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Jacob Maslow Mobile SEO

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Jacob Maslow Mobile SEO

  2. 2. 2 Over the past few years, mobile device usage has increased exponentially, and many sites are now receiving the bulk of their traffic from mobile users. Practices’ websites are also receiving an increasing percentage of visitors from cell phones and tablets, with many seeing 50% or more of their traffic coming from mobile. mobile is everywhere optimizing for mobile 50% of Practice’s traffic is now coming from mobile + EYECAREPRO.NET
  3. 3. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 3 With such a high percentage of mobile users, it’s becoming increasingly important for practices to ensure that their site is mobile-friendly. Mobile optimization can help you accomplish this goal. Simply put, mobile optimization ensures that your site looks and behaves optimally when viewed on a mobile device. Now, more than ever before, mobile optimization is integral to your site’s success. How is optimization achieved? We’ll cover the basics in this extensive guide, so you can implement these techniques today and ensure that your practice’s website is mobile-friendly. THE PERCENTAGE OF USERS HAS GROWN exponentially
  4. 4. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 4 Google’s Algorithm A Mobile-Friendly Tool As of April 2015, Google has made mobile friendliness part of their algorithm, which determines website rankings and visibility in relevant searches. When someone performs a search on a mobile device, Google is now displaying mobile-friendly results more often, and labeling these results as “mobile-friendly”. Websites can only re- ceive this label if they meet Google’s criteria. How can you know if your website meets Google criteria? Google offers a handy, free tool to check the mobile-friendliness of your homepage and other pages on your website. Please note that each page will need to be checked separately. For best results, test your home page and a few additional pages as well. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Google’s free mobile-friendly test tool can be accessed here. Using this free tool to determine whether or not your site is mo- bile-friendly should be the first step in the optimization process. Next, you’ll need to optimize your site’s internal coding and design to create a pleasurable mobile-viewing experience.
  5. 5. 5 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Optimizing Your Site’s Internal Coding It’s important for Google and other search engines to know what is happening with your site. If you have coding to make the site display in a mobile-friendly format, make sure the coding is fully compliant with search engine guidelines. This will ensure that search engines can crawl and index your site easily. It’s also a good idea to review your robots.txt files to ensure that nothing important is being blocked. All of your pages should be mobile friendly — not just your homepage. If some pages aren’t mobile friendly, it will not affect the SEO for the rest of your site, but those un-optimized pages are unlikely to show up on mobile search results. It’s also important to refrain from using Flash or other software that mobile devices often cannot display.
  6. 6. EYECAREPRO.NET 6 optimizing for mobile Achieving A Mobile-Friendly Design Web designers and developers are now ensuring that their designs are mobile-friendly, or responsive. A responsive design simply means that the layout of your site will auto- matically adjust to the user’s screen size for an optimal viewing expe- rience. Even if your website has a mobile-friendly design, there are several design points that you need to address during the optimization process. EYECAREPRO.NET Here are several of the most important pitfalls to watch out for: — Make sure that the text isn’t too small. — Links should be large enough to click within a mobile screen. Touchscreens are navigated with fingers, so links should be sized appropriately and should not be in the way of the scroll or navigation buttons. — Formatting is correct. Users should not have to scroll sideways to read the page.
  7. 7. 7 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Some things to consider All of these are essential for a good user experience on a mobile device and the primary mobile-friendly factors Google considers. When optimizing your site’s design, there are two other factors that you need to keep in mind: page speed and pop-ups.
  8. 8. 8 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Page speed is a much bigger issue for mobile users than desktop users. Speed issues can be addressed through image optimization and cleaning up your mobile coding. Ensure that all images are properly optimized and formatted for a mobile screen and slower mobile net- works. Also, ensure that your mobile code is as clean and compact as possible. You may also want to use browser caching and reduce redirects. Many hosting providers offer caching. Anything you can do to speed up page load speed will help conversions and keep mobile users happy. Page Speed
  9. 9. 9 Pop-Ups In addition to making your mobile site speedier, it’s also extremely important to avoid using pop-ups on the mobile version of your site. Mobile users will find it especially frustrating to close pop-ups on a small screen. Optimizing your website’s internal coding and design will ensure that users can easily navigate their way through your site. Once you’ve worked on these two key areas, there are two other important things to work on: implementing rich snippets and understanding local search results. facebook adsEYECAREPRO.NET
  10. 10. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 10 Using Rich Snippets to Entice Clicks Rich Snippets stand out even more on mobile than desktop due to limited screenspace, but they also help Google better understand your site’s content. When implemented properly, they can help improve your mobile rankings. Rich snippets are a way of tagging your location information (such as your business name, address and phone number), and they can also be used for reviews, recipes, products, software applications or events. When implementing rich snippets into your practice’s website, your location info will often be high- lighted within Google’s results. EYECAREPRO.NET As you can see, rich snippets make results more enticing, and will attract more clicks from users. They also include important information that your visitors are looking for.
  11. 11. 11 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Local Search Results are important on Mobile Devices Google’s local search results are quite different on mobile than desktop searches. Google will display a “pack” of local practices in both desktop and mobile searches. However, on mobile, Google provides: a link to allow the user to click-to-call directly from their mobile phone, and a second icon for the user to click for directions. Local searches are usually transaction-based, and these links allow users to immedi- ately call or drive to the business they are interested in. Mobile searchers are often more inclined to convert as they usually have a more immediate need. If you were looking for a refrigerator or car, you would spend some time on an iPad or desktop to read up on the various brands. But if you need a dentist, pediatrician, optometrist or locksmith immediately, you will grab your smartphone and will be more likely to make an immediate decision.
