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Extending play conference


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Presentation on the use of Let's Play video's as a way of preserving and presenting computergames

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Extending play conference

  1. 1. Preserving and presenting games through Let’s Play video’s Jesse de Vos (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) René Glas // Jasper van Vught (Universiteit Utrecht)
  2. 2. Game On! “The research project sets up the first unified effort between game research, cultural heritage institutions and the Dutch game industry to define, preserve, archive and exhibit the history of Dutch digital games and game development”
  3. 3. Institutional Context • Biggest AV-archive in the Netherlands, with – 1,000,000h of audiovisual heritage – 2M pictures – 20K objects (Take a look in depots!) – 25 petabytes of digital storage • Safeguards collections of public broadcasters, organisations and private persons. • Makes its holdings available to media professionals, researchers, educational users and the general public.
  4. 4. Video documentation as a preservation strategy “Audiovisual recordings provide us with a unique perspective on the history of art, a perspective that moves beyond the image in a book, words on paper, or abstract notations. They provide us with a fuller sense of what it was like to be there and then.” (Dekker in Noordergraaf et al, 2013:155).
  5. 5. Video documentation as a preservation strategy “The capturing of games in and at play could and, I would contend should be the core objective of game preservation” (Newman 2012)
  6. 6. Preserving gameplay “What about putting up a Let’s Play recording studio in the museum and inviting game hobbyists, researchers, cultural historians or complete outsiders to play a game and voice their reactions to it?” (Nylund 2015) Our project: What kind of game is it now: adding new interpretative frames to these games, potentially highlighting or negotiating the social, cultural, and technological significance of older Dutch games from a contemporary perspective.
  7. 7. Added layers of meaning Reflections on development of games Information about language the perception of the machine itself Information about original context Information about the emotional reception
  8. 8. From preservation to presentation Let’s Play videos offer an alternative form of access Let’s Play videos constitute a familiar and popular contemporary media practice The often individual experience of gameplay becomes a social event A self-conscious, reflexive attitude is encouraged
  9. 9. Final comments Preservation of Let’s Play video’s and metadata Making Let’s Play video’s of the same game every ‘x’ amount of years The popularity of Let’s Plays as a media practice
  10. 10. Questions? Jesse de Vos René Glas Jasper van Vught Further results will be published in: Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, Csilla, Krijn Boom, Angus Mol, Aris Politopoulos & Vincent Vandemeulebroucke (eds.).The Interactive Past. Leiden: VALUE/Sidestone Press. forthcoming.