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Johnny Roselli dossier


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This dossier contains extracts from FBI and CIA files relating to the Mafia fixer Johnny Roselli. It focuses on the episode in the early 1960s when Roselli was approached by Robert Maheur on behalf of the CIA in an effort to recruit Roselli and other mafiosos to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Roselli testified before the Church Committee in the 1970s, which was investigating illegal activities carried out by the US intelligence agencies. Indeed, Roselli's story is number 2 on the CIA's list of 'family jewels'. Initially he testified about the CIA plan, part of Operation Mongoose, to try to assassinate Castro. In his third appearance before the Committee in April 1976 he testified about the Kennedy assassination. He was recalled by the Committee some weeks later but by that point he had disappeared. In August 1976 his body was found in a 55-gallon drum floating in a bay near Miami, Florida. He had been strangled, shot and his legs had been sawn off.

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Johnny Roselli dossier

  1. 1. I J .... l .... - .MORI DocID: 1451843 SUBJECT: Johnny Roselli 1. In Augus t 1960, Mr. Richard M.. Bissell approached Colonel Sheffield Edwards to determine if the Office of Security had assets that may as~ist in a sensitive mission requiring gangster-type action. The mission target was Fidel Castro. 2. Because o~ its extreme sensitivity, only a small group was made privy to the project. The DCI was briefed and gave his approval. Colonel J. C. Kin~, Chief, WH Division, was briefed, but all details were deliberately concealed from any of the JMWAVE officials. Certain TSD and Communications personnel participated in the initial planning stages, but were not witting of the purpose of the mission. 3. Robert A. Maheu, a cleared source of the Office of Sec~rity, ,was contacted, briefed generally on the project, and requested to ascert~in i£be could develop an entree into the gangster elements as the first step toward accomplishing the desired goal. 4. Mr. Maheu advised that he had met one Johnny Roselli on several,oc~asions while visiting Las Vegas. He only knew him casually through clients, but was given to understand that he was a high-ranking member of the "syndicat:e" and controlled all of the ice-making machines on the Strip. Maheu reasoned that, if Roselli was in fact a member of the clan, he undoubtedly had connections leading into the Cuban gambling interests. , . 5., Maheu was asked to approach Roselli, who knew Maheu as a personal relations executive handling domestic and foreign accounts, and tell him that he had recently been retained by a client who represented several inter- national business £irms which were suffering heavy financial losses in Cuba as a result of Castros action. They were convinced that Castros removal was the answer to theirl
  2. 2. MORl DocID: 1451843 -problem and were willing to pay a price of $150,000for its successful accomplishment. It was to be madeclear to Roselli that the United States Government wasnot, and should not, become aware of this operation. 6. The pitch was made to Roselli on 14September 1960 at the Hilton Plaza Hotel, New York City.Mr. James OConnell, Office of Security, was presentduring this. meeting and was identified to Roselli as anemployee of Maheu. OConnell actively served as Roselliscontact until May ~962 at which time he phased out dueto an ov e r se as assignment. His ini tia1 reaction was toavoid getting involved, but through Maheus persuasion,he agreed to introduce him to a friend, Sam Gold, whoknew the "Cuban crowd." Roselli made it clear he didnot want any money for his part and believed Sam wouldfeel the same way. Neither of these individuals wereever paid out of Agency funds. 7. During the week of, 25 September, Maheu wasintroduced to Sam who was staying at the FontainebleauHotel, Miami Beach. It was several weeks after h:i;smeeting with Sam and Joe"who was identified to him asa courier operating between Havana and Miami, that hesaw photographs of both of these individuals in theSunday .supplemental, "Parade." They were identified asMama Salvatore~Giancani and Santos Trafficant, respectively.Both were on the listof the Attorney Generals ten most-wanted men. The former was described as the Chicagochieftain of the Cosa Nostra and successor to Al Capone,and the latter, the Ces a Nostra boss of Cuban op e i-a.t i ons .Maheu called this office immediately upon ascertainingthis information. . . 