Global PresenceLocal KnowledgeGUNNEBO IN BRIEF
THE LEADING GLOBAL PROVIDEROF A SAFER FUTUREThe Gunnebo Security Group provides innovative and efficient securitysolutions...
One important part of our strategy has been to shift the point of gravity of ourbusiness outside of Europe. At the end of ...
India: Increased Production CapacityUSA: Acquisition Lays Stable FoundationGunnebo has been operating in India since the G...
The Business Area meets the need for highlysecure, convenient, reliable systems. Thebroad range encompasses innovative sol...
Brands	15%Secure Storage offers high­-quality safes forthe protection of digital media, documents,cash and valuables from ...
OFFERINGLifecycle Care offers a portfolio of product-relatedsecurity services linked to design, implementation,maintenance...
OFFERINGProduct solutions a wide range of turnstiles –entrance gates, speed gates, full-height turnstiles,security booths ...
France, 19%India, 18%Indonesia, 15%The Netherlands, 6%Spain, 5%UK, 5%Germany, 4%USA, 4%Sweden, 3%South Africa, 3%Others, 1...
With an environmental management system which fulfils the internationalISO 14001 standard, the Group ensures there is syst...
GUGB.3080.R1www.gunnebo.comGLOBAL PRESENCERegion EMEA (Europe, middle east and Africa)BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURGwww.gunnebo.beEAS...
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Gunnebo In Brief 2013


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Gunnebo In Brief 2013

  1. 1. Global PresenceLocal KnowledgeGUNNEBO IN BRIEF
  2. 2. THE LEADING GLOBAL PROVIDEROF A SAFER FUTUREThe Gunnebo Security Group provides innovative and efficient securitysolutions and services to customers around the globe. The Group has5,700 employees in 32 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia andAmerica, and net sales of MEUR 580. The Group’s strategy includesprofitable growth through an increased market presence in Asiaand America.VisionGunnebo’s vision is to be the leading global provider of a safer future.Being a leading global supplier entails having an offering that holds itsown amongst the competition, having a global market presence and,through key accounts, delivering services, products and system solu-tions to the Group’s customers on the markets where they want them.Offering a safer future means taking a long-term approach, invest-ing in product development and innovation, and building long-termrelationships which generate lasting mutual value.Bank Security & Cash Handling, 45%Secure Storage, 15%Global Services, 22%Entrance Control, 13%Developing Businesses, 5%EMEA, 38%Business Areas/ Operations, 35%Asia-Pacific, 16%Americas, 9%Dev. Businesses, 1%Head office, 1%sales by region 2012sales by business area 2012EmployeesAnställda per regionEMEA, 38%Produktbolag, 35%Asia Pacific, 16%Americas, 9%Dev. Businesses, 1%Huvudkontor, 1%Totalt: 5 673 personerGUNNEBOS BUSINESS AREASThe Group’s security services and solutions are developed by Gunnebo’sfour Business Areas: Bank Security & Cash Handling, Secure Storage,Global Services and Entrance Control.EMEA, 70%Asia-Pacific, 17%Americas, 13%Gunnebo has its own sales companies on 32 markets worldwide and production plants in ten. They aredivided into three regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia-Pacific and Americas. Gunnebo‘ssolutions are also sold on a further 100 markets through a network of retailers and distributors.Production plantDealers and distributors
  3. 3. One important part of our strategy has been to shift the point of gravity of ourbusiness outside of Europe. At the end of the year almost 40% of the Group’snet sales came from markets outside of Europe. During the year we havecarried out a raft of strategic activities which have considerably strengthenedGunnebo’s market position in the US, improved our competitiveness in India,Indonesia and China, and secured our presence in Malaysia. In Brazil we areexpanding our portfolio and adding new market segments.Per Borgvall, President and CEODYNAMIC MARKETSChina: Infrastructure Investment ContinuesGunnebo opened its first sales office in Shanghai in 2010, and its first produc-tion plant opened a year later in Kunshan. In just two years the Group hasestablished itself as the leading supplier of entrance control solutions forChinese metro systems. Barriers specially designed to manage large volumesof traffic have been installed in more than twelve cities, including Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou.Highlights of 2012In June a strategic business agreement was signed with Jiebao King, making it the maindistributor of the Chubbsafes range for mainland China.After successfully installing entrance control solutions for metro systems in several Chinesecities, Gunnebo received new orders from Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.Highlights of 2012In June, Gunnebo Gateway won an order to install electronic article surveillance systems inmore than 500 Raia Drogasil stores in Brazil. The order value amounted to approximatelyMEUR 2.5. Raia Drogasil is Brazil’s largest chain of pharmacies and one of the ten largestretail chains in Brazil.Gunnebo has been operating in Brazil since 2004 when the Group acquiredGateway, a company that develops, markets and sells electronic article surveil-lance (EAS) solutions. The business has traditionally focused on EAS, alarm andCCTV surveillance systems for the retail sector, but in 2012 Gunnebo began of-fering more solutions for retail, such as the intelligent deposit solution for cashin retail environments, Intellisafe.Brazil: Core Business ExpandedBrazil China© Luso © Nikada
