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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION S R HOME APPLIANCES PVT. LTD. Regd. Office: 1st Floor, Gopinath Chambers, Adalat Road, Aurangabad (MS) 431001 Email:, Website: Contact: 9325094008
  2. 2. The environment . . as nature intends
  3. 3. Our Brands Symbol of Purity
  4. 4. Business Partners  M/s PRAKRUTI ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS, Vadodara – 390 007 Gujarat Website:  M/s Alpine Eco Solutions, New Delhi  Infosoft Technologies, Aurangabad
  5. 5. Brief Profile of Prakruti  Prakruti Environmental Engineers, is an organization catering to the global market working towards techno-economical solutions through innovative ideas and indigenous technologies, in the field of Pollution Control and Management.  Prakruti has in-house Design, Execution, Erection and Commissioning departments – undertaking project from Concept to Commissioning.
  6. 6. Contd.  In the quest to provide the best to our clients, Prakruti strive for the best in workmanship, materials and services throughout the tenure of the project and thereafter. Every project is unique to us and we are dedicated to a long‑standing relationship with our clients.
  7. 7. We manufacture  Purified Water Generation Plants & Domestic Range (Drinking Water)  Waste Water Treatment for Re-Use  Reverse Osmosis Plant  Ultra filtration Plant  Demineralization Plant / Softening Plant  U.V. Sterilizer
  8. 8. Industries We Cater To          Food / Pharmaceuticals Power Steel Engineering Electronics Paper and others Construction Institutions Village Water Supply under state government Scheme
  9. 9. Industry Expertise  Have experience of more than 18 yrs in the same field  We skillfully work on the identification of the quality & quantity requirement which is best suitable for treatment of water.  Appropriate selection of equipments.  Proper identification of the required level of automation.  Projects are completed within the specified parameters of engineering standards, time and cost.
  10. 10. Quality Assurance  We follow self quality measurement where water is been checked at different levels before and after treatment. Tests like chemical tests, On-line tests and other related tests are performed so as to ascertain the quality ranking of the products.  All the aspects pertaining to the installation of equipment, pipe fittings, electrifications are checked in detail.  We ensure that we execute flawless installations which are done under the strict vigilance of our quality controllers.  Treated water is checked for various parameters of drinking water on periodic basis to ascertain the quality of water.
  11. 11. Drinking Water  Purified water generation plants based on  UV Sterilization  Reverse Osmosis  Ultra Filtration
  13. 13. Turning waste into a lifegiving resource  Wastewater recycling helps you get the most from limited water supplies. It's a low-cost, environment friendly way to create fresh water for industry and other usage.
  14. 14. Technologies Offered …  Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)  Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)  Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASB)  Waste To Energy Projects  Ultra Filtration System  Electrolysis  Advance Oxidation Process  Reverse Osmosis System
  15. 15. Membrane Bioreactor … Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like micro-filtration or ultra filtration with a suspended growth bioreactor. We can supply ,  Air Lift MBR  Submerged Hollow fiber MBR  Submerged Flat sheet MBR  Retrofit existing ASP to MBR  Package Plants
  16. 16. Moving Bed Bioreactor … The MBBR technology is based on specially designed plastic bio film carriers that are suspended and in continuous movement within a bioreactor of specified volume. We can supply,  Package plants  Retrofit existing ASP to MBBR
  17. 17. Contd.. MBBR
  18. 18. ULTRAFILTRATION …  Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane; suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane. We can supply UF systems for,  Water Filtration  Pretreatment to RO system  Tertiary treatment for wastewater
  19. 19. ELECTROLYSIS …  Electro coagulation is a technique involving the passage of electricity through the effluent. The electric current destabilizes dissolved colloidal particles and alters the charge on suspended particles permitting purification of water. We can supply EC systems for,  Sewage  Textile  Industrial wastewater
  20. 20. Contd…
  21. 21. REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS … Reverse osmosis is a filtration process that is often used for water. It works by using pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining the solute on one side and allowing the pure solvent to pass to the other side. We can supply RO systems for  Water Treatment  Wastewater Treatment
  22. 22. Contd…
  23. 23. FILTERS … We can supply filtration systems for the removal of suspended and colloidal particles . Filter provided are viz. - Pressure Sand Filters - Activated Carbon filters - Dual Media Filters - Micron filters - Cartridge filters - Bag filters Application areas,  Swimming Pools  RO plants  Wastewater Treatment Plants  Water Treatment Plants
  24. 24. Contd…
  25. 25. Benefits to You  Reduced stress on drinking water supplies  Flexibility to suit specific applications  Affordable cost  Environment friendly
  26. 26. Clientele Bulk Drugs & Pharma  Alembic Group of Companies, India.  M J Chem Pharma Pvt. Ltd., India.  Pan Drugs Ltd., India
  27. 27. Contd.. Chemical  Gulbrandsen Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., India.  Sebacic India Ltd., India.  S A Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., India. Electroplating  Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd., India. Hospital  General Motors India Ltd., India.
  28. 28. Contd.. Infrastructure  Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone Ltd., India.  Gujarat Energy Development Agency, India  Fravashi International Academy, India.
  29. 29. Contd.. Power  Visvesvaraya Vidyuth Nigama Ltd., Bangalore, India. Nuclear Projects  Heavy Water Plant, India Pesticides  Transmetal Ltd., India
  30. 30. Contd.. Petrochemical  Niko Resources Ltd., India. Sugar  Vadodara Dist. Co. Op. Sugarcane Grower’s Union Ltd., India  Sardar Co-Op Sugar Ind. Ltd., India. Automobiles  General Motors India Ltd., India.
  31. 31. Contd..         Metallurgical Industry Rubamin Limited, India. Essar Steel Ltd., India. Steelco Gujarat Ltd., India. Engineering L & T Ltd., India. Gunnebo India Ltd., India. Eimtici Engineering Ltd., Vallabh India.
  32. 32. Contd.. Textile  Rony Knitwear Pvt. Ltd., Dhaka.  Spectrum Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., India  Alps Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., India. Fertilizer  Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC), India. Pulp & Paper  Cartoon Industries, Kuwait. Dairy  Gopal Dairy, India.
  33. 33. Thank You