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Marine Hydrocolloids, Ernakulam, Food Grade


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Manufacturing, Exporting and Supplying of Agar Agar, Agrose, culture media ingredients and Bio Polymers such as Food Grade, Agar Agar Bacteriological Grade, Agar Agar Food Grade, Agar Agar Pharmaceutical Grade, Tissue Culture Grade, Chitin And Chitosan Chemical, Sodium Alginate Chemical, Culture Media Ingredients Chemical. We are a reputed company in the industry for nearly two decades & our products are widely used in food industry, tissue culture, culture media, dentistry, textile, electrophoresis and biotechnology.

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Marine Hydrocolloids, Ernakulam, Food Grade

  1. 1. -
  2. 2. An ISO 22000:2005 Co FSSAI LICENSE NO: 11316007000653 HACCP, HALAL, GMP & KOSHER CERTIFIED Santo Gopalan Road, Cochin 682005, Kerala, India Tel: +91 484 2227241 | 2223703 | 2220802 Fax: +91 484 2220801 Email:, Customer Care No: +91 989 5767 366 WONDER GEL Availability Gelation condition Handling PECTIN Does not require special condition Depends on the Citrus crops harvesting. Easily set, easily disperse and dissolve. Need longer time to set. Require low pH and high brix to gelify. Advantages of using Wonder gel over Pectin in the Glaze application Detailed specification and Recipe’s are available in our website Storaqe & Packaginq WONDERGEL must be stored in cool and dry ambient. lts storage life is 36 months in the Original carton/container and under dry and cool conditions. Raw material from tropical cultivated seaweeds crops. Always available.
  3. 3. APPLICATION AREAS. Application benefits and functional properties of spreadable Agar-Agartype Wondergel. Advantages of using Wonder gel over Gelatin in the Yoghurt application. Spreadable Agar-Agar Type WONDER GEL is a unique functional ingredient obtained by transforming the rigid structure of native agar-agar with no chemical treatment to give a softer and creamy texture which still maintaining the natural benefits of seaweed fibre. WONDER GEL is an excellent alternative for partial or total replacement of traditional animal-based gelling agents and other expensive hydrocolloids to provide a particularly delicate and succulent mouth feel with smooth thixotropic flow. Low Gel Strength. Dissolves completely at lower temperature (75-80°C). Low gelling point (33-35 °C) Thermo reversible gel. Highly spreadable gel. Does not require gelling aids (eg. KCl in standard k-carrageenan) 100% BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)- free High content of natural dietary fibres (contains up to 70% total dietary fibre) High clarity with neutral taste and odour. It imparts a pleasantly smooth, creamy and full-bodied mouth feel High water-binding capacity to minimize syneresis and offers a good and homogeneous structure in the final products Excellent synergy with sugar, dairy products and other hydrocolloids (ie. low methoxyl pectin). Suitable for various Cultural, Religious, and Dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian) Replacer for animal gelatin, LM pectin, Iota Carrageenan. Jams and Marmalades , Sugar-only jam , Custards, Pie Fillings and Crème Chantilly , Spreadable Cheese , Set Yoghurt, Stirred Yoghurt and Drinking Yoghurt , Chocolate Milk , Ready-to-drink Beverages. Mayonnaise , Sauces, Salad Dressings, Dipping Sauces , Ketchup , Cake Glaze , Crème brûlée, Flans and Panna Cotta , Condensed Milk , Sherbet and Sorbet, Rolled Fondant. Texture Gm/cm2 (1.5% solution, Nikkan Sui) 30-50 50-80 100-200 200-250 Wonder Gel 30 Gel Strength Common Applications Wonder Gel 50 Wonder Gel 100 Wonder Gel 200 Spreadability +++++ ++++ +++ ++ Creaminess +++++ ++++ +++ ++ Cake glazing, Ready-to-drink Beverages, Spreadable Cheese , Set Yoghurt, Stirred Yoghurt and Dringking Yoghurt, Panna Cotta, Custards, Chocolate Milk . etc, Jams and Marmalades , Sugar-only jam, Ketchup , Sherbet and Sorbet, Rolled Fondant, etc. WONDER GEL Dosage Lower Higher Stability Culture and Religion Acceptance GELATIN Higher melting point Guaranteed low whey-out phenomenae Longer final product shelf-life Vegan 100%, Vegetable origin No religious issue Non Vegan, Animal origin, severe restriction in religious beliefs. Lower melting point Increased rate of phase separation Shorter final product shelf-life