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Tips for Small Business Owners


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Tips for helping Small Business Owners create a happy and productive workplace.

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Tips for Small Business Owners

  1. 1. t ips f ort ips f orSmall BusinessSmall BusinessOwnersOwnersHow to successfully thrive in the “Beehive” of small businessHow to successfully thrive in the “Beehive” of small businessHilary ThompsonHilary ThompsonThe Out and AboutThe Out and About
  2. 2. It’s all about RelationshipsIt’s all about RelationshipsSometimes when we are in businesswe forget that no matter what ourbusiness, in the end it is all about thepeople.
  3. 3. The relationships we haveThe relationships we haveat workat workAre as importantAre as importantas theas therelationshipsrelationshipswe have in ourwe have in ourhome lifehome life
  4. 4. Your StaffYour Staff• You want good staff so pay them well, if youpay peanuts you will usually get monkeys• Hire people that are notjust qualified for the job,but are people that youlike. Small business peoplespend a lot of time together
  5. 5. Set boundariesSet boundaries• Let your staff know what is expected ofthem e.g. what is acceptable in the way thatthey dress and how you expect them tobehave when at work.• Address big issues thatarise immediately.• Allow your staff to feelcomfortable talking to youabout issues that arebothering them.
  6. 6. Your Greatest AssetYour Greatest Asset• Look after your staff they are yourbusiness’s greatest asset…• get to know your staff and showthem that you care about theirwelfare….• appreciate their contributionto making your businesssuccessful and let them know.
  7. 7. Supporting Your StaffSupporting Your Staff• Follow your own rules and never ask yourstaff to do something that you would not doyourself.• Support your staff members when they aregoing through a difficult time in their homelife.• Acknowledge birthdays, weddings etc.• Christmas is a good time tosay “Thanks for all your hard work”.• A “Thank You” at the end ofthe week is nice too.
  8. 8. Being a Boss is not always easyBeing a Boss is not always easy• Sometimes you have to fire a staff member,be clear with your reasons and follow theprocedures set down by your workplacegovernment body• If you have to fire someonefor inappropriate or illegalbehaviour, remember tosupport your staff throughwhat can be a difficult time.
  9. 9. Your BusinessYour Business• Do you have a vision foryour business?• Do you share your visionwith your staff and findout how they see yourbusiness going into thefuture?• Do you encourage yourstaff to put forward theirideas for growing yourbusiness into the future?
  10. 10. For success in the “Beehive” ofFor success in the “Beehive” ofSmall Business You need to….Small Business You need to….• Take care of yourself.• Take care of the people who work for you.• Take care of your customers/clients.• Build healthy relationships that endure.• Be passionate about what you do and share thatpassion.• Have a vision for what you want to achieve in yourbusiness and share your vision.• Be brave enough to admit when you are wrongand ask for help when you need it.Hilary ThompsonHilary Thompson The Out and About TherapistThe Out and About TherapistRelationships Coaching Business & PersonalRelationships Coaching Business & Personal