  4. 4. India: Increased Production CapacityUSA: Acquisition Lays Stable FoundationGunnebo has been operating in India since the Group acquired the esteemedsafe company Steelage in 2000. Steelage has been a well-established brand inthe Indian bank sector since the 1930s. The acquisition also included Minimax, astrong brand for fire extinguishers which Gunnebo India now uses to market itsfire protection solutions. In 2012, Gunnebo India succeeded in establishing itselfas a supplier of entrance control solutions to important institutional customers,thereby becoming one of the market-leading suppliers of complete securitysolutions on the Indian market.Gunnebo has been on the US market since 2001, until recently focusingmainly on entrance control. In 2012, however, the Group entered a newmarket through the acquisition of Hamilton Safe, the US’s second largestsupplier of physical security solutions to banks and authorities. HamiltonSafe is a strong brand that has been around since 1967. The acquisition givesGunnebo a solid position on one of the world’s largest security markets.Highlights of 2012New contracts with two of India’s largest banks to deliver physical security solutions, andan agreement with a global multinational bank to upgrade to electronic high-security locks.An important strategic order from Chennai Metro Corporation to deliver entrance controlsolutions for one of its metro lines.Highlights of 2012Designed, produced and installed eight customer entrance control systems fora large regional bank.Completed installation of a new CCTV system at 200 bank branches in thesouthwest states.Sold more than 500 safes, Grades 5 and 6, as part of a government decisionto replace its old models.India © ooyooUSAPaul Velgos/E+/Getty Images
  5. 5. The Business Area meets the need for highlysecure, convenient, reliable systems. Thebroad range encompasses innovative solu-tions for bank security, cash handling, elec-tronic and physical security that strengthencustomers’ competitiveness and profitability.Thanks to extensive bank security and cashhandling experience, the Group is able tomeet customer require­ments for innovativesecurity concepts and solutions. The Groupalso has global coverage with 32 of its ownsales companies offering a comprehensiveportfolio tailored to the needs of each indi-vidual market.45%PERCENTAGE OF GROUP SALESOFFERINGPhysical security Certified vaults and safes,mechanical and electronic safe deposit lockers,automated safe deposit lockers, security doors,interlocking doors and security airlocks.Cash handling Self-service solutions for banklobbies, and cash handling solutions forcheckouts and counting centres.Electronic security Access control, intrusionprotection, CCTV, high-security electronic locksand remote surveillance solutions.One major benefit is thereduction in operating costsTrevor Dean, Senior Manager Design & Configuration,Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd.Mission: Increased EfficiencyStandard Bank, South AfricaStandard Bank has been operating in South Africa for150 years, and is a leading financial services companywith over 1,200 branches on the African continent.When the bank sought to modernise its safe depositlocker service, they chose Gunnebo’s fully automatedsolution, SafeStore Auto. The new lockers were initiallyinstalled at two branches, one of which was the flag-ship branch in the district of Sandton, Johannesburg.The branch will eventually have over 5,000 safe depositlockers in a cellar vault delivered to customers at streetlevel using three robots.Cash HandlingSAFECASH RETAILCOUNTER DEPOSIT UNITA front office solution for depositing notesunder the counter. Notes can be inserted inbundles of up to 50 and are counted at a speedof under 3 seconds per note. Equipped withGunnebo’s GSL 1000 high-security electroniclock, it is connected with CashControl softwarefor monitoring and reports. Brands Business Area Bank Security & Cash HandlingSECURITY THAT IMPROVESBUSINESS EFFICIENCY
  6. 6. Brands 15%Secure Storage offers high­-quality safes forthe protection of digital media, documents,cash and valuables from fire and burglary.Gunnebo uses the latest technology in fireand theft protection to produce safes thatguarantee security – wherever they areinstalled. The product offering encompassescertified safes, fireproof safes and high-security locks.The choice of storage solution depends onwhat the customer will be storing and therequired level of protection. In addition toits broad geographical presence, one ofGunnebo’s main competitive advantagesis that the majority of products marketedand sold by the Business Area are graded,which means they have been certified bynationally and internationally recognisedindependent bodies.OFFERINGSafes, fireproof digital media cabinets,fireproof document cabinets, fireproof