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Central Agencies, Delhi, Sugar Industry


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The Leading Suppliers of wide range of products that are required in Sugar Industry. These products have huge demand for their splendid features like performance, quality and durability Spares For Batch & Continuous Centrifugal Machine, Automation System for Batch/Continuous Centrifugal, Stork Veco Nickel Screens, Rotary Vacuum Filter & Spares, VDMS/ISO Air Cylinders, Futura, 1/4 -1/8 Exel Valves, Modular Spool Valves (1/4)', AVCON Solenoid-9100F/ 9120F, AVCON Solenoid-9100H / 9120H, AVCON Solenoid-9130D / 9130H, AVCON Solenoid-9150, Pneumatic Actuator - 3400 & 3600, Electrical Actuators Valves-KN 1.8, Pneumatic & Electrical Valves With 3 Way Ball Valve...

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Central Agencies, Delhi, Sugar Industry

  1. 1. We are one of the leading suppliers of wide range of products that are requiredin Sugar Industry. These products have huge demand for their splendid featureslike performance, quality and durability.
  2. 2. - Company Brief -Established in the year 1964, at Delhi, India, we “Central Agencies” are one ofthe ISO Certified 9001 : 2008 organization, offering quality range of MarketingEquipment, Components and Specialty Chemical. Our products include JuiceSulphiter , Raw Juice Flow Stabilization System, High Tech. Lime Classifier,Superheated Wash Water System, Transient Heater and Electronic Steam -Water Flow Meter and Solenoid Valves.Besides, we also supply Automatic Pressure Reducing System, DesuperheatingSystem, Condenser Controls, Auto Continuous Sugar Melter & MolassesConditioner with Brix and Temp, Control Pneumatic & Electric Actuator andPneumatic Operated On - Off Valve. Owing to features like accurate andprecision engineered, dimensional accuracy, sturdy construction, these meet thedemands of Cement, Tyre, Paper, Steel, Automobile LPG / Gas, Chemical andGas Industries.Our commitment to serve our clients with the best products is supported by theteams sincere and dedicated efforts. Moreover we also have a advancedinfrastructure unit which is spread across a sprawling area of 20,000 sq ft. Wellequipped with latest machinery and high installation capacity, our infrastructureunit helps us to perform the operations smoothly. Complete in-house solutionand and desire to gain customer satisfaction have made us a proud authorizeddealer of the some of the best companies like Shera Dunk, Evcon Control andForbes Marshal.
  3. 3. Sugar Industry Products:In order to fulfill the requirements of sugar industry, we manufacture and supply premiumquality sugar industry chemicals like Taurine BC. This chemical is immensely used in sugarindustry for the purpose of Improving the sugar color and reducing the sugar losses. We layemphasis on the packaging of this chemical to preserve its properties for long duration Spares For Batch & Automation System for Continuous Centrifugal Batch/Continuous Machine Centrifugal Stork Veco Nickel Screens Rotary Vacuum Filter & Spares
  4. 4. Schrader Bellows Pneumatic Products:The name pneumatics was originally coined to give a name to the science of motions andproperties of air. Today the term pneumatics refers to the entire sphere of activities thatdeal with use of compressed air for industrial purpose, especially the driving and controllingof machinery and equipment. VDMS/ISO Air Cylinders Futura 1/4 -1/8 Exel Valves Modular Spool Valves (1/4)
  5. 5. AVCON Solenoid Valves:AVCON a 38 years experienced company in manufacturing of automated valve for processindustry ,produces variety of combination in design constructional material , characterstics, various actuators and its accessories , have become a major source of supplyingautomated valves in industries. AVCON Solenoid-9100F/ AVCON Solenoid-9100H / 9120F 9120H AVCON Solenoid-9130D / AVCON Solenoid-9150 9130H
  6. 6. Pneumatic & Electrical Actuator:Pneumatic Valves are suitable for pressures up to 20 bar of compressed air, water, gases,low pressure oil, etc. The range consists of directional control valves, flow control valves,quick exhaust valves, shuttle valves and numerous other types. Manual and electricalcontrol options are available. Pneumatic Actuator - Electrical Actuators 3400 & 3600 Valves-KN 1.8 Pneumatic & Electrical Valves With 3 Way Ball Valve
  7. 7. Pneumatic Operated On-Off Valves:We offer a wide range of pneumatic operated control valves, which finds application inpaper mills, power plants, sugar industries and oil refineries. These valves are used for theprocess control of corrosive liquids and gases. Pneumatic Operated On- Pneumatic Operated On- Off Valves-6612E/6622E Off Valves-6616E/6619E Pneumatic Operated On- Pneumatic Operated On- Off Valves-6812M/6824M- Off Valves-PV- 6844M/6822M 5816M/5819M
  8. 8. Gas Pressure Regulation & Control Products:Our customers can avail from us all types of Gas Pressure Regulators. Excellent for use ininert and non-corrosive gas applications, our single stage regulators do not require accuratecontrol of delivery pressure. These regulators are best suited where the constant deliverypressure is required, irrespective of the fluctuations in cylinder pressure. Gas Pressure Regulation- Gas Pressure Regulation- SHV SRV Gas Pressure Regulation- Gas Pressure Regulation- GG/GGB/GGO SGR
  9. 9. Non Sugar Industry Products/ Instrumentation Spares:We are one of the leading manufacturers of fasteners used by various industries, speciallythe sugar industry. We manufacture the finest quality fasteners catering to the varied needsof the sugar industry. Due to our expertise in this field we are becoming a renowned name inthis field. Schrader Bellows Adept Flow Meters Pneumatic Products Lepretflo/Norway Valves Positioners Cylinders for Tyre Industry
  10. 10. Other Products: Juice Clarifier & Spares Raw Juice Screens Accudose Dosing Pumps Equipments & Systems 10
  11. 11. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1964Nature of Business Supplier Distributor ExporterMajor Markets Indian SubcontinentPrimary Competitive Large Product LineAdvantage Large Production Capacity
  12. 12. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Central AgenciesMr. Varun Gupta4672/21, Ansari Road, Darya GanjDelhi - 110 002, IndiaWebsite: