The Selwyn Foundation's Achievements in Aged Care


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Dr Bart Nuysink & Ray Delany
The Selwyn Foundation

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The Selwyn Foundation's Achievements in Aged Care

  1. 1. Achievements to date HINZ Seminar 25 May 2007 Dr Bart Nuysink Medical Director & CIO Agenda • Selwyn Overview • Implementation of iDT time and attendance software • Going paperless with the Electronic Medical Record using MedTech • Some issues 1
  2. 2. Selwyn Village • Large retirement village in Point Chevalier • Accommodates 565 residents • Need levels include – Fully dependent (private hospital level care) – Rest home – Secure dementia – Independent living • Fully operational medical centre on site iDT • Time & Attendance system • Monitors staff arriving and leaving via a finger scanner. – Replaced a time-card system. – Complexity of software and business rules – Excellent reporting base – Visibility of sick and other leave – Has reduced staff workload – Moderate cost savings – Only pays the schedule 2
  3. 3. ERM • MedTech practice management system • Initially using a laptop to record consultations • Printed out and then pasted into the clinical record • Selected one RH to fully electronise care notes • Previously caregivers wrote their notes in the paper record separated from the medical section. • Nurses would write in either/both/?neither. • This process on computerizing the notes would also fully integrate the notes. • Result is a truly chronological record • Doctor knows what the caregiver or nurse was thinking • Care-giver and nurse can immediately see what the doctor had instructed. ERM Benefits • Multi-user access • No getting the notes • Immediate access to notes • Notes not lost • Legibility • non-English speakers can type well • Lab results • It was thought to save staff time but the CFO did not see any decrease in staff hours 3
  4. 4. Key Elements • Positivity • Momentum • New users teaching new users • Simple instruction manual - Idiots guide • Individual user IDs – allows brief walkthrough the manual Being There • Can’t sign on? 4
  5. 5. Keyword Careplans .uti UTI symptomatic Yes /No confused Yes/No Urine dipstick; +ve for ... Lab result: awaited/+ve PLAN; Push oral fluids Yes/No Fluid Balance Chart Yes/No Spec to lab Yes/No Notify Dr Yes/No Antibiotics Yes/No Ural tds Yes/No The Future • 24hr alerts • Nursing Careplans • Medication charts – doctors drug charts to reduce transcribing. • Medication administration charts. Staff would take a portable electronic device with them to the resident a record all medication given. Particularly useful for prn medication. 5
  6. 6. Summary • Simple interventions • Training on the job • Low costs – big benefits • Better information for care • Better Compliance • Ability to involve residents families 6