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Leading large scale change Helen Bevan


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This is a version of the slides that Helen Bevan used in her presentation on “Leading Large Scale Change” at NHS Expo on Tuesday 4th March 2014

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Leading large scale change Helen Bevan

  1. 1. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Leading large scale change Helen Bevan @HelenBevan 4th March 2014
  2. 2. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS • What is happening in the wider world of transformation and change? • Where are the big opportunities for innovation and improvement? • The Horizons group: a new initiative from NHS Improving Quality • Sharing on a massive scale • NHS Change Day and The School for Health and Care Radicals • How we work Source of image: For today
  3. 3. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS 1. Change is happening at a faster rate and is becoming more disruptive 2. New digital tools enable us to be in constant, direct contact with nearly everyone in the developed world at little cost or effort 3. Hierarchical management styles are diminishing in the face of the inherent complexity and scale of the current work environment 4. Complex work is getting more complex and that makes it difficult to replicate and copy; creative work is changing more quickly  both require more tacit knowledge which is best developed through conversation and social relationships rather than guidelines and best practice databases 1. Creative processes are moving to the edges of our organisations Many of the ways we go about change were designed in a different mindset for a different set of circumstances 5 things that are happening in the world of change: Sources: Change Agents Worldwide, Harold Jarche, Steven Verjans
  4. 4. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS In the near future, the edges will be where almost all high-value work will be done in organizations……. Organizational development and change management need to move to the edges, and quickly. Harold Jarche (2014)
  5. 5. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Tensions that change agents must live with Dominant approach Emerging direction Source: @HelenBevan
  6. 6. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS is the new normal! “By questioning existing ideas, by opening new fields for action, change agents actually help organisations survive and adapt to the 21st Century.” Céline Schillinger Image by
  7. 7. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS @rebelsatwork Across the world, the change agent movement is exploding! @chagww @corprebels
  8. 8. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS A big challenge for innovation/improvement teams Tacit knowledge is where the action is…. •It’s the people with tacit knowledge who deliver the results •Tacit knowledge is critical for large scale change But The only way tacit knowledge can be broadly shared… …is to turn it into explicit knowledge VERY difficult Few organisations succeed Gray D (2012) The Connected Company Source: Harold Jarche
  9. 9. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS “Tacit knowledge is best developed through conversations and social relationships” Harold Jarche Source of image:
  10. 10. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS What are the biggest opportunities for change agents? • As bridge builders between disconnected groups • As curators and sharers of knowledge
  11. 11. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents Julie Battilana &Tiziana Casciaro 1. As a change agent, my centrality in the informal network is more important than my position in the formal hierarchy 2. If you want to create small scale change, work through a cohesive network If you want to create big change, create bridge networks between disconnected groups
  12. 12. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Curation: Source: DaVinci Institute From disruptive chaos To creative clusters Finding things out and determining what’s valid from what’s just noise ………It’s about identifying networks and communities and seeing where the nodes and amplifiers sit ……………..It’s about quality and coherence, not volume and mass Julian Stodd
  13. 13. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Source of quote: Harold Jarche; source of image: Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant Mitchell Kapor
  14. 14. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Potential on a massive scale Finding things out and keeping up to date •“pulling” information, but also having it “pushed” to us by trusted sources Making sense and meaning of information •Reflecting and putting into practice what we have learned •Plugging information into our own mental models and turning it into knowledge Connecting and collaborating •Sharing complex knowledge with our own work teams •Testing new ideas with our own networks •Increasing connections through social networks Source: Harold Jarche
