SS Penguin shipwreck cleared


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SS Penguin shipwreck cleared

  1. 1. SS Penguin ShipwreckFebruary 12, 1909, Cape Terawhiti, Wellington
  2. 2. How the They started off in fine weather and just like any ship shipwreck set of on the vague by raising their sails on 12February, 1909 heading to Wellington from Picton. The old (made in 1864)small ship(746 tons) had 105 happened? passengers on board(from Nelson and Picton. But by the time they reached Cook Strait the weather closed in making everything insight invisible. The captainchanged course thinking that that might take him clear of danger. A seaman recalled that the ship hit heavily making a noise like the rending of a gigantic piece ofcalico. And as he recalled the ship started to sink into the water. The ship men follow the method womenand children first. The lifeboats were quickly capsized in to the rough sea. The children and one woman named Ada Hannam survived (this lady was
  3. 3. Rest In Peace...• BIRD- Charles Edwin Grace, PICTON• BISHOP- Clarence (age 3 years), Mrs Elizabeth Mary Polly, NELSON• BONE- Albert Edward, PICTON• BRITTAIN- Mrs Mary, PICTON• CAPE-WILLIAMSON- Keith Hawthorne, NELSON• COLLINS- James, NELSON• COUMBE- Edward, NELSON• DORAN- Miss Mary Agnes, PICTON• EVANS- Mrs Amelia, NELSON• GREIG- Archibald (aged 7 years), PICTON
  4. 4. • HALE- Clarence Harrington, Mrs Marion Beatrice, PICTON• HANNAM- George Alexandra (age 5years), Joseph Walter, Margaret Ellen Amelia(age 3 years), Ronald Edward (age 10 years), Ruby May (age 2 years), NELSON• HART- Mrs Laura, PICTON• HENRY- Mrs Eusebia Margaret, William Higgins, NELSON• HOLCROFT- Edward Sylvester, PICTON• HOLMES- Mr, PICTON• HUNT- Mrs Jane Rebbeca, NELSON• JOHNSON- Mr, NELSON• McALLEY- Mrs Marion, PICTON
  5. 5. • McGUIRE- Florence Susan (age 5 years), Ivy Alice (age 10 years), Rose Anges (12 years), Wallace George, NELSON• NODEN- Clara, NELSON• RENNIE- Miss Jessie, NELSON• RIBBANDS- Miss Dorothy Mary, PICTON• ROGERS- Thomas, PICTON• SEED- John, NELSON• SHAW- Harry Wharton, NELSON• SYMONS- Ethel Agnes (age 14), Mary Alice (age 15), Mrs Minnie Ethel, NELSON• TOOMER- Alice Amelia (age 11), Mrs Amelia Maria, Ivy Dorothy (age 17)
  6. 6. • TRICE- Mrs Angelina, PICTON• TROADEC- Gustav (age 17), NELSON• UNDERWOOD- Henry James, PICTON• WHITE- Noel Winsbury, PICTON• WOODWARD- Felix, NELSON THE CREW THAT DIEDCHIEF STEWARD- Charles AlexanderTRIMMER- George A Barnes, Albert E ConieSALOON WAITER- George William Claydon, Ernest CrookMESSROOM STEWARD- Forth RotheramSENCOND OFFICER-Frank J Driscoll
  7. 7. FIREMAN- Robert Fairbairn, John Wood (aka Ward)DONKEYMAN- George GaffraABLE SEAMAN- Edward Gale, William Ernest Henderson,C Westacott, Thomas WoodfordSECOND COOK- Edwin Herbert HallBOATSWAIN- Thomas HayesFORECABIN STEWARDESS- Miss Annie HopeSTEWARDESS- Mrs Maude Alice May JacobsSECOND PANTRYMAN- G F Wellum JohnsonTHIRD OFFICER- Albert George LoosemoreSCULLION- Henry McGurieCHEIF OFFICER-Walter Mrchibald McIntyre
  8. 8. GREASER- John RaffertyTHIRD ENGINEER- Walter Stanley RentoulCHEIF ENGINEER- Robert William UrquhartDear people- You Will Never Be Forgotten, We Pledge To You Today, A Hallowed Place Within Our Hearts Is Where You’ll Always Stay...
  9. 9. During the shipwreck….They launched lifeboats, but only two were successfulBecause they didn’t have any life boats, they decided to send out rafts, which workedas wellThey sent out the woman and children first, unfortunately none of the childrensurvivedQuite a lot of the crew didn’t survive eitherThe other passengers who got on to the life boats and rafts were drifting for hours andhours before they reached there safetyWhen the boat was sink, the cold water flooded the engine room caused a explosion,ripping the boat apart.
  10. 10. Quotes And Saying ByPeople on board andother people too- The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks dont We may have come inHe who loves practise different ships but werewithout theory is like all in the same boat nowthe sailor who boardsship without a rudderand a compass andnever knows where hemay cast. “The time has come” the walrus said “To talk of many things of shoes and ship-and sealing wax- of cabbages and kings