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Making transformation happen: creating the conditions


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Slides from the talk that Helen Beavan gave to the Q Volunteering Commissioning Academy 18th July 2017

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Making transformation happen: creating the conditions

  1. 1. @helenbevan Making transformation happen: creating the conditions @HelenBevan
  2. 2. @helenbevan The Horizons team: Change agents and change agency • A small, diverse team of people within the NHS that supports change agents and builds change agency • We tune into the latest change thinking and practice in healthcare and other industries around the world –translating this learning into practical approaches to change • The team has emerged through years of supporting change in the NHS and the wider health and care system
  3. 3. @helenbevan Change is changing
  4. 4. @helenbevan Kinthi Sturtevant, IBM 13th annual Change Management Conference We rarely see two, three or four year change projects any more. Now it’s 30-60-90 day change projects
  5. 5. @helenbevan Change is changing
  6. 6. @helenbevan
  7. 7. @helenbevan #HEAconf17 To stay in touch, connect with the 3% Just 3% of people in the organisation or system typically drive conversations with 85% of the other people Source: research by Innovisor
  8. 8. @helenbevan What is the best way to spread new knowledge? Source of data: Nick Milton 0/why-knowledge-transfer- Social connection/discussion is 14 times more effective than written word/best practice databases/toolkits etc. Source of image:
  9. 9. @helenbevan hidden-knowledge-problem-in-organizations.html
  10. 10. @helenbevan Change is changing
  11. 11. @helenbevan We still organise health and care like the Tabulating Machine Co. of 1917 Source of image: @corp_rebels
  12. 12. @helenbevan Source: Innovisor
  13. 13. @helenbevan Jeremy Heimens, Henry Timms This is New Power old power new power Currency Held by a few Pushed down Commanded Closed Transaction Current Made by many Pulled in Shared Open Relationship
  14. 14. @helenbevan #HEAconf17 The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents Julie Battilana &Tiziana Casciaro As a change agent, my centrality in the informal network is more important than my position in the formal hierarchy
  15. 15. @helenbevan What’s the evidence? The failure of large scale transformational change projects is rarely due to the content or structure of the plans that are put into action To make transformational change happen we need to connect networks of people who ‘want’ to contribute 257163-Campaign+-+01%2F09%2F2016 Source: David Dinwoodie (2015) It’s much more about the role of informal networks in the organisations and systems affected by change
  16. 16. @helenbevan #HEAconf17 Mark Jaben on the science behind resistance What NOT to do But what we do do Engage people here
  17. 17. @helenbevan #HEAconf17 Mark Jaben on the science behind resistance to change What NOT to do (but what we usually do) We don’t need buyers (who “buy-in” to change) We need investors What TO do Engage people here Engage people here
  18. 18. @helenbevan The predominant approach in recent years has been STRUCTURE but globally there is a big shift towards AGENCY The dilemma at the heart of change
  19. 19. @helenbevan AGENCY is about power • The capacity of individuals to make their own choices and to take action in a given environment • Words that are connected to agency: • Action • Activity • Effect • Influence • Power • Choice
  20. 20. @helenbevan Source: @NHSChangeDay
  21. 21. @helenbevan Source: @NHSChangeDay
  22. 22. @helenbevan Source: @NHSChangeDay Problematic: changing a “permission culture” can take years The good news: we can usually build agency much more quickly
  23. 23. @helenbevan Individual AND collective agency Individual agency: People get more power and control in their own lives: patient activation, shared decision-making and self-care Collective agency: People act together, united by a common cause, harnessing the power and influence of the group and building mutual trust
  24. 24. @helenbevan Building agency for large scale change We do not become transformed alone, we become transformed when we’re in relationship with others Hahrie Han Source of image: Idahoc Community Action
  25. 25. @helenbevan MOODOCs (Massive, Online, Open, Disease Oriented Communities)
  26. 26. @helenbevan New Public Passion: a growing global movement
  27. 27. @helenbevan Big drive to bring social movement thinking and practice into delivery
  28. 28. @helenbevan #HEAconf17 The Change Challenge Tapping the collective brilliance of the NHS
  29. 29. 14,000 contributions identified 10 barriers to change: Confusing strategies Over controlling leadership Perverse incentivesStifling innovation Poor workforce planning One way communication Inhibiting environment Undervaluing staff Poor project management Playing it safe
  30. 30. 14,000 contributions identified 11 building blocks for change: Inspiring & supportive leadership Collaborative working Thought diversityAutonomy & trust Smart use of resources Flexibility & adaptability Long term thinking Nurturing our people Fostering an open culture A call to action Source: Health Service Journal, Nursing Times, NHS Improving Quality, “Change Challenge” March 2015 Challenging the status quo
  31. 31. @helenbevan After years of intensive analysis, Google discovered that the key to high performing teams that deliver change is psychological safety (being nice) Project Aristotle: xoaZybvz9f0b1_6bJyG7zZO6L
  32. 32. @helenbevan ... the last era of management was about how much performance we could extract from people ... the next is all about how much humanity we can inspire Dov Seidman A changing world
  33. 33. @helenbevan Free five week virtual learning programme for change agents in public service •Shown to make a significant improvement in individual & organisational change agency •A module a week for five weeks •Handbook and study guides •Guided social learning Join more than 10,000 people who have taken part from 44 countries globally How to rock the boat and stay in it! Join the Starts 15th February 2018 Join here: http://theedge.nhsiq.nhs.u k/school/