Human Trafficking and Profit


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This presentation provides both an overview and insights into the how and why of human trafficking, problem and potential solutions.
Pimps, Prostitutes and Profit

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Human Trafficking and Profit

  1. 1. Pimps, Prostitutes & Profit Human Trafficking in a Globalized world A Presentation by Muslims Combatting Human Trafficking Pyramid Connections Javed Mohammed New Narratives, New Peaks k2film@live.comK2 Vista Productions
  2. 2. Poverty is So Miserable…“I was desperate. Whenthey offered work, I hadno choice but to accept.Soon after my arrival inJapan, I realized that I hadbeen sold. My life afterthat was like that of ananimal.”“Set me free: Women immigrants often forced into prostitution,”New Internationalist, Siriporn Skrobanek, September 1998 2
  3. 3. Trafficking is…• Buying or selling human beings• Supporting the above by hiring forced prostitutes or patronizing forced labor establishments Photo Credit: UNODC 3
  4. 4. Poverty is So Miserable…“I was sold three moretimes and forced to havesex everyday. My ownerthreatened thatwherever I escaped to, Iwould be traced andkilled and so would myparents in Thailand.”“Set me free: Women immigrants often forced into prostitution,”New Internationalist, Siriporn Skrobanek, September 1998 4
  5. 5. Trafficking is…• Holding and/or transporting people against their will• Forcing people into servitude through violence and/or deception 5
  6. 6. It’s Worse Than You RealizeTrafficking inpersons is the 2ndlargest criminalactivity in theworld, followingillegal drugs Just infront of illegalarms 6
  7. 7. Types of Trafficking• Sexual exploitation• Child prostitution• Forced labor• Child soldiers• Indentured servants• Organ harvesting Photo Credit: DOD JCCC 8
  8. 8. Slavery is Happening Now Photo Credit: UNODC 9
  9. 9. “Those girls are whores of war. It happens.” INTERNATIONAL POLICE TASK FORCEAfter the Rape Campsof Bosnia werebrought to aclose, the same IPTFPeacekeepers weretrafficking young EastEuropean women inSarajevo and beyond
  10. 10. Culture Influences our attitude
  11. 11. The Culture – The Internet• Internet increased availability and amount of pornography, marketing of prostitution, & online live sex shows
  12. 12. The Culture• Pimp culture in music & video• Pimp celebrities
  13. 13. The Culture• Culture, mass- media play a role in normalizing prostitution
  14. 14. The Culture: The Academy Award• "Its Hard Out Here for a Pimp" from HUSTLE & FLOW
  15. 15. Profit from the Global Sex Trade• $75,000 to $250,000 per victim/year (INTERPOL)
  16. 16. Who is Responsible?• Organized Crime• Contractors, Government Civilians• Military Personnel• Culture• Corrupt Police 17
  17. 17. Who is Responsible?• Citizens: • Young & Old • Fat & Ugly • Secular & Religious • In over 150 countries 18
  18. 18. Who is the criminal?•0.6% arrests were pimps13 From Hughes, Donna M. The Demand for Victims of Sex Trafficking. 2005. Chicago Police in District 14(2001-2002) 19
  19. 19. Who is the criminal?•9.6% arrested were male purchasers of commercial sex acts13 From Hughes, Donna M. The Demand for Victims of Sex Trafficking. 2005. Chicago Police in District 14(2001-2002) 20
  20. 20. Who is the criminal?•89% of the arrests were female victims of commercial sex acts13 From Hughes, Donna M. The Demand for Victims of Sex Trafficking. 2005. Chicago Police in District 14(2001-2002) 21
  21. 21. The VictimsMost victims are women and children whohave been: • Kidnapped • Tricked • Coerced/Forced • Sold by their families Photo Credit: DOD JCCC 22
  22. 22. How does trafficking happen?
  23. 23. Recruited in groups• But no safety in numbers
  24. 24. How they get your trust• First link in chain is a relative, friend, neighbo r.
  25. 25. Police & traffickers a team• In many parts of the world with high corruption going to the police, does not help the victim escape.
  26. 26. If victim goes to police• They may return victim to pimp or imprison them for prostitution and deport then deport them for being illegal
  27. 27. Gaining trust• Sometimes the first wave of victims is allowed to go home, and impress other girls with luxury cars, clothes and jewelry and recruit the next round.
  28. 28. Match-making services in Eastern Europe• Most mail order brides run by organized crime
  29. 29. Where do they find their prey• With the poor, weak and vulnerable. Eg Orphans who have to leave the orphanage on turning 16, 17. Children abandoned by parents
  30. 30. Sexual Slavery caused by• Devastating Poverty• Armed conflict• Rapid Industrialization• Exploding Population growth
  31. 31. Why can’t they escape?• They are watched by thugs, and sold many times, so they do not know the language nor have any documentation
  32. 32. Why can’t they escape?• Can’t trust police, and also threat to family back home
  33. 33. Why are so many young women vulnerable• Unemployment is as high as 80% for women but they are still expected to shoulder responsibility
  34. 34. Go West• The youth dream of the West. To be offered a job is a dream come true.
  35. 35. • Your dignity is in your hands take care of it. Modeling adventures are rarely that.
  36. 36. Nothing in the world is free• If it sounds too good to be true it is. Ask yourself why would they be doing this?
  37. 37. How could they be so naïve?• A young woman struggling for survival may suspend her better judgment and take a big risk
  38. 38. Life is not like the movies• Pretty Woman
  39. 39. Reality• Have sex with 10-20 Johns per day
  40. 40. Solution: what can I do?
  41. 41. Do something anything to make the word a better place
  42. 42. November 25, is International Dayfor the Eliminationof Violence against Women
  43. 43. A day of Empathy
  44. 44. A day to educate
  45. 45. A day to be a citizen of the world
  46. 46. A day to critique films, tv, ads, & media
  47. 47. Protest the pimp culture
  48. 48. Adultery in all faiths is a big sin• Visiting bars, clubs, massage parlors, or other places with fronts for prostitution should be avoided at all costs
  49. 49. Remember, there is a higher power God watching your every move• God enjoins justice and kindness, and giving to kinfolk, and forbids indecency and abomination and wickedness Holy Quran And those who commit oppression shall know what kind of destiny they shall meet
  50. 50. ENDInjustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr SLAVERY And if anyone saved a life, itwould be as if he saved the life of a whole people Holy Quran FOREVER Come save a life Muslims Combatting Human Trafficking
  51. 51. Pyramid ConnectionsK2 Vista Productions A K2Vista Film Production Copyright 2011 All images are the copyright of the respective owners