8. In discussing the possible methods ofaccomplishing this mission, Sam suggested that they notresort to firearms but, if he could be furnished sometype of potent pill, that could be placed in Castros foodor drink, it would be a much more effective operation.Sam indicated that he had a prospective nominee in theperson of Juan Ort a , a Cuban official who had been receivingkick-back payments from the gambling interests, who still hadaccess to Castro, and was in a financial bind. 000:1.3 2 SEGI..: T Eyr , ONLY
  3. 3. -------------------- MORl DoclD: 1451843 9. TSD was requested to produce six pills ofhigh lethal content. 10. Joe delivered the pills to Orta. Afterseveral weeks of reported attempts, OJ;ta·appar~l.1tly gotcold feet and asked out of the assignment. He suggestedanother candidate who made several attempts withoutsuccess. 11. Joe then indicated that Dr. Anthony Verona,one o f the pr Lnc Lpa L officers in the Cuban Exile Junta, hadbecome disaffected with the apparent ineffectual progressof the Junta and was willing to handle the mission throughhis own resources. 12. He asked, asa prirequisite·to.the deal, thathe be given $10,000 for organizational expenses and requested$1,000 worth of communications equipment. 13. Dr. Veronas potential was never fUllyexploited, as the project was canceled shortly after theBay of Pigs episode. Verona was advised that the offerwas vi thdrawn, and the p Ll l s were. retrieved. 14. Of significant interest was an incidentwhich involved a request levied by Sam upon Maheu. -: . . - ,. At t he height of the proj ect negotiations, Sam expressed concern about his girl£riend, Phyllis McGuire, who he learned was getting much attention from Dan Rowan while both were booked at a Las Vegas night club. Sam asked Maheur t;o put a bug in Rowan t s : rbomto deter- mine the extent of his intimacy with Miss McGuire •. The technician involved in the assign- ment was discovered in the process, arrested, and taken to the Sheriffs office for questioning. He called Maheu and informed him that he had been detained by the police. This call was made in thepresence of the Sheriffs personnel .. Subsequently, the Department of Justice announced its intention to prosecute Maheu along 3 . 00014 s£cJ16 }YES ONLY
  4. 4. MORl DoclD: 1451843 with the technician. On 7 February 1962~. the Director of Security briefed the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, on the circumstances leading up to Maheus involvement in the lviretap. At our request, prosecution was dropped. . 15. In May 1962, Mr. William Harvey took overas Case Officer, and it is not known by this officewhether Roselli was used operationally from that point on. 16. It was subsequently learned from the FBIthat Roselli had been convicted on six counts involvingillegal entry into t.he United States. Our records do notreflect the date of conviction, but it is believed tohave been s9metime during November 1967. 17. On2 December i968, Roselli, along withfour other individuals, was convicted of conspiracy tocheat members of the Friars Club of $400,~OO in· a.riggedgin rl!-mmy g<; 18. Mr. Harvey reported to t.he Office of Securityof his contacts with Roselli during November and December1967 and January 1968. It was his belief that Johnnywould not seek out the Agency for assistance in the deporta":tion proceedings unless he actually faced deportation.Roselli expressed confidence that he would win an appeal. 19. On 17 November 1970, Maheu called JamesOConnell, Rosellis first Case Officer, to advise thatMaheus attorney, Ed Morgan, had received a call from aThomas Waddin, Rosellis lawyer, who stated that all.avenues of appeal had been exhausted, and his client nowfaces deportation. Waddin indicated ~hat, if someone didnot intercede on Rosellis behalf, he would make a cOmpleteexpose of his activities with the Agency. 20. On 18 November 1970, Mr. Helms was briefedon the latest development in this case, and it was decidedthat the Agency would not in any way assist Roselli. Maheuwas sp a?vised of the Agencys position, and he was in 4 00015