filingcabinets, deposit safes and ATM safes.It’s a solution for the future whichreduces the risk of robbery, costs andadministration for everyone involvedFredrik Rensenbrink, CEO, RCCS, NetherlandsMission: Minimised Riskduring Cash HandlingRCCS, NetherlandsRCCS is a newly formed cash-in-transit (CIT) company inthe Netherlands which transports cash for customers inthe retail sector.When RCCS wanted to launch a brand new CIT con-cept it asked Gunnebo to deliver a cash deposit systemfitted with the GSL 1000 high-security locking system.The solution was installed at the retailers counterwhere the CIT company’s staff collect the cash inink-protected cassettes. The whole system is linked tointegrated computer software which allows all partiesinvolved to monitor the flow of cash online.SafesChubbsafes EvolveAn innovative Grade 1 burglary-resistant safewith an ergonomic handleless design andmotorised opening and closing. Available inthree sizes to suit different needs in stores,homes and small offices.Business Area Secure StoragePHYSICAL SECURITY WHICH PROTECTSAGAINST FIRE AND THEFTPERCENTAGE OF GROUP SALES
  7. 7. OFFERINGLifecycle Care offers a portfolio of product-relatedsecurity services linked to design, implementation,maintenance and evolution.Business Care offers security-related serviceslinked to the customer’s business processes andincludes Managed Security Services, Security Con-sultancy Services and Security Software Services.The Business Area draws on the experienceof more than 1,500 engineers, security pro-fessionals and customer support staff world-wide. Through close, long-­term partnerships,it adds value to the investment made insecurity systems.Gunnebo’s extensive service offering is builton receptiveness, innovation and manyyears of global experience in the securityindustry. Gunnebo pro­vides services whichguarantee that customer security systemsalways work. With a comprehensive port-folio defined in two key areas, Lifecycle Careand Business Care, Gunnebo provides notonly unmatched global technical expertise,but also a full spare parts network as well assecurity services related to design, consulta-tion, monitoring, training and managementof business processes.22%We had minimal disruptionto our businessUbaid Kathiwala, Operations Director, Catwalk, IndiaMission: Improved Surveillanceof Retail NetworkCatwalk, IndiaCatwalk is a leading premium brand in high-end ladiesfootwear with 180 stores in 17 cities across India. 49 areoperated directly by Catwalk with the remaining storesrun as franchises. The company is currently expandingagressively with 100 new stores planned before the endof 2013.Catwalk needed to address the quality of its existingstore surveillance systems. After having carried out anaudit, Gunnebo managed the installation of upgradesand retrofits to the CCTV cameras in every one of Cat-walk’s self-run stores. Gunnebo also trained Catwalk’stechnicians in how to monitor the stores. Installationacross the entire chain was completed within one month.Monitoringremote monitoring ServicesOperating centres in several countries aroundthe world monitor and control the alarmsystems at more than 26,000 sites – all day,every day. New functions have been devel-oped to trace and protect assets and peoplefrom potential threats.Business Area Global ServicesSECURITY SERVICES WHICHMAXIMISE RETURN ON INVESTMENT BrandsPERCENTAGE OF GROUP SALES
  8. 8. OFFERINGProduct solutions a wide range of turnstiles –entrance gates, speed gates, full-height turnstiles,security booths and security revolving doors.Entrance control concept solutions for officebuildings, sports arenas, airports and masstransit such as metro systems, rail and busnetworks.The Business Area offers solutions which al-low authorised access to sites and buildings,while preventing access by unauthorisedindividuals. Integrating flow monitoringwith wider security systems can provide fullcontrol over who is where in a building.Gunnebo’s entrance control solutions covertwo main areas: entrance control for build­ings, mass transit and airports, and firesafety equipment which is sold in Indonesiaand India only.William Walsh, Head of Security,State Street Corporation, ChinaMission: A Higher Level of SecurityState Street Corporation, China13%Gunnebo helped us focuson the core needsState Street Corporation is a world-leading provider of finan-cial services to institutional investors. Its broad and integrat-ed range of services spans the entire investment spectrum,including research, investment management, trading servicesand investment servicing.State Streets Hangzhou office wanted to increase thesecurity level of its building. After some close cooperation, itbecame clear that State Street was willing to compromise onspace in order to accommodate an entrance gate with a highenough level of security. Gunnebo installed a SpeedStile FPwhich not only met these standards but which could also beintegrated with the company’s access control system and re-cord the passage of employees using a card reader. Gunneboalso worked together with the buildings designer to create areception area with a coherent design.Entrance ControlturnstilesThe traditional SlimStile EV turnstile hasbeen improved to enable in-built coinsystems and external installation. Aproninfill options in glass and stainless steelare now available for both the SlimStileEV and Tristile RO.Business Area Entrance ControlACCESS SECURITY WHICHPROTECTS AND REGULATES Brands PERCENTAGE OF GROUP SALES
