Undocumented Youth in America


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Undocumented Youth in America

  1. 1. Undocumented Youth inAmericaIvy DysonMarch 1, 2013Orcutt Academy High SchoolFrosh Core
  2. 2. Undocumented Youth• As of 2012 there were 1.1 million illegalimmigrant minors in America.
  3. 3. Do you know any illegalimmigrants?49% ofpeople knowan illegalimmigrantDo you know any illegalimmigrants in yourcommunity?YesNo51%49%
  4. 4. Children Amongst UsThese childrenattend ourschools andgrow upknowingAmerica as theirhome.
  5. 5. Social Workers &Undocumented MinorsSocial workers are available to assist youth inbecoming legal, because many children arebrought to America by their parents andmight not even be aware of their legal statusuntil they apply for college or try to get adriver’s license.
  6. 6. Not Their ChoiceMany minors arebrought toAmerica by theirparents orsmugglers illegally.They might not beaware of this untiladulthood.
  7. 7. Illegal Minors46% of thepeople agreethat illegalminors shouldhave a path tocitizenship,50% stronglyagree thatshould have abackgroundcheck, &40% disagreethat theyshould be givena lawyer.0 10 20 30Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeIllegal minors shouldbe given a lawyer, bythe government, todefend them incourt.Illegal minors shouldhave a backgroundcheck before they aregranted citizenship.Illegal minors shouldbe allowed a path tocitizenship.
  8. 8. 65,000 Students“Every year 65,000undocumentedstudents graduatefrom high schoolin the U.S.(Gonzales, 2009)”.
  9. 9. Alone to Defend ThemselvesSince these childrenare illegal, thegovernment doesnot have to provide alawyer for them, sooften they attendtheir court hearingswith only a socialworker to assistthem (Preston).
  10. 10. Immigration Social Workers• Social workers can assist undocumentedyouth in finding a path to citizenship.
  11. 11. EducationThe social workercan meet withthem to learn theirsituation and helpfind them a lawyer,who will work at areduced rate or forcharity.
  12. 12. OptionsSocial workers canalso educate themon options like theDREAM Act,certain studentvisas, green cards,and fostercare/adoption.
  13. 13. Social Workers86% ofpeoplethought thatthe best waysocialworkers canhelpimmigrants isto educatethem of waysto stay herelegally.05101520253035404550How can social workersassist illegal minors?Meet with them andlearn their situation.Find them a lawyer.Educate them ondifferent options to stayin America legally.Accompany them tocourt hearings.
  14. 14. Social Workers & Immigration• Social workers can help youth in becominglegal, because many children are brought toAmerica by their parents and should begranted a pathway to citizenship.
  15. 15. ReformI hope that withimmigrationreform comesbetter policiestoward minors andeasier ways tocome here legally.
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  20. 20. Brought to You ByIvy DysonOrcutt AcademyHigh SchoolFrosh Core