  5. 5. -------------- MORl DoclD: 1451843 . ,. complete agreement with our stand. He further adVised that he was not concerned about any publicity as it affected him personally should Roselli decide to tell all. 21. Subsequently, Roselli or someone on his behalf furnished Jack Anderson details of the operation. Attached are two Anderson columns dealing with" this matter. 22. The last known residence of Roselli was the Federal Penitentiary in Seattle, Washington. Attachments 00016 5 SE T i·f.rS ONLY
  6. 6. LA 93-113 TABLE OF CQ§TENI§{92I 92. t92_ 4 :.¢__ Pgge-; Bqc» 51 11 12 0 0D ;- Ev INFQRMATIWK LEGITIMATE ENTERPRISES,§! RESIDENCESERVIFE .. ... .. . TELEPHONE .. . . INC. . . .2 12 -3~ 1,vnj._ CONTACTS ANDASSOCIATES . .. . .4 » - 13 13 . . ll 11 13 - 12_! 111 - 1n K 1% 15 -16 5 ~13-
  7. 7. LA 92-113 RESIDENCE,'- ,.., H. RCSSELLI maintains a. residence at Apartment at C 1251 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, Los Angeles,,California, and at the Diplomat Apartment in Lae Vegas, Nevada.92w,I1 On June 22, 1961, Special Agents SAB! of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI! observed ROSSELLI leave hie apartment house at 1251 North Crescent Heights Boulevard,g I at apprcximately ...1....|--~ tr-r-<1 inQIIK -.._A 1961- Cadillac n..1.z41_.._...|_ 1a.b.§...=_= 10:41 a.m his ____ A -I--. biaria ' L.l.J. "'"u.Lel .925- 1--Lparkedcar garage? K 0 Lf Les .L.|..:_L;._-_ hewherep.L'uur.:-cu Angeles-, ueru fb the in vrn v u..n.u uu the _ _1;a " ...-3 5i'=_-,.-_ I | 1 At about 12:55 p.nROSSELLI left this apartment alone inhis Cadillac and proceeded to Beverly Hills, Califomia, L where he parked in 1110 SouthRod-ec» Drive the parking lot of and entered the restaurant.',92 At approximate Romanoffs Restaurant,. 197/97% ROSSELLI 1961 at _On was r eaiding his "une 26 lnav-Ina 'Ro..m:an~'92f"Psn H --. DA9292/nun-u¢a92.!-A-4-1..» II .1 hed information that N?92 8' .105 e$13?-.4. t th Diplomat Apartmentms Vegaa, 1 in .Q a ia .1? The same informant advised on June 26, 1961, that
  8. 8. LA 92-113 51¢.'_ to " lb 1, 1,10 informa vised on1961, that92-~92 June 20, he had no ROSSELLI's whereaboutsdate. on that 0:1 J 6, 196 ..-ae- Iegas for Lee Angelee that RSSSELLI was plannirg to -Illy leave furnished information on the evening of July 6, 196l.92,92 aqrised that ROSSELLI was in Les Vegas2on July lQ6l.92,92370_. 1 believed to be i s 1 Sitsthe Qadillac woman of FBI observed a D in the vicini- There was another D11 b1 advised Q as Jul ,, of .92J92 that RGSSELLI in wasLas Vegas4.4 On July 28, 1961, of Saks the FBI observed ROSSELI.-I in the coffee shop of the Desert Inn Hotel during the evening. On Jul 11 61, SAs of the FBI observed RQSSELLI conversing with at approximately 9:15 a.n_1 in the casino of the Star-East Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. 92; ..__._. -3 -
  9. 9. 4-150 Rev. 12-14-as! XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX FEDERAL OF BUREAU INVESTIGATION ; '"D'92"r *'"""" -'2"-* "-DELETED ' :7 FOIPA '*'*- -"cm-*'.** --7: -"-- --- PAGE -- INFORMATION SHEET to Paaefql withheld entirely at this location in the file. One or more Qf the fgllgwing statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material available for release to you. Section 552 &ction 552a El b! l! II] ITFrbvgi Q 92 l92 I U [:1 b} ! lllil b! ! A! all D .u El d! ! b! ! C! U _ _ III b! ! D! [:1 El b! ! B b! ! E! El l<! ! Cl b! ! El b! ! F! U El <! ! El l<! ! Cl lnformatio U l<! ! ii request. b! 9! U E] !<! ! :1 El k! ! pertained only to a third party with no reference to you or the subject of your J? Information pertained only to a third party. Your name is listed in the title only. Documents originated with another Government agency ies!. These documents were referred to that agency ies! for review and direct response to you. XXX!GD'{FBI as to the releasability this information agency ies!. You will be Pagescontain information furnished by another Government advised by the of following our consultation XXXXXX with the other agency ies!. YQGOOCK Page s! withheld for the following reason s!:
