that utilizes Project-Based Learning (PBL). PBL is a learning methodfeaturing the use of technology and inquiry to engage students with issues and questions that are relevant to theirlives. Teachers at New Tech design projects and customize them to meet real-world applications and the interestsof students. Students then work in teams to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to solve problems. Studentsare encouraged to take charge of their learning, and as a result, teachers become facilitators and coaches who helpguide students. Theatre Arts News As part of our Project-Based Learning initiative, a selected group of our theatre arts students will be involved ina field trip on November 29th that centers around studying architecture and design in the city of Evansville.Students will meet with architects and building project designers, as well as visit CMOE Children’s Museum todiscuss how the building was renovated for the museum. A bus tour scavenger hunt will help students identifyarchitectural details and historic sites found in our city: Old Post Office, Courthouse Willard Library, St. Paul’sChurch, Ford Center, Reitz Home, Cedar Hall School, and Bosse Field. The end of the tour will be apresentation/discussion at The Fantasy of Lights in Garvin Park. Also, on November 18th, Mrs. Gilbert’s 5th period theatre arts class will be attending the University ofEvansville’s theatre production of “Mystery of Edwin Drood.” The mystery of Edwin Drood is a musical based onCharles Dickens’ unfinished novel. The show tells the story of the upstanding young Edwin Drood whomysteriously disappears and is presumed murdered. Who did it??? The audience will decided at the end. Theywill also be doing research for the class production of “Mystery of the Royal Ruby.” A scene from this productionwill be part of the Christmas performance for the students of McGary before winter recess. PTSA News McGary PTSA is still in need of members. Membership is only $6 per person and everyone-students, parents,grandparents, etc.- are all invited and encouraged to join. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November5th, at 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. Can’t attend the meeting? No problem. If you would like to become a member,please call 476-3035 and ask for Julie Mullen or Jayna Ennis. We can set a time to meet with you to let you knowwhat we are about and our goals for the school year. We have been having PTSA snack sales during lunches onthe 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. We have had healthy offerings such as sliced bananas with chocolatesyrup and sprinkles, fruit roll ups, and yogurt for our students. Please remember that we are continuing tocollect Box Tops for Education. Every one we collect is worth 10 cents for our school. Twenty-first Century Scholars Program The Twenty-first Century Scholars Program is continuing to accept applications from seventh and eighth gradestudents. If you have any questions, or need income guidelines, please contact Barbara Martin, 21st CenturyScholars Regional Outreach Coordinator-Southwest Indiana at bmartin@learnmore.org.
  6. 6. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R Response to Intervention At EVSC, we are always looking to improve the ways we serve you...our students and families, and we arealways looking at ways we can better provide the education you child needs and deserves. That’s why we have anexciting change we would like to share with you. This year, we will be introducing what’s called Response to Intervention or RTI. You may have already heardteachers and staff at your school talking about RTI. It may sound a little confusing, but RTI is actually prettysimple. It’s not a program, but a new, more organized way or process of putting programs and plans in place tohelp students do their best. RTI gets its name because the programs are called “interventions,” and the RTIprocess allows schools to check a students “response” to the programs or interventions to see if the interventionsare working. Using the RTI process, we will screen your child three times a year to see how he or she is doing in reading,math, and with his or her behavior. Your child may be doing really well, and might be just where he or she needsto be with a plan to keep him or her challenged. But, if the screening suggests your child is not where he or sheneeds to be, we will work with you to choose an intervention or plan to help your child succeed before he or she fallsbehind. Once an intervention or plan is in place, we will give it some time… and then, screen again to make sure yourchild is improving or responding to the intervention. If he or she is not, we will make changes to the plan and maychoose a new intervention. Part of what makes the RTI process so valuable is that the school will screen all children, and all of theinterventions we will have in place will be based on the latest research in learning. This will allow us tomake sure every child gets what he or she needs at the earliest age possible. We will begin using the RTI process with grades K-3 this year, and then we will add other grades in the yearsahead. As parents and caregivers, you are the most important piece in your child’s education. As we begin to roll outRTI, we want to hear from you. If you have questions or concerns, or you would like to learn more about RTI,please don’t hesitate to contact our school staff at 476-3035, or the Center of Family, School, and CommunityPartnerships at 425-8866. Icemen Hockey Game As part of our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) incentive program at McGary, we have beenrewarding students who display peaceful hallway behavior and those who stay on task in the classroom withtickets. These tickets are collected each morning by homeroom teachers and a running total is kept. The top 90ticket collectors will be the winners of a ticket to watch an Evansville Icemen hockey game during the school dayon November 6th, and lunch the same day with Mrs. Dexter. The contest will run through November 1st withwinners announced on November 2nd. Good luck to everyone, and keep up the good behavior!!
  7. 7. NOVEMBER 2012 M C G A R Y MI D D LE S CH O O L NE W SLE T TE R Lady Pioneer Basketball Varsity JV Darkaisha Johnson Shayna Murray Nykia Collins Kiersten Butler Meredith Hodges Keona Brown Kiara Bauer Ma’Nya Adams Christina West Micayla Momon Kayley Hazelwood Sydney Mitchell Alexis Groves Promise Wright Rikki Pittman Breanna Julian Sarah Eubank Marchelle Howard Aliyah Parker Coaches: Mr. Tim Ferguson & Ms. Rachel Walters 2012 Girls Basketball Schedule Thursday November 1st - Helfrich Park - Home Monday November 5th- North Junior High - Away Thursday November 8th - Glenwood - Home Tuesday November 13th - Cedar Hall - Home Thursday November 15th - Lincoln - Away Monday November 19th - Lodge - Away Tuesday November 20th - Plaza Park - Away Tuesday November 27th - Washington - Home Thursday November 29th - Thompkins - Away Tuesday December 4th - Perry Heights - Home City Tournament Thursday December 6th Monday December 10th Wednesday December 12th Thursday December 13th