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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. In this week of reading I learned the taking leadership role in everyday life situation can help prepareyou for the entire obstacle of college. I establish that the people that succeed in college and in life aftercollege usually have a leadership theme or surround themselves around people with leadership traits.In high school I found myself only taking a leadership role when I was on the basketball court. But, whenit came to the classroom I was the shiest of them all. I mean I would turn in my all homework and classassignment but nothing extra no speeches, no volunteering and no organizing study group. In college the student who are in front class and making virtuous relationship with the professorare the students who are getting the better jobs after college. In the chapter of the book it shows methere are different ways to take leadership role without being verbal. Leadership can be developed bymy class section. So this can help me by taking classes that help me develop a leadership role like publicspeaking or community development. In this chapter I learned that leadership development can makecollege a much easier path to success.