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New trend in cosmetics


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Know about the cosmetic manufacturers abd their products

Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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New trend in cosmetics

  1. 1. New Trend in Cosmetics
  2. 2. Introduction to Cosmetics● Cosmetic is a substance used to beautify our face to appear as refreshed.● In the past there are many hand made fashion products are to make their appearance better.● They had used flour powder, butter, barley powder, etc to change their color tone to white.● Latter, zinc oxide were used for make ups in beauty salons.● In the recent years, many cosmetics manufacturers uses their own way of preparation to produce beauty products for the people.● Here we have to check out some of the beauty products.
  3. 3. Eye-Shadow and Lip Stick● The key specifications for the eye-shadow and lip stick set is ● Available in various colors ● Light and soft ● Last for a long day ● Can be used in salons and in home ● No dye used to harm your skin
  4. 4. Stylish Lip Gloss● Lip gloss is used to make your lips shine and glow.● The key specification of the product is ● Available in various colors ● Pure natural light color were delivered ● Moisturizes lips ● Lips would look like crystal and sparkle
  5. 5. Eye-Shadow Palettes● This is a twelve colored eye shadow palette.● The special features to use this palettes are ● Portable and convenient to use ● No dye used and doesnt harm your eyes ● Light and soft ● Nourishes ingredients to care the eye skin ● Glossy color
  6. 6. Container Lip Gloss● There are stylish colors available in the lip gloss container product.● The other special features are ● Drench your lips in stylish colors ● Customized design ● Moisturize lips ● Pure light color ● Natural color pigment
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