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Creating Curricular Partnerships with UX Practitioners


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In this presentation for SIGDOC 2013 (, I reflect on heuristics and methods for building industry partnerships around a graduate-level class in UX design.

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Creating Curricular Partnerships with UX Practitioners

  1. 1. G U I S E P P E G E T TO E AS T C AR O L I N A U N I V E R S I T Y G E T TO G @ E C U . E D U Creating Curricular Partnerships with UX Practitioners
  2. 2. What I’ll Cover  Framework for the Class  Industry Partners  Networking for Partnership  Sustaining the Collaboration
  3. 3. Framework for the Class  An online, grad-level class that:  1) Introduces technical communication students to researching and doing UX design  2) Introduces best practices in UX from industry  Ideal paths from the class:  UX internships  UX research and design projects  UX knowledge useful in other tech comm positions
  4. 4. Framework for the Class, cont’d  Sources of UX knowledge:  Research findings and best practices from tech comm  E.g. Albers, Grabill, Hart-Davidson, Potts, Salvo, Spinuzzi, Sun, etc.  Industry books on best practices  E.g. Courage and Baxter, Garrett, Sharon, Nielsen, Ratcliffe and McNeill, etc.)
  5. 5. Framework for the Class, cont’d  Sources of UX knowledge, cont’d:  Industry mags and blogs  E.g. UX Magazine, User Experience, Smashing Magazine, Boxes and Arrows, etc.  Tools and resources from industry partners  E.g. The Nerdery and UserZoom
  6. 6. Framework for the Class, cont’d  Sources of UX knowledge, cont’d:  My own research into and practice with UX design methods  E.g. contextual inquiry, field studies, card sorting, usability testing, user research, user-centered design, participatory design, information architecture
  7. 7. Industry Partners  The Nerdery  Why I chose them  Their Apprenticeship Program:  What they’re providing  A baseline listing of methods for their AP  Business Discovery, User Research, IA, IDx, Evaluation, Visual Design
  8. 8. Industry Partners, cont’d  The Nerdery, cont’d  What they’re providing  Advice on curriculum design  A guest lecture for the class on what they look for in AP candidates
  9. 9. Industry Partners, cont’d  UserZoom  Why I chose them  Their University Program:  What they’re providing  Free access to a robust, industry standard tool for UX research  Free training and technical support for the tool for both students and myself
  10. 10. Networking for Partnership  Think about utility  What’s the value-add to your class or program?  Is the prospective partner an organization you want to affiliate with?  What about their mission matches up with your own?  Think about buy-in  What’s in it for the industry partner?  What will they get in return?
  11. 11. Sustaining the Collaboration  Offer to facilitate feedback  Students: have them do a reflection on their experiences with the partner’s tools or resources  Partners: put something in front of them from the students and ask them to respond to it, or at least give students a chance to ask them questions through a guest lecture  You: what about the collaboration was successful and what wasn’t and why?
  12. 12. Sustaining the Collaboration, cont’d  Don’t be afraid to say no to a second collaboration  Don’t be afraid to ask for something different for a second collaboration
  13. 13. For More Information  My Program:  My Portfolio:  This presentation is accessible via Slideshare, which is linked to from my portfolio site