Reflecting on research


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Reflecting on research

  1. 1. REFLECTING ON RESEARCH Fran Matthews and Jordan Cruickshank
  2. 2. FILM POSTER  Our research into film posters helped us decide how we should portray our short film.  Films such as ‘Football Factory’ and ‘This is England’ were similar to the type of product we would like to create so studying these posters will help us achieve a much more successful product.  The film posters we studied also will help us with the costumes for our short film, this is because most of the film posters have an 80’s influence similar to ours. ‘The Firm’ has a Sergio Tacchini track top on the protagonist which influenced us to do this with our protagonist for our short film, as it presents authority and attitude.  ‘This is England’ film poster has influenced our idea for our poster . This is because the characters are portrayed of a similar age to our characters against a urban backdrop much like ours. Showing the main characters gives a better understanding into the culture and allows to build an early relationship with the characters without even watching the film.
  3. 3. SHORT FILMS  Our short film research has helped us recognise that creating the message is the most important element in a short film. If the message is not identified the short film is a failure. Music and camera angles seemed the most important in setting the genre of the film and this helped us. • ‘Where’s the money Ronnie?’ was the short film we liked most as it obtained our interest throughout and within a 10 minute period established the characters excellently which we wanted to aspire to. The use of comedy through editing such as speeding up fight scenes created an alternate meaning to the film which we thought was clever yet challenging. •We want to take elements from ‘where’s the money Ronnie?’ and use them in our production. This includes the setting, music and dialogue which create a drama/ comedy genre which our short film will be.
  4. 4. FILM REVIEWS  When looking at the film reviews we noticed that the mode of address reflected the genre. For example ‘Piranhas' 3D’ was written in an address that had connotations with the genre horror.  Also we noticed the higher the rating of star, the more descriptive and complex the review would be.  Also the sub heading summarises the opinion of the writer, implying what the tone of the review will be like.  We have learnt that for our ancillary task we should write in a mode of address that parallels with our intended genre.