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Migrations ppt j romo


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Migrations ppt j romo

  1. 1. By Jacqueline Romo UMUC EDTP600 10.07.12 Unit 4: Building America:Migrants in the United States Part 1: Understanding Migration and Movement
  2. 2. Everyone Migrates!Adults – Children – Families – Individuals Local > House to house (same town) > City to city (same state) National > State to state (same country) International > One country to another > Crossing borders
  3. 3. Why are people on the move? + • Opportunity • Economic – New/more jobs – Economic decline, no – Better lifestyle jobs to be found • Work – Industry moves out of – New job the area – Work transfer • Political Negative • Family – Conflict – Wife got a new job • Forced migration – Mom & dad are – Refugees moving – Slavery – Going to live with – Human trafficking grandparents
  4. 4. Getting There…How do people get where What happens when theythey are going? get there? • Cars • New house, schools, friends • Planes • New surroundings • Trains • New culture • Bus • With documentation • Walking • Without documentation
  5. 5. Personal Migrations: Two Case StudiesAfter reading Julie’s Julie’s Storystory and listening Julie was born in 1986 in Edmund’s story,in groups of 5 work When she was 12 she moved fromto identify: her first home into a bigger house•What types of down the street because her familymigration did each started to make more money. Thenundertake? when she was 18 she left her•Who was involved hometown and moved to anotherin these migrations(was it just Julie and town in Maryland to go to college.Edmund?) When Julie was 22 she moved all the•What might have way to England to continue hermotivated Julie and education and to be with herEdmund to migrate husband who is from each instance? Edmund’s Story•Were theyinvolved in each to we-do/Refugee-services/Refugees-migrate? true-stories/Video-diaries