  10. 10. LA 92-113 Information Concerning the _..T Case Entitled ARTHUR JAMES ' .-I;Yli_ _'. BALLETTI; UNSUB aka J -_!v¬- , 7 J, __H1'iE1il5Q* l3__TZ1fUQ_'l. , concerning iniormation this matter is being set out because was ROSSELLE involved in _ it.92A1!-" On October 31, 1960, ARTHURJAMES BALLETTI was arrestedI... 1Y? " 1 at the Rivera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, at which time he admitted that he had received instructions from Investigations, Inc., Miami, Florida, to surveil and record telephone conversations of DAN ROWAN,who was then staying at the Rivera Hotel. Investigatic revealed that an unknown individual using the name J. II. HARRISCN participated of in the placing the telephone surveillance in DANROWAN's room.92k9_-qu-_- with It GUIRE PHYLLIS MC ROWAN later advised is noted that he intended PHYLLIS MC GUIRE had reportedly that at thistime of the MC GUIRE Sister to marry PHILLIS MC GUIRE. been the girl of friend ROWANwas keeping singing act and company of SAMUEL GIAI3AN92 Chicago. Information received during 1960, July, from an informant Las in Vegas, indicates that GIANCAHA again keeping companywith PHILLIS MC UUIRE. is I} L. EDWARD Inc. DUBOIS of Investigations, advised that in October, 1960, he received a telephone frdm call ROBERT a MAHEU, private investigator, WashingtonD.C., reguesting that DUBOIS send two men to Las Vegas on October 26, l9ol, for physical surveillance work. Subsequently, according to DUBOIS, MAHEU told him only to send one man as he, MAHEU, was going to send one man. Thereafter, DBOIS sent BALLETTI and the who unknown individual used the name J. W..HARRISON accompanied - BALLETTI.92J92 During the period ll from October to October 1961, 29, ROBERT A. MAHEU and a J. A. ROLLINS were registered at the Kenilwcrth Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, and ROLLERS accompanied MAHEU. MAHEU informed of SAs the FBI that J. A. ROLLINS was JOHN ROLLINS A. but refused to further identify him. 92g92 Investigation disclosed that while at the Kenilworth Hotel, ROLLINS was charged with calls two telephone to telephone 3-115 number NH. o, in Chic Illinois, which is the telephone of number _ who has been identified in the 1>"° ROSSELLI inves igatran as a close friend and associate of ROSSELLI. 9292 F. 92 -5- IIIE
  11. 11. cu-unin- / .,. r!¢ -92 92-113 LA WES th a telephone call to telephone number92~.....~ California, which is the number of also been identified as aclose§0- of ROSSELLI. A92 92 ROLLIHS was also charged with atelephone call to telephone number DU. 2-6000 which is the telephone number of the Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, where ROSSELLI had received many telephonecallsin the past 92%,1 advised that JAMES FOLEY, an attorney in the'1atter part of in Las October, 1960, Vegas, Nevada, he received atelephone call from JAMES P. CANTIIIQN of the law firm of -up-1,-»- ' Cantillon and Cantillon, Beverly Hills, California, requesting that FQLEY represent BALLETTI and arrange for his bond, CANTILLDN personally guaranteed FOLEY's fee. It noted is that JAMESIZ CANTILLON is JOHN ROSSELLI's attorney and aclose associate of RDSSELLI's L92 Upon interview by SAs of the FBI, JANES ?. CANTILLON said thazhe first heard of the microphone incident when he received call a from a man in custody in Las Vegas whose jc name he did not correct= He recall. He addsed that that said referred he the name BALLETTI was this nan probably to THQMAS FQLEY an attorney in Lao Vegas.92_92 Further investigation revealed that Central Intelligence Agency CIA! in connection with their operations concerning FIDEL CASTRO in Cuba contacted ROBERT to MAHEU act as92"cutout in contacts with SAM GIANCAIA on the theory that GIANCAIA through his gambling activities in Cuba under the Batista Government might still have sources and contacts in Cuba who could be of value to ClA= According to oificials oi CIA, this organization - / did not authorize microphone surveillance the on DON ROWKN. l; On May 25, 1961, advised MAHEU SAs of the FBI that the orignal contact with GIANCANA after had MAHEU been requested by tomake contact GIANCAEA idEg%t CIA with was made "JOHNNY" whodeclinedto further identify. 1 by he ' *§; A ancicnat he On e 1961, mast 29, advised S1 gr 3- would verify "JUlINNY's ,en if the IEenE§'named the when man. JOHN ROSSELLI's was name furnished to he MAHEU admitted that ROSSELJI was the "JOHNNY" he -6-
  12. 12. LA 92-113 referred to and that ROSSELLI was also identical to J ROLLINS A-ulna-.-rwy who registered with him at the Kenilworth Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, in October, 1960. 92_;92D8* < -7-
