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Cyber Scotland Connect: Getting into Cybersecurity (Deck 2)


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Getting into Cybersecurity: Advice, tips and tricks from an experienced cybersecurity consultant.
Slides by: Robert Williamson

Published in: Technology
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Cyber Scotland Connect: Getting into Cybersecurity (Deck 2)

  1. 1. GETTING INTO CYBERSECURITY Robert Williamson Cyber Security Consultant
  2. 2. Introduction • My Story • Challenges in the industry (well, from my view) • Employability Skills • Lessons learned
  3. 3. My Story (sort of)… 2008-2010 HNC Computer Networking HND Computer Networking 2010-2013 BEng Computer Systems and Networking 2013-2015 SOC Analyst SOC Senior Analyst SOC network Intrusion Analyst 2015-2016 Security Specialist 2016-Now Security Consultant Splunk certification CEH
  4. 4. Challenges • How can you get employed if you have no experience in the field? • How do I know if this is the right role for me? • Sink or Swim
  5. 5. Employability Skills Honesty Knowledge Passion Challenge yourself Gain Accreditation
  6. 6. Lessons Learned • Interviews • Personality • Honesty
  7. 7. Questions?
  8. 8. Thank you!