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Legal ages ppt


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Legal ages ppt

  1. 1. New heading: Legal Ages<br />Learning Intentions<br />Understand why we have legal ages<br />Know some of the more significant legal ages.<br />Copy this<br />A legal age is the age at which a person has the right to participate in certain activities. In some countries, legal ages differ from state to state or city to city. In New Zealand our legal ages apply to the whole country.<br />
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  3. 3. In your groups write down 2-3 reasons for the legal ages you have been given.Then…copy this in the middle of a new page<br />
  4. 4. Why do we have legal ages?<br />SAFETY OF YOUNG PEOPLE (e.g. Must be 14 or older to stay at home, babysitting)<br />TO ENFORCE SOCIETY’S IDEAS ABOUT AGE-APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR (e.g not playing violent games)<br />TO PROTECT YOUNG PEOPLE FROM BEING EXPLOITED BY OTHERS (e.g. not allowing young people to work, leave school or be told how to vote)<br />CHILDREN ARE LESS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS (e.g. not fully responsible for crimes until they are 10)<br />