  13. 13. =~ 1 we --» EDERAL suaswu or |NVESTlGAT"' d Date__ _ Y/1'1/61 _ RQEEHE MAHEU was interviewed at 190 Nerth Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, California, on 13, July 1961. MAHEU was informed of his right to an attorney and that' he did not have to answer questions and that anything he did say could be used against him in acourt of law. ;'§- .'.= MAHEU stated in that connection with the confidential assignment for Central Intelligence Agency CIA! he had been in contact with SAMUEL GIANCANA and had received valuable assistance from GIANCANA, which, in turn, was furnished tc CIA. MAHEU had reason to believe that GIANCANA may have disclosed information regarding the project and, in view of the sensitive nature of the pro- ject, he, MAHEU,decided to determine whether or not I .1 GIANCANA had actually talked to unauthorized persons. was He aware that GIANCANA was veryclose in a romantic way with PHYLLIS MC GUIRE of the Mc Guire Sisters Trio. said He that if GIANCANA had disclosed this informatiai regarding project to a1yone,he'would have disclosed it to PHYLLIS MG GUIRE. He said that he was also aware that 3 the in and GIANCANA involved fall of DAN with 1960 the were strained rela ons between and that ROWAN, who was appearing PHYLLIS was PHYLLIS MC GUIRE romantically at the,Ridera Hotel Las in Vegas. considered He it very vital to deter- mine whether or not GIANCANA was reliable anddecided to order an installation on DAN ROWANfs room in an effort to mation regarding MC GUIRE. the project to PHYLLIS _ determine whether or not GIANOANA had . disclosed an infor- ~ - {J; MAHEU stated that this decicion was his own and that GIANCANA had no knowledge that the installation/""d was made that He said he did discuss this with JOHN ROSSELLI, since he felt obligated to discuss it with92§._~,-...-/ ROSSELLI, as HOSSELLI had been instrumental in putting him in contact with GIANCANA. denied MAHEU that the instal- lation was made at the request of ROSSELLI or GIANCANA or for the benefit of either ROSSELLI GIANCANA.92J92 or -8-I T/13/61 on _u, Beverly Hills, California F",#_ LA 92-113, ,_ _ _ Date dictated ___1,L1l,L6l_-, !9 ! This neither your agency; it and us cements recommendrnlons nor cencluslons of the FBI. are 1101to be disirlbuted ourllde your uqency It ls the property Bf the FBI 11" ! 18 101515 '9
  14. 14. 6 LA 92-113 He said that he did discu ss his decision ROSSELLI with some time prior to ordering the installation but does/-- not recall the specific date or place where he discussed the matter ROSSELLI. with He pointed out that he does not recall whether or not ns occurred during October,92~aw 1960, when they were both registered at the Kenilworth Hotel in Miami Beach, Flo rida. He pointed out he that had met with ROSSELLI on a number of occasions and, there- fore, does not the recall specific occasion'in whidlhe discussed his decision ROSSEIIJ wi t h . He does not recall what comment RESSELLJ made when informed of his decisia1.924 MAHEU said tha the requested EDWARDI¢ DUBOIS, Jr , Miami a Beach privat e investigator, to institute aF 7 technical surveillance of DAN ROWAN's room at the Rioera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. He said that he does not recall his what specific requests were regarding the type of installation b to e used, but had left this up to DUBOIS. He said he that was interested only in con- versation DAN within ROWAN s room and had in the mind - installation of a microph one and transmitter and not a telephone tap. He said,h owever, that he does not recall whether or not he specifi ed not to bake atelephone installation. He said th at he does recall that he i definitely did not reques ta physical surveillance of Egaua, , ROWAN.. ya MAHEU stated that he does not know the identity of the unkncwn subject, also known asJ. W. Harrison. He said that he definitely did not contact DUBOIS and tell DUBOIS that he would send one his of men. He insisted that DUBCIS furnished both men to handle this assignnent in Las Vegas and that DUBOIS had charged him for transportation and time for two nen.92U92//K -.7 It? MAHEU repeated that he take would full responsi- bility for ordering the i nstalition, that the installation was made for the reasons he had given above and in a92. previous interview, and d efinitely was not made at the request or for the benefi t ofJOHN ROSSELLI OSAMUEL GIANCANA 92Hu- -9-