  15. 15. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Role of the Horizons Group To stimulate new and ‘disruptive’ approaches in support of healthcare transformation, operating at the edge of current thinking and practice: •skip a generation of thinking about how to create large scale change •skip a generation in who we largely connect with: emerging leaders, clinical trainees, students •Skip a generation of methods for change: open innovation, social media, crowdsourcing, hackathons
  16. 16. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Horizons Group: what we do • Connections and collaboration • Thought leadership in large scale change  Tacit and explicit knowledge  Webinars, publications, films, social media connections  Virtual summit  Mobilising for improvement - NHS Change Day  The School for Health and Care Radicals - supporting the next generation of change agents
  17. 17. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS  Supporting NHS Improving Quality programmes, helping to keep NHS IQ thinking and practice fresh, relevant and in line with the leading edge  Inclusion and diversity: key principles for transformational change  Building the movement for radically different thinking and action (“actionable knowledge”) in health and care that makes a difference Horizons Group: what we do
  18. 18. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS “The most basic not-so-secret formula for building an innovation culture is pretty simple - embrace diversity and start to attract, retain and promote a diverse workforce that looks differently, works differently, dress differently, speaks differently and is inclusive of the full spectrum of human sexual orientation and gender identities. Do this before you start hiring consultants and rethinking your innovation process; there is no process that works without true diversity.” Idris Moore Source of image: Diversity is critical to innovation and change
  19. 19. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Case study: NHS Change Day
  20. 20. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS
  21. 21. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Its started with a tweet! Young clinical leaders & improvement leaders started to talk about how they could improve care Damian Roland Stuart Sutton Helen Bevan
  22. 22. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS NHS Change Day @NHSChangeDay #NHSChangeDay • More than 5 million twitter impressions a day • 4,000 video views a month across YouTube, Vimeo, Podbean and iTunes • Over 2,500 active audience reach a week on Facebook • Daily Blipfoto photo journal getting 7,500 views a week • Active picture showcases on Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr • New 'how to' films uploaded onto YouTube...28
  23. 23. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS We work with multiple social media platforms @NHSChangeDay #NHSChangeDay Join the conversation on: Twitter Facebook Instagram Blogs Google+ YouTube LinkedIn Vimeo Tumblr Vine Pinterest Care Opinion Patient Opinion Flickr Podcasts Forums
  24. 24. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Source: @NHSChangeDay
  25. 25. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS
  26. 26. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS The School for Health and Care Radicals Promoted through social media More than 1,300 enrollees from 26 countries 90 volunteer mentors Average weekly twitter reach 2.6 million Over 10,000 shares of the slides on SlideShare Over 1,800 shares of the study guides on SlideShare More than 5,000 tweets using #SCHRchat Storify has been viewed nearly 1,000 times
  27. 27. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Feedback
  28. 28. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS Source: @NHSChangeDay Permissionlessinnovation!
  29. 29. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS 5 things we learnt from the experience of The School for Health and Care Radicals 1. There is a massive untapped reservoir of energy and talent out there and the potential is outstanding 2. The core audience is different to what we anticipated 3. The most important need is for connection and community 4. How to build the relationship between tacit and explicit knowledge 5. All teach, all learn
  30. 30. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS The Horizons Group • Working out loud • Collaborating on a massive scale • Embracing diversity • Operating at the edge of knowledge and practice • Beyond hierarchy
  31. 31. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over; on the edge you find things you can’t see from the centre Kurt Vonnegut Image and quote from Harold Jarche
  32. 32. @HelenBevan #Expo14NHS References Bevan H, Plsek P, Winstanley (2011) Leading Large Scale Change - Part 1, A Practical Guide Bevan H (2011) Leading Large Scale Change - Part 2, The Postscript Change Agents Worldwide (2013) Moving forward with social collaboration SlideShare Fuda P (2012) 15 qualities of a transformational change agent Gray D (2012) The Connected Company Jarche, H (2013) Rebels on the edges Jarche H (2014) Moving to the edges Moore I (2013) Diversity is the short cut to building an innovation culture Schillinger C (2014) Top-Down is a Serious Disease. But It Can Be Treated Shinners C (2014) New Mindsets for the Workplace Web Stoddard J (2014)The future of leadership Williams B (2014) Working Out Loud: When You Do That… I Do This Verjans S (2013) How social media changes the way we work together SlideShare