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Zorba Pres

Overview of Zorba Solutions. What we do and how we do it.

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Zorba Pres

  1. 1. ; twitter@zorbasolutions ; Things you may need to know?Edition: Summer 2011
  2. 2. Company BackgroundOctober 2008 saw the launch of Zorba Solutions ( servicingclients in a variety of sectors on new and exciting marketing projects. We offer exceptionalmarketing advice and skills to our clients, couple with fantastic and friendly customerservice.For the past three years we have worked with companiesand more importantly people to create and run successful Our Managing Director: James Bacon has been working in Sales andmarketing campaigns. From basic planning and discussion Marketing for nearly 20 years. With 14 yearsphase through to placement, execution and post experience working in London based Mediacampaign analysis. Zorba can be your marketing think- Marketing Agencies, he worked on a number of accounts such as Microsoft, American Express,tank, your media buying agency or your complete Panasonic, Samsung and Easyjet. On thesemarketing consultancy. accounts he helped provide successful campaigns though a variety of marketing platforms to helpThe key aim as a business is to provide the high quality generate sales and brand awareness for themarketing skills and techniques you would get at a high client.profiled London Agency, to local, national and global As a result of these successes, he won numerouscompanies. But with one major difference - a real company sales awards and progressed throughpersonal service that very few agencies tend to offer. the ranks quickly at each company. This lead to bigger more intricate marketing campaigns andZorba has grown consistently over three years of trading of course bigger accounts to work tough economic times, working with such clients as In October 2008 leaving London behind, ZorbaCitrix, APC, Schneider Electric, Dennis Publishing, Solutions Ltd was established. Taking the skillsMicrosoft, American Express and Symantec. Many of and experience from his London days, James hasthese campaigns have been a mix of brand/product always had a strong interest in music and clubs. He has also been known to organise and throwawareness through to pushing through product sales. This the odd party and event from time to time. Ahas been done through the whole spectrum of marketing veteran of six Club 18-30s holidays, at 22 he wasvehicles, from outdoor advertising, print, inserts, DRTV, offered an opportunity to join Club 18-30 as a rep for the summer. However the decision was madeTV & Radio to online and viral campaigns. to further his career in London, and wait and explore other opportunities in the travel andRecently there has been a need to meet the current music trend of low cost performance drivenpromotions. This has been done through combining lead After visiting the likes of Ibiza, Mallorca, New York and Las Vegas on numerous occasions, hegeneration with other online and direct marketing feels the time is right to launch into theseactivities. sectors. The Club Zorba pass will fill a current gap in the market of offering a tailored packaged clubZorba have kept and gained clients through successful experience.campaigns in such tough times. In fact a recent campaignwe ran for our client APC proved the most successful since 2005. It was an online newsletter campaign to pushmore product sales across Europe. The campaign generated the most enquiries and sales for APC since before theeconomic fall out.More than this though is the goal to turn the Zorba brand into a fun and exciting company. We aim to do this byexpanding into different areas, giving us new and exciting challenges all the time. With this in mind our recentlaunch of Club Zorba ( aims at the consumer market. Our unique club pass allows you accessto a top club every night of your holiday at one fantastic price. Launching in Ibiza 2012 we aim to give ourcustomers the ultimate clubbing experience.
  3. 3. What We DoHere at Zorba we help companies of all shapes and sizes to plan and executesuccessful marketing campaigns. From corporate re-branding, all forms ofadvertising to intricate direct marketing and online campaigns - we can help youwith getting your brand or product to the right people.If marketing is simply a time management issue for your business, then let us take that pressure off ofyou. We speak to and place campaigns with a variety of highly creditable suppliers every day, so youdon’t have to. You will get the time back in your day to focus on other key business needs. Safe in theknowledge we are working with you to get that important marketing campaign planned, placed andsuccessfully working for you.Key Areas we can help:  Strategy Planning  Budget Setting  Sourcing Suppliers  Planning & Placing Campaigns  Optimised Response ReportingMarketing Techniques we specialise in:  Brand Awareness  Product launchingMethods we use:  Social Media  Design (including website, logo and advertising)  Online Advertising  Email Marketing  Direct Marketing  Print Advertising  Outdoor Advertising  TV & Radio  Events  Lead Generation  Data Enhancement  Database Building  Data Cleansing
  4. 4. Who We Work WithWe’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns over the years. Here are just a fewpeople we have helped in that time.
  5. 5. RecommendationsGosia Binkowska - APCGosia hired us as a Marketing Consultant in 2009 and hired us more thanonceTop qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity“Ive worked with Zorba on several marketing projects for print and email publications. Its been alwayshighly professional cooperation: always on time, always cost and time efficient, always with close eyeon all details. Zorba supplied everything I needed and also presented new opportunities on the market. Ido recommend this company as great business partner.” August 10, 2011Emma White – A4G SolutionsEmma hired us as a Marketing Consultant in 2011Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative“Zorba are a delight to work with. He is able to provide insightful ideas of how to reach your targetmarket effectively and efficiently. He is always honest and adds value to any marketing plan.” June 2,2011Tim Weedon – Commercial & Property ResourcesTim hired us a Marketing Consultant in 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time“Zorba performed an evaluation of our existing target database for the purposes of an extendedmarketing campaign, the results were with me before I had even thought about how long it would takeand presented to us in a highly professional, exceptionally detailed yet jargon free manner. I haveabsolutely no hesitation in giving this recommendation. Tim Weedon” June 1, 2011Lewis Stewart – DWA MediaLewis hired us as a Marketing Consultant in 2009 and hired you morethan onceTop qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time“I have worked with Zorba on a number of projects and they have always provided me with everythingwhich I have needed. They are extremely efficient, and their presentation of work has extreme clairty.”October 7, 2009
  6. 6. Contact:Zorba Solutions Limited3 Addington RoadSittingbourneKent. ME10 1HTTel: +44 (0)1795 857623Fax: +44 (0)1795 500285Email: