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By changing Your Words You Will Create Positive and Effective Results


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What is so important about the words we use, when we are communicating with others? Your creating a picture in the listeners mind, that he or she may reject, found it too difficult, or plainly just create negative thoughts on what your sharing. So it is very important to project correct images in the listeners mind, how do you do this. I am going to share 11 examples of how to create positive, affirmative images, that will enhance their thoughts, motivate them to the highest level, just by simply changing the words that creates them images.

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By changing Your Words You Will Create Positive and Effective Results

  1. 1. By Changing Your Words You Will create Positive and Effective Results 11 solutions for you to use and motivate your “Team” to another level of performance. Simply by changing the words you address them with!
  2. 2. This is a dedication to a man who understood This better then anyone else! I was fortune enough to buy this book a long time ago... David Schwartz More of his article to follow!!
  3. 3. When you speak or write you are, in a sense, A projector showing movies in the minds of others. And the pictures you create determine How you and others will react!
  4. 4. Example One! It's no use, we're whipped. Creating positive mind images: We're not whipped yet. Let's keep trying. Here's a new angle.
  5. 5. Example two I was in that business once and l failed. Never again. Creating positive mind images: I went broke but it was my own fault. I am going to try it again.
  6. 6. Example Three I've tried but the products won't sell. People do not want them at all. Creating positive mind images: So far I’ve not been able to sell this product. But it is good and l am going to find the formula that will put it over.
  7. 7. Example Four The market is saturated. Imagine, 75 percent of the potential has already been sold. Better get out. Creating positive mind images: Imagine 25 percent of the market is still not sold. Count me in. This looks big!!
  8. 8. Example Five Five years is too long a time to spend before I’ll get into the top ranks in your company. Count me out. Creating positive mind images: Five years is really not really a long time. Just think, that leaves me 30 years to serve at a high level.
  9. 9. Example Six Competition has all the advantage. How do you expect me to sell against them. Creating positive mind images: Competition is strong. There is no denying that, but no one ever has all the advantages. Let's put our heads together and figure out a way to beat them at there own game
  10. 10. Example Seven Nobody will ever want this product. Creating positive mind images: In it's present form, it may not be sale-able, but let's consider some modifications.
  11. 11. Example Eight Let's wait until a recession comes along, then buy stocks. Creating positive mind images: Let's invest now. Bet on prosperity, not depression.
  12. 12. Example Nine I am too young (old) for this job. Creating positive mind images: Being young (old) is a distinct advantage!
  13. 13. Example Ten The orders have been small. Cut them off. Creating positive mind images: Their orders have been small. Let's map out a plan for selling them more of their needs.
  14. 14. Example Eleven It won't work, let me prove it. The image: Dark, gloom, disappointment, grief, failure. Creating positive mind images: It will work, let me prove it. The image: Bright, hope, success, fun and victory.
  15. 15. The important measure of a person's vocabulary is not the size or the number of words he or she uses. Rather, the thing that counts, the only thing that counts about one's vocabulary, is the effect his words and phrases have on his own and others thinking.
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