  12. 12. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 12 Is it worthwhile to optimize if my site looks OK for mobile right now? Yes, mobile is not a trend anymore. Most people are now making purchases and connecting with local practices through their mobile devices. Mobile optimization not a way to prepare for the future — the future is here now. Choosing not to fully-optimize your site can cause you to lose business to competitors that are already fully-optimized. determine your  10 Frequently Asked Questions 1
  13. 13. 13 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Should I have a dedicated site, or should I simply optimize my current site with responsive programming? You have two choices, and both are valid. You can have one site for all customers regardless of device or if they are on desktop. Your site can be made responsive to auto- matically detect the screen size and display correctly for the screen. A responsive site will not require sideways scrolling to read, but care must be taken to ensure that links and text are not too small. Otherwise, your responsive site will not be considered mobile-friendly. Do not make the mistake of as- suming that all responsive sites are automatically mobile-friendly. The other choice is a separate site, such as or The M stands for Mobile. 2
  14. 14. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 14 Can I optimize my site for mobile all by myself or using internal resources? Most small companies lack staff to handle this. It’s hard for a local busi- ness owner to justify having internal re- sources for programming and design, so in-house usually isn’t an option. If you have the time and experience to manage freelancers, that might be an option, but most small or medium businesses will hire a company to simply do the job for them. 3 4 How can I get a mobile friendly website for my opto- metric practice? There are options available for most budgets. EyeCarePro has a basic website and mobile friendly design for a very small cost. Wordpress, GoDad- dy and SquareSpace are also good options, but none of those are indus- try-specific.
  15. 15. 15 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Download a Google Planner Click here to Stay Organized Need help with this? Our experts are happy to help, click here! Want More e-books like this? Talk to someone who understands how confusing this can be. We are Here TO HELP YOU!
  16. 16. 16 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Should I hire a contractor? Hiring a web designer is an option. Pricing varies greatly from city to city. Most will charge an hourly fee as there is some back-and-forth between you and the designer until you are satisfied with the results. If you do hire a contractor, expect to pay a bit more and leave some budget for last minute changes that can increase the cost. It’s often better to hire locally and check references. The best option would be to use someone who is well-regarded within your industry and familiar with what you do. Marketing legal services or plumbing is a lot different than optometry. 5
  17. 17. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 17 What features need to be present? You need to make conversions easy. If your goal is an appointment, scheduling an appointment should be present. A phone number should also be prominent. Click-to-call functionality is a nice feature (necessary for mobile) to make it easy for customers to call. Anyone checking out your business via mobile has a phone (or tablet) in their hand. A practice should list their hours and have a map or link to make it easy for customers to get driving directions. 6 call directly with a tap of the screen
  18. 18. 18 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 7 Do you need to integrate social media? Integrating social media into your marketing is essential — it’s essen- tially free advertising. Fashion items are visual, so designer eyeframes can fit in well on social channels as people enjoy looking at, liking and sharing an attractive image. It’s important not to overwhelm users (with too many options/ information etc). You should choose a few social platforms. Do not post in a dozen different platforms and have a dozen links on your pages to avoid spreading yourself too thin and wasting time on platforms that do not have much engagement. This is especially true on your mobile site as the mobile screen is limited. Instead, show the most important social networks that you have a presence on.
  19. 19. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 19 How do I test my site before I’m ready to make it live? Taking your site for a test drive will ensure that your website is easy to read and use on a mobile device. It’s also a good opportunity to find links that do not work or other errors on your site by trying to click on everything manually. It’s important to have more than one set of eyeballs checking the user experience on your site. Try to check on multiple devices — not just the one you use. Some users even go to Best Buy and look at their site on all the display phones, so they can take advantage of a free hands-on testing lab. 8
  20. 20. 20 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET What’s the best way to measure success? At EyeCarePro, we rely on Google Analytics. It is free and easy to use. Implementation is quick, and it’s easy to check the installation. You can find out what devices people are using on your site, which pages they are landing on, how they are interacting with your site, and whether they are bouncing (leaving your site without spending any time on it). A customer who leaves your site too soon may be going to a competitor’s site. 9
  21. 21. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 21 What mistakes do people often make? One mistake is not properly targeting the user. An Android user shouldn’t be sent to your full-screen site as your regular site was designed to be viewed on a large screen. An iPad user may not like the limited functionality of a mobile site as the iPad screen is several times larger than a mobile screen, and iPads are often used at home with a WiFi connection. Trying to push people to download an app or fill out long forms can frustrate users. User experience is important; images should be optimized for mobile’s slower speed and smaller screen, links shouldn’t be crowded, and text should be easy to read without the need to scroll sideways. This will ensure that your site is optimized for Google and mobile users. Converting your site to mobile will ensure that you’re well-represented to this important audience. Mobile traffic is increasing constantly and is often the bulk of a site’s traffic. 10
  22. 22. 22 optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET Having a mobile-friendly site is no longer a trend or a nice feature. It’s a necessity. conclusion
  23. 23. optimizing for mobileEYECAREPRO.NET 23 WE KnOW It’s important to KEEP ON TOP OF THINGS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. Download a Google Planner Click here to Stay Organized Need help with this? Our experts are happy to help, click here! Want More e-books like this? Talk to someone who understands how confusing this can be.