Infographic on Data Updation and Quality


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Get to know all about data and how we keep data lean, clean and green!

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Infographic on Data Updation and Quality

  1. 1. ALL ABOUT DATA AND HOW WE DO IT!WHY DATA NEEDS TO BE UPDATED Data Collection Sources Email Campaigns | Offers | Free Magazines Newspaper Subscription Offers | Social Media LinkedIn Facebook A new business Twitter |Web Based Profiles A new business files for opens every bankruptcy | Tradeshow Attendee Lists minute every 8 |Public Record Information | minutes A business A CEO changes closes every 3 every minutes minute Phone surveys | Web A company Based Registrations | B2B name change occurs every Directory Partnerships |Telephone 2 minutes and Web Directories | Annual Reports SEC FilingsData Quality Management HOW OFTEN WE UPDATE OUR DATA We create and maintain a set of processes known as Input Editing Standards (IES) , document the same and refresh the same often. • New contacts added •160K direct dial every minute numbers added Updates Every Month Updates Every Minute every month We train our team on IES, (new • Contacts updated •All 20 million recruits as well as current every minute records email members) on a quarterly basis to verified every month keep them updated with •1.2 million •Verification results standards, benchmarks and best televerified records get updated every practices. month •Contacts added with social media links •Ping test for all 20 million, no spam We consistently update email •Complete data with traps, no syntax verification and tele-verification errors first name, last name results by maintaining a and email •Email campaign separate flag for each record. results (received •Contacts with from campaign team duplicate names have & append team) are updated monthly been removed from basis. Clicks, opens, database (1 million Opt-in, Opt-out, We manually check and update records) Bounce details are data on an ongoing basis. updated along with the date of verification.
  2. 2. Our Dedicated Tele-Verification Data Specialists Cleansing Process Data is replaced Non-working and updated data fields are 100 data team 100 data team identified with current specialists, for specialists, for information cleansing appending. master file. 400 data 100 data team Address team Undelivered specialists, information is specialists, emails are for IT data, replaced using for custom list identified social media NCOA building & and telecom updating data master file. 400+ Data initiatives. Associates, to service Undeliverable Domains are custom list emails are requirements verified and replaced using of customers. validated ECOA How Data Quality Is Maintained Dead domain Incorrect syntax names are in emails are identified identified PROFILE First Line of Defense Data values are MONITOR CLEANSE ensured they Invalid IDs areProfile, Value and Standardize and identified comply withPattern Validation Normalize parameters ENRICH PARSE & Data is manually Accuracy of data Name, Phone, STANDARDIZE verified and and de-duping is Email Validation, Correct, Validate consolidated ensuredGeographic Coding MATCH and Standardize Unique Identifiers, Attributes, Transactions and De- duplication
  3. 3. DATA VALIDATION PROCESS DATA SPECIALIST LOGS IN TO DATA CENTRAL Contacts are verified and Finding Duplicates - Emails are appended considered valid or invalid Records are checked to based on information using reliable sources find out if the email from Data Central and such as the Website, already exists in the Google LinkedIn or CorpWiki database (Data Central) In case of company Contacts are verified acquisition, company through multiple sources Additional contacts are name and email domain such as Lead411, added from the company is updated using InsideView and website information from Data NetProsPex Central and Google Appending of other data If contact details match from the company If alternative contact is any 3 of the sources it is website such as Phone not available, the record if considered valid Number, Fax, Address, flagged invalid City, State ZIP Code, Direct Dial Phone number, etc. Social Media handles are If the contact is valid and If contact is invalid, the appended using websites title is wrong , it is contact is replaced with such as Linkedin and replaced with new title new, alternative contact Twitter DATA SET IS VALIDATEDAbout Info CheckPointInfo CheckPoint is a preferred provider of credible business to business (B2B) information, database management andmarketing solutions. We understand the value of driven, directed and dynamic databases and therefore emphasize onhigh quality data which translate to invaluable information. For us a database is a business intelligence tool.Our advanced search application allows instant access and provides segmented data to facilitate targeted communicationsignificant in leveraging business growth. Through this interface you can obtain information that is customized to businessrequirements and enables focus on primary target markets appropriately.At Info CheckPoint we adopt a scientifically based, technology driven and manually validated comprehensive dataverification process. Utilizing data quality tools, techniques and tactics, we emphasize on maintaining data that is verified,validated, accurate, current, relevant and hygienic.To gain access to power packed databases or for more information, please visit Info CheckPointContact InformationPhone: 800-662-2980Email: