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miGlass – A Google Glass Health App Toward Wearable Health Technology


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Efforts are being put on making the mHealth Apps even handier for the users, like miGlass – A Google Glass App and miWatch – A SmartWatch App. Apart from this, researches are being made to develop the wearable health technology that can enable the practitioners in accessing crucial healthcare information immediately.

This could certainly help in improving the therapeutic standard, especially in taking right decisions. Also, the technology is speculated to be used in having a comparative analysis of therapeutic issues between millions of people, thus making things easier for decision making.

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miGlass – A Google Glass Health App Toward Wearable Health Technology

  2. 2. miGlass Google Glass has streamlined modern day therapeutic through miGlass app.
  3. 3. Young doctors can treat patients with the guidance of major doctors, and distance between them just becomes abstract.
  4. 4. Texts appear at the corner sections of the doctor's vision domain with patient’s laboratory reports & therapeutic history.
  5. 5. Real time experience through miGlass, about voice, video and snaps are simply commendable
  6. 6. THANKS! Any questions? You can find us at 1-800-741-0981