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Sgm presentation

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Sgm presentation

  1. 1. Jason LaBarbera
  2. 2. Current Methods of Recruiting • LinkedIn • Career Page • Calls • Email • Post and Pray
  3. 3. Why is this not working?• Company Messages are EXACTLY the Same• Too Many Opportunities Candidates• Hate Talking to Recruiters
  4. 4. Where Does the Time Go?• Pitching• Adding more names (sourcing)• Managing Hiring Manager expectations• Making excuses
  5. 5. Key to success• 3 unique videos (series)• Sent in sequential order T,W,Th• Yield Optimal results• Final step… automated pitch Candidates are engaged and informed
  6. 6. Video is better than you (kinda)!!
  7. 7. 01 30 150 No Media With Media Touched20% - 25% Response RateWhen Using Media Properly
  8. 8. Types of Media…• Viral• Top Tens• Personalized• General Overview• Animation• Pitch Automation
  9. 9. Using Media in Today’s Fight for Talent• Increase your Response Rate• Increase your Engagement Opportunities
  10. 10. •Questions?Hit me up to talk VIDEO Recruiting: