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Tracking workers and assets in Construction

Know where your equipment and personnel are - any time, anywhere. Iknaia provides an end to end completely robust asset management and personnel tracking system using BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) and WiFi technology.

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Tracking workers and assets in Construction

  1. 1. Intelligent Asset & Personal Tracking Solutions for the Construction Industry
  2. 2. Introducing Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0, has emerged and can be utilised to improve the ability of construction companies to keep track of assets and monitor activities within environments building sites, underground tunnels and mines. • BLE is more flexible than some more well-known location technologies such as: – GPS - which doesn’t work inside buildings, – Wi-Fi - which has a wide error range and drains power – RFID - which is limited to its own technology and provides very little integration with other devices • BLE has a much wider scope of functionality and interoperability – as any device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 is capable of being detected and able to receive information or services • BLE is far wider reaching applications and can support a roadmap of future IT installations • BLE solutions are ideally suited to organisations that want to track and monitor assets and/or people (such as construction workers, plant machinery, tools etc) in a particular location.
  3. 3. Iknaia Solution • Iknaia provides an end to end completely robust asset management and personnel tracking system using BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) • Custom made beacons and detectors provide information on the location and movement of assets, devices and people • Cloud hosted software works in conjunction with beacons and detectors to provide real-time online information about each beacon location, movement, security and environmental status • Reduce the amount of man hours spent each day locating equipment enabling staff to spend more time doing their job • Reduce the cost of replacing lost equipment • Know where your equipment and personnel are - anytime, anywhere
  4. 4. Iknaia Beacons • Iknaia offers a selection of custom manufactured beacons that have the ability to : • Announce their location to a detector or mobile application • Low power consumption for long battery life (up to 3 years) • Range up to 70 metres • Easily attached to any type of equipment and hard to remove • Have two-way communication and make audible beeping sounds • Monitor temperature and heat • Report humidity • Signal if ‘man down’ – using Gyroscope beacons • Monitor pressure (eg: Truck Tires) • Detect magnetic forces such as weapons with magnetometer beacons • Measure acceleration and movement in the body using an accelerometer beacon
  5. 5. Wi-Fi Mesh Network Connectivity • Each Bluetooth detector and controller unit is fitted with WiFi mesh to enable them to communicate with each other and pass data onto the central controller unit • The WiFi mesh has two channels enabled, which would allow for the beacon technology to run on the network and in addition supply a 2nd channel for private or public WiFi use • 2nd channel can be used to connect existing applications currently being used in tunnelling projects or can be used by workers to make calls over WiFi • WiFi mesh is self healing, self learning network that is scalable and supports permanent and temporary configurations • A full survey will outline the amount of WiFi units required, these can reach up to 100 metres in distance between each unit, dependent upon the environment
  6. 6. Iknaia Detectors • Iknaia detectors fitted with Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi technology • Tracking and monitor any smartphones, two-way radios, tablets and laptops • Scans for 30 seconds once every minute to detect beacons and other devices (can be configurable, dependent upon environment) • Can be hard wired into a normal power supply or battery or solar powered dependent upon the environment • Single, self-contained enclosure for each Iknaia detector • Option to add RFID components
  7. 7. Iknaia Software • Iknaia’ s software works in conjunction with Iknaia sensors and detectors to provide complete real-time asset management and environmental monitoring solutions • Providing up-to-the minute information about each sensor location, movement, security and environmental status • Presented on a web console for easy viewing on PCs, laptops and optimised for mobile browsing • Iknaia detectors report data on any Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices offering last seen location and movement • Data can also be integrated into your own existing applications via open APIs. • Bespoke dashboard can be created together with mobile applications for IOS, Android and Windows
  8. 8. Iknaia In Construction • Improving the utilisation of people, assets, and materials will have a significant effect on the profitability, efficiency as well as the safety of the workers and will help improve the reputation of construction businesses • Knowing exactly where valuable tools and equipment are in “real time” can be key to a successful construction project • Iknaia will help protect employees in an industry where accidents and injury are an ever present danger – Streamline ‘check-in’ worker process – Know where your staff are at any time within any building works environment – Quickly identify personnel who have been involved in an accident or explosion via zone location • Alerts can be triggered when worker’s temperature environment increases • Keeping track of tools and log and monitor activities on site • Improve health and safety • Iknaia data can be sent via satellite backhaul in remote locations where no broadband or 3G connection is available
  9. 9. Contact us : Julia McNally – Director +44(0) 203 751 2980 Iknaia “the tracker” in Greek Mythology