  15. 15. ~ -~ ~~1 rtUERALBURtAUUr|NVESHGAT " 0..., a 7/13/51 JOHN RQSSELLI was contacted at Drucker B Hair- dressers for Men, 97h0 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California. have ROSSELLI was informed of his right to an attorney and that he did not have to say anything and that anything he did say could be used against him in ag-in court of law. 92V92 -:- _O ~-- RGSSELLI admitted that he has known ROBERT MAHEU for approximately five years. when asked if he knew SAM-.. V.-Y, ._.E§:';-13! GIANCANA, ROS3ELL1 stated, "Let's discuss the weather. I1,;-,_,-~.-,,<.-,-1 do not care to answer any more questions." ROSSELLE stated that illegal he knew of nothing MAHEU that had done, but for any additional information regarding his association with MAHEY, the Agents should talk with MAHEUhimself. 92ALrt ?92a ./ e._._-.-~ F 92 -10- * * tr * * t t * m *¬'_ 3 On at Filn# _ Date C 61 dictofed Thls document comums neither rrcummendallons nor conclusions of the FBI. It ll the properw Of the FBI ""5 ll I94 - "94 '° Y9 -37 your Gqar1t';';Hm"-d are not is be distributed ouiside Ha comer"-is Gqenty.
  16. 16. age 1 LA 92-113 at hie R<3SS EIJ,I was Lea Angeiea telgohonically contacted apartment, 1251 by SA- Greecent Height! 1 evard, La-s Angelee, on July 19, in 1961, an effort to arrange an interview. ROSSELLI advised that he did not care to diecuea his aascciation with at any time with the Fb1,92 9292 A§-_ _-1*..3 T Qfurniehed information thatevening during the h n ' b 3: I I rmantI I Awe *1-- re residence _, ...,_ -- oa +;.=EL1'» ted n921','f V.1 :, of duly ,.l, 10-11, an individlal lieved to ,.la ah . 'J.~.. .I.GU DELI. L. U-.l.H.!.92~..l'L.92!J'92. W1 , C.LJ.r:U 1 put C0 GIANTANA in touch with offered an unl-cnovm individual in lacs ta /Angeles regarding same business venture in which ROS;3ELLI , would possibly also have an int-exie-at ROSSELLI is rqt orted y to have reaxar-Iced that it was a good location and would have slot machined and that there was no reason why they could not make money. 92>92 ',1_~,,._l: ' {'11 6,"1951,madvieedR=-C:-S-SEI 1c>oz1tac+.+;edJuly t. efquhc that from anindividual 1 by was *-,! Angelea and is informan to W .-"1a and RCESELH believedgzieture whic and-diaausaed a by b in SELLI/ I had a five percent terest. R=;S1SE=;LIJ remarked that or 1later pictures he would want a"reahuff1e." L>92 92 92 On believed b" aim July 10, 1961wdvieed that a person to be T6?-"NT H3 * » at the reaidence re /-' bY on July this residence. , , According to - -a-_ the informant, l..! s ROSSELLI .. K ymentioned a picture, -~cppa1'-"ently beingmade, which would feature nudes fereign in cmmtriea, tut would be covered in » this country. 51:-eke of an individual named- in connectic-:1 with the picture which would he said be filmed by an independent producer and releaaed through a. najer company. The.-"rye was also mention that there :~r-euld be eh:-t cf each place on the Strip and the dmmtom-m area apparently referring ta the "strip" in I.a2 Vegas; and the dosvnt-cam shopping; area!. 92.»-
  17. 17. so Rev. 12-14-as! " 199599 ! 1 XXXXXX IODQDOK FEDERAL OF BUREAU INVESTIGATION FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET / .5 Page s! withheld entirely at this location in the file. One or more of the following statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. El Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material available for release to you. Section 552 gction §52a El b! ! El _ B b! ! J2? Bi :1 b! ! A! II] D E] E] d! ! BU b! ! C! D b! ! D! b! ! E! E] RX!! U b! ! [:1 b! ! F! U l<! ! U b! ! El l<! ! :1 [:1 l<! ! b! 9! U Q3 Cl k! ! C1 kw!XXXXXX.............. Information pertained only to athird party with no reference to you or the subject of your request.JQDDOOI Information pertained onl a '
  18. 18. I1-23 Flew ll-29-61! 1 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JuSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OFINVESTIGATION ifornia In Repiy, Refer Please :0 MP Los Angeles, 5, Tch R File Na. J .;_.T 1 ,,. 11t1e JOHN ROSELLI £1 ..;_ Character ANTI RACKTEERING L Reference Repsrtof Sign Q: dated and captioned as above.3; -i-._; All sources except any listed below! whoseidentitiesii-92;...._. are concealed in referenced communication have furnished reliable information in the past.-¬---- it r._ E -r -I; -3' "_.,_ T!h::d|;r:Btt]mert1 recommendations contains nor netther conclusions FBI.Histhe oithe pmperly °e and $109595 1° 7°? 92'I<lBl'1¢Y: 1! nd its contents are not to be distributed outside your uqency.
