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Profile and servioces of Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring

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Hansjoerg leichsenring profil-en

  1. 1. Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringManagement and Consulting for Banksand Financial Services Profile and services 2011
  2. 2. My experience will be your benefit “I would, all in all do it exactly the same way. I would, however, look for better advisors right from the beginning.” Aristotle Onassis For over 30 years I have been working professionally with banks and financial institutions. After bank training and studying economics and business, I have held various senior positions, including as a director at Deutsche Bank, as a Member of the Board of a German savings bank and as a Managing Director of a German online broker. I am holding the official qualification of a bank manager, licensed under German banking law (KWG) and have a proven track-record in basically all sectors and all distribution channels of the traditional banking business with a special focus on retail banking. My range of services aimed primarily at banks and other financial institutions. To them I offer (Interim) Management and Consultancy. I am also a local representative of Meniga, an innovative provider of white label solutions for banks in Personal Financial Management (PFM) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In my bank-blog I am publishing on a regular basis on current and fundamental developments and trends in banking and financial services. Additionally I am acting as a key-note speaker on internal and external events and conferences. I am lecturer at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for business administration. Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 2 and Financial Services
  3. 3. My philosophy: together becoming more successful”The best language is always that of the customer.” Anton Fugger, German merchant and bankerCustomer focus and individuality Thinking and acting entrepreneurial My responsibility is to move forward YOU and YOUR company to achieve the desiredCustomers’ needs must be the centre of all thoughts and actions. To be successful in results. My initiative is not limited to the encouragement of the actual contract.the market is the prerequisite for being successful internally well too. Text Rather, I take YOUR entrepreneurial vision. My identification with YOUR companyFor me this is a service provider this is true in two ways: YOU are my customer and and its products or services is an important basis for the success of our joint work.YOU and YOUR customers set the pace for the development and implementation ofpolicies and measures. This includes constantly “thinking outside the box”, which complement my work, creating for YOU the critical added value. This includes the openness to addressConcepts are developed and generated in common dialogue with YOU to meet YOUR home truth and to take not only the initiative, but also to help, finding the best solutionspecific needs. Solutions are individually tailored regarding YOUR background and for YOUR company.challenges and not off the shelf.Sustainability and implementation Empathy and passion TextChanges are investments in YOUR company. These require (sometimes substantial) Organizations do not live on structures, but by the people. To accompany people onamount of time, capacity and capital. To ensure the measures pay off, the positive their way, to inspire and to engage them is an indispensable prerequisite for theeffects of change shall not fall flat again in the short term, but should be sustainable. success of any project and one of the most crucial tasks within a successful changeOnly then one can speak of real success. process.Everybody knows it, but not everyone seems to care about: projects without To convince others and to inspire them is not only a question of high personalimplementation is a waste of money. Therefore, my work does not end in the creation commitment, but also one of passion and consistency. Only if the inner flame isof a draft or the outline of a strategy. Rather, I am ready to accompany YOU to the ups burning, the spark can also skip to others.(and downs) of the implementation-process in an active and responsible role. Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 3 and Financial Services
  4. 4. My services will help you: Management and Consulting“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far createsproblems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.“Albert Einstein • You are looking for an experienced bank-manager for your company temporarily or even permanently? (Interim) • You have major opportunities or projects, but not enough professional capacity? Management • You have an urgent shortage of leadership which should be resolved immediately? • You are looking for an experienced consultant who not only develops concepts and strategies, jointly with you and your team, but also supports you actively in its Consulting implementation? • You have a good idea and now you are looking for someone not only to check it out, but to get it ready for implementation? • You are concerned about an important issue and you prefer external help take the right action about it? Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 4 and Financial Services
  5. 5. My services will help you: Coaching und Change Management“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.“Galileo Galilei • You are looking for an experienced sparring partner/sounding board for a qualified exchange of ideas? Management- • You want to reflect on your personal leadership behaviors? Coaching • You are looking for a competent personality to accompany a change of leadership or a critical situation "on-the-job"? • Your company is in a period of fundamental change (reorganization, change of strategy, merger), including a significant impact on corporate culture? Change • There are processes of change in your company where you feel resistance, which could Management jeopardize the success of the processes in question? • You need an experienced external change manager who will support the existing management during the period of change and serve as a mentor? Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 5 and Financial Services
  6. 6. My services will help you: Key-notes and Moderation“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”Victor Hugo • You are looking for a passionate speaker to motivate your executives, employees or customers? Key-notes and • Your are looking for a moderator who offers more than just communication skills? Moderation • Your are looking for a speaker who addresses your specific needs and desires, rather than just reeling off a standard repertoire? Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 6 and Financial Services
  7. 7. Being more successful is easier than you might think“One does not discover new continents without having the courage to lose sight of the oldcoast!" ” Examples of topics and projects from my practiceAndré Gide • Implementation Strategic Planning • Strategic realignment of the retail business Strategy • Introduction of Balanced Scorecard • Branch Network Optimization • Retail Customer Segmentation • Restructuring of affluent customer division Target Groups • Establishing a new Private Banking division • Structure new Sales Support Department • Sales activation and increaseSales Management • Implementation of sales controlling • New business acquisition strategies • Introduction of a sales leadership concept • Optimization goal-oriented leadership Leadership • Implementation of a performance-based remuneration system • Realignment of online-banking • Planning/implementing outsourcing (eg internal audit) Special Topics • Introduction of quality management • Use of social media within Banks Bank 2.0 • Personal Financial Management as part of online- banking Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 7 and Financial Services
  8. 8. I look forward to hearing from you“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao TzuDr. Hansjörg Leichsenring www.Hansjoerg-leichsenring.deManagement and Consulting for Banks and www.Der-Bank-Blog.deFiancial ServicesHeideweg 37d Info@hansjoerg-leichsenring.deD-22952 LütjenseeGermanyT: +49 (4154) 98 96 28M: +49 (151) 121 06 760 Dr. Hansjörg LeichsenringDateiname - 10/04/2011 Management and Consulting for Banks Seite 8 and Financial Services