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Jf ga socialtrackingjustgotbetter_v1.blog

  1. 1. Jellyfish POVGoogle AnalyticsSocial media tracking just got better30|03| 2012© Jellyfish Online Marketing Ltd 2011
  2. 2. Jellyfish POVGoogle Analytics | Social media tracking just got betterIntroductionIt’s recently been announced that rolling out in the coming weeks’,a new Social Measurement section is being added to GoogleAnalytics. These don’t yet show for most accounts but as they dostart to appear I’d encourage you to have a play around with them,they look great!Some of you may remember a few months back Google invitedsocial networks to integrate their platforms with Google Analytics.We’re now seeing how this is really beneficial for those who haveopted in and how Google’s Social Data Hub is going to pull the datatogether.The new reports are located in the traffic sources section of GoogleAnalytics. There are six reports that can be used to help youoptimise social media campaigns: 1. Overview 2. Sources 3. Pages 4. Conversions 5. Plug ins 6. Visitors FlowCollectively being referred to as the ‘The Social Reports’, they aregoing to be powerful helping you understand what pages andcontent on your website your visitors are choosing to share, what’sbeing said about your company (we love this) & conversions beingdriven by social networks (both last click and assisting otherchannels).Sounds good, so let’s take a closer look at some of our favouritefeatures and how they manifest themselves in the Google Analyticsinterface.PAGE 2
  3. 3. Jellyfish POVGoogle Analytics | Social media tracking just got betterThe overviewThe overview report is a neat graphical representation that remindsme a little of a giant eyeball (it’s actually pretty useful)!It provides an easy to absorb view of the contribution your socialcampaigns are making in terms of both last click and assistedconversions (both compared to the overall total): All conversions Doesn’t immediately convert but the visitor later returns and converts Referrals that lead to conversions immediatelyThis is going to be really powerful helping paint the picture as towhether your social activity is reaching customers initially but thenwho then later come back and convert through another channel. Italso provides an instant view as to the extent of the impact yoursocial activity is having overall across your business.The sources reportThe sources report breaks down the traffic being driven to yourwebsite by each of your channels and also shows a selection ofPAGE 3
  4. 4. Jellyfish POVGoogle Analytics | Social media tracking just got betteruseful metrics, including some great engagement metrics that helpyou understand which of your social activities are successfullyengaging your visitors and which ones really suck!You may notice an interesting looking icon appear on your reports(above). This little symbol indicates this is a social partner that hasopted into the new Google Analytics Social Hub.If you click on this icon you can actually see the URL’s from your sitethat people are sharing on that specific social network. You canfurther drill into each of the reports and specifically viewinformation relating to the exact kind of interaction taking place.At first these are a bit confusing as the terminology is specific to thesocial networks (as it’s provided by the social site directly) and notthe normal Google Analytics terms you’ll be familiar with, but itwon’t take long before you’re up to speed!Activity StreamThis is probably my favourite of the new reports and one I can seebeing a winner when it comes to providing clients with somethingthey find interesting (and different).Essentially networks can integrate their activity streams like +1,votes and comments into the new Google Analytics reports.The Activities Stream tab (located within the sources report) showshow people are engaging socially with your website content offyour site across the social web (as per below).PAGE 4
  5. 5. Jellyfish POVGoogle Analytics | Social media tracking just got betterThis is something totally new for GA and offers you the opportunityto find out what people really think of your brand, find influentialusers that drive traffic to your site and even engage with them.For content that was shared publicly, you can see the URLs theyshared, how and where they shared it, and what they said.Currently, activities are reported for Google+ and across a growinglist of well know social brands such as Badoo, Reddit, Delicious &Digg.Conversions reportThe conversions report lets you start to dig a little deeper into yourdata. Here you can really see the contribution each of your specificsocial sources makes to your businesses bottom line. Say you havean active Twitter campaign driving lots of visitors to the website,but that traditionally you’ve not seen many last click conversions.PAGE 5
  6. 6. Jellyfish POVGoogle Analytics | Social media tracking just got betterYou’ve always thought your Tweets generate interest and now youcan be sure exactly how they are assisting overall performance.The reports show both the assisted conversions e.g. if a visitorcame to your site from first a social source, then later returned andmade a purchase and last interaction conversions plus a ratio tocompare the two values.Social plug insSo you’ve added social plug ins to your website, now you want tofind out if anyone is actually using them?This handy report is specifically designed to make it easy to viewwhich content you produce is liked by your consumers andsubsequently shared, brilliant to help you hone in on doing more ofwhat works.This is just some of our personal favourites appearing in the socialreports, no doubt over time more will surface. Hopefully everyonewill have access to these over the next couple of weeks.If you are in any doubt about the ways in which you might turn thislatest Google Analytics update to your advantage, contact ouranalytics team directly at jamie.hammond@jellyfish.co.uk or askyour account team for more information.PAGE 6