  19. 19. 3:'::'::; ;:,1:.1°- " USZIZATES GOVERNME Memorandum Collar or _i__ s. 311% TO Mr. DeI:.fo_acHh May 23, /s£1/C1 hmm. 1966 g§u..|n§:JLFIE9BYg%"92%@ f,' _§p_;>.'_;. __ .,-.-, ,__ FROM_ J. H. I Gale £»A Inqo éfiawd per w,g,,_ . _" ". LA /iejel ~m_Fuss? ' Key- _J"' "I 'I'::!'r:: _ _ / Lt? "J:-=E..;5.c:»»v i/2.7/a0 ;92?=$"" - - @==.-'i- ii- /'7 L , _, 92@:9¬!i;~/. SUBJECT: as <*;Rk<1!/an/7 g ' "3 I-use &_/'iZ The Central Intelligence Agency recently advised of acontact Roselli made with Colonel Sheffield Edwards, former Director of Security, now retired. Roselli, a ¢'_z member of the Chicago "family" of La Cosa Nostra who represents their interests in Las Vegas and on the west coast, was contacted by Agents of the Los Angeles Division shortly before this and they apparently touched asensitive spot. Colonel Edwards, who obviously contacted Roselli in the past, thought he looked worried and distraught. The contact by our Los Angeles Agents flushed Roselli out and:§ve>-#-u~'; he went to the Central Intelligence Agency for protection.----_-1-n-_-L-1 Central Intelligence Agency, in the past, compromised them- selves by dealing with Roselli when they had him contact J Sam Giancana, head of the Chicago "family of La Cosa Nostra,..-_,,-q--_- to getsomeone assassinate Castro:!?§i/LA! to Los Angeles Agents recently selected Roselli as a- target to develop him as atop echelon criminal informant - and in 'the alternative hi to put pressure on m t o d eve op 1 informationlleading to his possible de ortation s An eles 1,19 ped information asachild was rought te th Un through e. that Rosellis_%r%g_g3ma_ o i te tates eand'his., Wdg Vpqhvacco, e mother / _ is ' aT7 _ 1;-. . In F an alien, still resides in Boston, Massachusetts. In - = Roselli's youth, he assumed the name John Roselli, using '92 .7!' 4 ur isid Yttn e en,_tit 0 presenme REC ___ tn . 70 0267- v I: -On - May 6, 1966, Agents in the s Angeles Division _Pcontacted Roselli in Beverly Hills, Cali ornia, and confronted__/I him with ' The Agents cuss compromising information suggested that this matter. concerning his Roselli secretly About one true identity. meet them to dis- hour after Roselli was contacted,@»&92 James.Cantillon, Rose11i's attorney, called 0ffice_and told the contacting Agent that the Les if the-EB1~das1:ad Angeles to- 1 Mr. DeLoacb I MAY 251955 1r "Mr. Sam Papich -» '/Pi Mr. Gale - *- -,,. Mr.Bohr l!cAndrews cowrruunn 7,; H 1 -Hr. P.~J. I, -oven PJH = tjm
  20. 20. Memorandum to Mr. DeL0ach Re: John Roselli interview Roselli, it would have to be done in Canti11on's F??? presence. Cantillon was told we desired to interview .i 1-' Roselli, but not in the presence of an attorney. Shortly tea! after the contact was made with Roselli, he suddenly departed Los Angeles, as now determined from Central Intelli en e Agency, tosecretly make with agency{%%§6Bg contact that ACTION: 4;._.,'- l This matter will be followed with the Central ee Intelligence Agency through the Liaison Section. The Los Angeles Office will be advised of Rosellis contact with Central Intelligence Agency so they can capitalize on his inner turnmoil to develop him as a top echelon F *5- criminal informant regardin his vast knowledge of the Chicago Nostra.2E5!¬tt! La Cosa.-_-.-.-_- I '-*/ g I /*' Q5] !¢92'_9292i~-J%?"i%>* 51' 92 92 i92.. 92: L - Y » , @~*i5|;,9 '94 _. . I fv ' 92_'-5 _ 2 _