  9. 9. France, 19%India, 18%Indonesia, 15%The Netherlands, 6%Spain, 5%UK, 5%Germany, 4%USA, 4%Sweden, 3%South Africa, 3%Others, 18%Total: 5,673Gunnebo’s contribution to sustainable development is based on theGroup’s responsibility for its own business, society and the environ-ment. Gunnebo increases security for the individual and is a reliablebusiness partner, employer and corporate citizen on the markets wherethe Group operates.Anställda per landFrankrike, 19%Indien, 18%Indonesien, 15%Nederländerna, 6%Spanien, 5%Storbritannien, 5%Tyskland, 4%USA, 4%Sverige, 3%Sydafrika, 3%Övriga, 18%Totalt: 5 673 personerEmployees by countryGunnebo’s security solutions create a safer world. Through innovativeconcepts and close collaboration with customers and other stakeholders,Gunnebo is building a unique, global offering which provides securityfor individuals.Gunnebo takes responsibility by creating value in thecommunities where the Group operates. Gunnebo’sresponsibility is measured in long-term return, satisfiedcustomers, motivated employees and a reduced impacton the environment. By being a responsible corporatecitizen, Gunnebo gains the trust of its stakeholders andbecomes a stronger global brand with increased com-petitiveness.Code of ConductAs an international corporation and employer, it isimportant that Gunnebo complies with human rightsprinciples in all controllable aspects of its business. TheGroup’s Code of Conduct is based on the following inter-national principles: the UN Declaration of Human Rights,the UN Global Compact initiative, the InternationalLabour Organization’s principles on rights in working life,and OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises. TheCode of Conduct forms the basis for how all employeesin the Group should act, both internally and externally.Corporate ResponsibilitySECURITY FOR INDIVIDUALSA safer society andan employer that caresabout its employees’health and safetyMinimising theoperation’s impacton the environmentStrong, clear leadershipwith a focus on profitable,ethical businessFor a Safer World
  10. 10. With an environmental management system which fulfils the internationalISO 14001 standard, the Group ensures there is systematic, structuredenvironmental work.Gunnebo has production at twelve factories in ten countries, and assembly units in two.Proximity to the market is fundamental to our endeavour to meet customers’ needs withcompetitive global offerings. The majority of the Group’s production units are certified.A regular external audit and Gunnebo’s own internal audits contribute to continuousimprovement in our environmental work.In order to reduce risks and minimise any impact on the environment that may arise,Gunnebo works actively on risk management and related measures. The importance ofcertification to Gunnebo’s customers is confirmed by the Group’s sales companies as theytoo perceive a market demand for ISO 14001 certification.510152025Tonne CO2 /MEUR08 09 10 11 12Koncernens koldioxidutsläppThe reporting of carbon dioxide emissionsrefers to direct and indirect emissions fromthe Group’s production in relation to net sales.Certified environmental workUnit/FactoryISO 14001Certification Product areaDoetinchem, the Netherlands 1999 Secure storageBazancourt, France 2002 Secure storageMarkersdorf, Germany 2003 Secure storageBekasi/Jakarta, Indonesia 2004 Secure storageWadeville/Johannesburg, South Africa 2013 Secure storageHalol, India 2006 Secure storageTrier, Germany 2004 Cash handlingBaldenheim, France 2004 Entrance controlUckfield, UK 2007 Entrance controlLavis/Trento, Italy 2007 Entrance controlKunshan, China (opened January 2011) planned for 2013 Entrance controlWith an environmental management systemwhich fulfils the international ISO 14001standard, Gunnebo ensures the Group hassystematic, structured environmental workin place.The majority of the Group’s productionunits are certified. Gunnebo’s quality assur-ance system is based on ISO 9001, which isa tool used to achieve continuous improve-ments in all processes and increased custom-er satisfaction. Gunnebo is striving to har-monise the quality process for all productionunits. All production and development unitswithin Gunnebo are certified to ISO 9001.ISO-Certified Plants1020304050MWh/MEUR08 09 10 11 12Koncernens elanvändningThe graph shows that Gunnebo’senvironmental work has led to lowerenergy use in relation to net sales.Group carbon dioxide emissions Group electricity consumption
  11. 11. GUGB.3080.R1www.gunnebo.comGLOBAL PRESENCERegion EMEA (Europe, middle east and Africa)BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURGwww.gunnebo.beEASTERN EUROPECZECH REPUBLICwww.gunnebo.czHUNGARYwww.gunnebo.huPOLANDwww.gunnebo.plFRANCEwww.gunnebo.frGERMANY, AUSTRIAwww.gunnebo.dewww.gunnebo.atITALYwww.gunnebo.itMIDDLE EASTwww.gunnebo.aeNETHERLANDSwww.gunnebo.nlNORDICFINLANDwww.gunnebo.fiDENMARKwww.gunnebo.dkRegion Asia-PacificAUSTRALIA, NEW AFRICAwww.gunnebo.zaSPAINwww.gunnebo.esSWITZERLANDwww.gunnebo.chUK,,