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Buying a skateboard ramp

If you’re currently looking for a new skate ramp, we suggest you include in your search for the best all-round option.

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Buying a skateboard ramp

  1. 1. Buying A Skateboard Ramp? Ramps have beena part of the skateboardingequationsince dayone.Inthe early70’ skateboarders were tobe found insunnyCaliforniasurfingthe concretecurvesof emptyswimmingpools,longbefore the developmentof purpose-builtskate parks.Whenyoulookat moderndayskateparksyoucan still see all the features that were carried across from those empty pools of California. Deep bowls surroundedbyvertandcopingand usually ashallow endoppositetothe deepend where the ‘bigair’ takes place. Figure 1 Skaters in California developed their skills in empty swimming pools. It wasn’tlongbefore people startedtobuildtheirown woodenquarterandhalf pipes torecreate the bowl endof the pool, and‘kicker’ramps togetthat‘pop-out’experiencewhereanalmostendlesslist of technical tricks could be practiced and perfected. Figure 2 Skaters recreated their favourite pool features from wood & steel. Over the decades multiple companies have produced professionally built ramps for the skateboard market, from complete skateparks right down to ‘entry level’ plastic kickers for kids. If you are
  2. 2. currentlyconsidering buyinga skateboard ramp, you’ll be faced with plenty of options.However,in 2018 a new type of skateboard ramp entered this market which should make this decision much easier. A company basedinthe UK called‘Jumpack –Get AirAnywhere’have recentlyreleasedanew type of skateboard ramp that boasts some unique and important features. This includes a feature that can only be described as ‘game changing’. Jumpack is the very first skate ramp that’s totally portable. While manyramp companieshave skate rampsthat they claim as beingportable,insome casesthey can weighupto30-40kg.So,whentheysayportable,theymeanitsportable ifyouownavan. If you’ve ever struggled with a 30kg suitcase when going on vacation, you’ll appreciate how portable 30kg is. Can you imagine carrying that suitcase while skating? Figure 3 Jumpack – weighs 6kg and transforms from a backpack to a ramp in seconds. Jumpack is a different animal. It’s a lightweight (only 6kg) foldable ramp that deploys like a transformer in seconds, and when its time to move on to the next location, it folds up quickly into a custom-made backpack for transportation. This means that Jumpack is the first skateboard ramp on planetearth thatcanliterallygo everywhereyougo.Youcanessentiallycreateaskate spotanywhere. If you see an opportunityornatural feature thatyouwantto skate,youcan have a ramp infrontof it in seconds. And with the integral suspension systemthat’s built in to everyramp, you can be sure it won’tslide wheninuse. In termsof skateboardingramps,thisramp opensthe door to a whole new level of street riding and brings skate ramp technology into the twenty first century.
  3. 3. Figure 4 Skater Pro & Film maker Dan Macfarlane in his iconic 1988 image which featured in the X-Games "History of Skate" exhibit by the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Dan compared this old style wooden skate ramp with his new Jumpack ramp “Even with its heavy weight it would slide more than my Jumpack launch ramp”. Figure 5 With a Jumpack you can create a skate spot anywhere. The portabilityisn’tits onlycleverfeature though.It’salsodesignedtobe modularso if there’smore than one Jumpack available, they can be ‘clicked’ togethertomake evenlargerramps.If youcan imagine four or five skaters each carrying a Jumpack, once deployedandconnectedthe rampscanbe formattedas a ‘mini-skatepark’aroundnatural featuresanywhere,a car park, a school playgroundoraloadingbay.Jumpack gives you the freedom to turn any area into a custom skate spot. You can even connect your GoPro to it to capture the evidence of that landed trick! Figure 7 Connect your GoPro Figure 6 Two Jumpacks clicked together
  4. 4. Skaters around the world are already enjoying the new freedom that this new skate ramp provides whichhasreceivedsome amazingreviewsby bignamesinthe industry includingthelikesof NYCskate legendJohnHill, whosaid “otherramps justwon’tdowhatthisramp does”.( n7cntg) Figure 8 NYC Skate star John Hill with his Jumpack. So, if you’re currently looking for a new skate ramp, we suggest you include in your search for the best all-round option. The ability to get air anywhere has always been a fantasy, Jumpack makes it a reality. Jumpack will soon be available from a store near you but are already available online from