  21. 21. _ ,, . ._.,,... e I .» R6} U ~ . E A .l ~!Ir; ._o 1-an-,o=1»' ._... Dehoach. f1 . -- l- Ir. lick 0 tier Benin! "45 larch e, new , Papich Iannsll /E ' _;_ "i _ __ J; 5 :-, -K akF --_-' IvLb 1 ' .1: s92Q4QA@92 _. ' Uh ."#- _fv?-IT -I -§§==~_",--' _' ' Z ? _''_ ;_ __ * ' nrrnmmcs cmrrau. inner! §~,,,u u rm-armorsro sum soonwas -- so w,,.@.»w§-E,.,,,.m - e *e so 1881881818 memo ~ ' ---=n¢.¢-ow. -P .*-" Z7 i ..~...='2} F. '3 -'¢._ 92 *-'52: .n' fr.» *{T"' "H "M "' ' .u-'. ':' '.: D, Iy e 92' . ; '1" 1.ilf 492 . =_ -. _v _ _ Our tiles . *' eontaia the tollosing intonation concerni the captioned natter, by such ct shich has been tarnished the entril Intelliienoe iienoy ion! on i strictly iiihly 1 requestedethst restrictive ithe on handled - a__sostbasing coniidential "need-to-know" . 2:, -Vii ii _ 1.5 V 1; . n " - Ibis letter first - , basis; In J vies eels to our -jrdttention the ,,nrin__g =3 in _ ct this, - ,i_ -it is of 1961 in connection Iith emf investigation oi a violation '1,4». R o:l' oi whims letji, had ested on Unauthorized or soo been b the Arthur Iho the part Jane: local _ authorities as egas, evada B 1 communications ocsl arr _ _sire tapping . Statute y---_-q charge. Balletti and another nnidenti - IYICIUIJ III - Y October, 1960, had reportedly placed a sire tap on the telephone or Dan Rowan, a senher or the eonedy teas or Bonn and Ila:-tin. Rowanat the tine reportedly eas engaged to Phyllis Ic uire _A, t the sell-knosn lcliuire Jisters singing trio sho ens else noon he a girl triend oi ea Giancana, top hoodlum! to a - I mu-lug the course oi the Ialletti investigation it ascertained that Robert 1. Iaheu, a private detective, sas _ [ - nvolrod. n.-ring claised coverage interviewheordered I Iosan in behalf oi ClA'seitorts to obtain intelligence iniornation in Cuba through the noodles element, including Ban iianoana, ihich hsd lntereststhere. Iahsu said he-sas put in contact Iith einnonne infeonneotion Qith these intelligence * ie£i§ii1S§':mG 'Iohn ioselli, a ma lngeles hoodlum.Iahen gh stated also ma he authorised the warm e'£"l'oiiH"a and 5-£1 had discussed the setter sith loselli s i m 196 --/.2o/-_lg _ '5' the essence of the ahose saeefurnished hm! " "- u' Attorney I Kennedycgl, ng mm which General .1'; _e "enclosed Robert~ hy"Ieftel' s-seeorasdg 1 i the sass t n aiai da a :§~'__._;1til'ization of lahen connection anti-caetro in sith_ activities - gZ1', ;i,°" our tiles '"' **3ince shoe that llr. Kennedy returned the original Felt - -of Gale -,;_._ our letter snd ite enclosed aenorandua dated lay 82, 1961 Fiosen Jllsvlfl vol --Z. 92-P Inlllf ---- i nor A Ia-le. Room Holmes ,mca-1 autennt ie G lldy -mn~ G UNIT end ._ ._. _ __ _ _, . ,.'.._. .....-