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Why China will over take India as the world Leader with Gold


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Understanding why China will surpass India as the world Leader with the Yellow Precious Metal. Charts to illustrate this strategy.

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Why China will over take India as the world Leader with Gold

  1. 1. Why China will over take India as the world Leader with Gold China has been accumulating gold at An alarm rate!
  2. 2. Review this Chart!
  3. 3. Over The last few Years China has increased its Purchase of the yellow asset!
  4. 4. China could Pass India There is every indication that China will be the leader In the world with gold
  5. 5. Stocking up with The Yellow Precious Metal
  6. 6. China Understands!! That Gold currently is under valued So it makes perfect sense to Buy more gold!! Read the Full Story
  7. 7. Steady Year in and Year Out!
  8. 8. Why China will Pass India They have a scheme, system that is structured to guide and direct them with every move and purchase they accumulate each and every day of the year. Read The Full Story
  9. 9. They Have a demand for Gold!!
  10. 10. Think of This Example Think of this example If China decides to dump just only 10 percent of their U.S. Treasury Holdings which works out to approximately $100 billion worth in exchange for gold. Let’s say gold for this example, is at $1,000 an ounce, which would work out to approximately 2,840 metric tons of gold. This means they would own more than 1/3 of the U.S. official gold holdings
  11. 11. China Has Control With Hyperinflation setting in!
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