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Nawala march april 2013 for web


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Nawala march april 2013 for web

  1. 1. oneMARCH-APRIL 2013BIMASENA BOARDPeriod 2009-2013FoundersProf. Dr. SubrotoProf. Dr. Widjojo NitisastroChairmanProf. Dr. SubrotoVice ChairmanMr. Michael SumarijantoBOARD OF ADVISORSChairmanIr. Jero Wacik, SEMinister of Energy and Mineral Resources RIMembersEx-officioMinister of State SecretaryMinister of Foreign Affair RIMinister 0f State-Owned EnterprisesChairman of Investment Coordinating BodyMr. A.R. RamliBOARD OF TRUSTEESChairmanMr. Waryono Karno, SE, MBASecretary General of the Ministry of Energyand Mineral ResourcesMembersDrs. Mochtar HuseinInspector General of the Ministry of Energyand Mineral ResourcesDirector General of Oil and GasIr. A. Edy Hermantoro, M.SiDirector General of Oil and GasIr. Jarman, M.ScDirector General of ElectricityDr. Ir. Thamrin Sihite, MEDirector General of Mineral, Coal andGeothermal ResourcesIr. Rida Mulyana, M.ScDirector General of New Energy, Renewableand Energy ConservationDr. Rudi RubiandiniChairman of SKSP MigasDr. Ir. Andi Noorsaman Someng, DEAChairman of BPH MigasIr. Alwinsyah Loebis, MMPresident Director of PT. Aneka Tambang(State-owned Mining Company)Ir. Karen AgustiawanPresident Director of PT. Pertamina (Persero)(State-owned Oil and Gas Company)Mr. Hendy Prio SantosoPresident Director of PT. PGN (State-owned Gas Company)Ir. Nur PamudjiPresident Director of PT. PLN (Persero)(State-owned Electricity Company)Mr. MilawarmaPresident Director of PT. Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam(State-owned Coal Mining Company)Ir. SukrisnoPresidentDirectorofPT.Timah(State-ownedTinCompany)Mr. Suryo Bambang SulistoChairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & IndustryMr. Martiono HadiantoChairman of Indonesian Mining AssociationIr. Moch. Harry Jaya Pahlawan Dipl. Ec, MscChairman of Indonesian Electrical Power SocietyMr. Hendy Prio SantosoChairman of Indonesian Gas AssociationIr. Abadi PoernomoPresident of Indonesian Geothermal AssociationDr. (Hc) Rachmat GobelChairman of Indonesian Renewable Energy SocietyDr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar (*)Chairman of the Indonesian Oil & Gas SocietyIr. Herman Afif KusumoChairman of Indonesian Mining Society(*) to be confirmedEARTH DAY 2013: THE FACE OF CLIMATE CHANGEEarth Day is a day for action: a chance to show how important the environment is to you.Whether you organize an event in you community or teach a peer about environmental issues,Earth Day is about uniting voices around the globe in support of a healthy planet.On April 22, 2013, more than one billion people around the world will take part in the 43rdAnniversary of Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, andgovernments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.Many international political observers have statedthat Indonesia becomes one of the largest and mostvibrant democracies and is among the worlds mostdynamic econonomies. However, there are challengesto be addressed particularly in the energy and miningsector caused by some pending regulatoy matters fromthe Government. As happened in previous electionyears, the political issues will dominate the country, placing the economies andprogress on lesser priority. A situation which we should not allow to occur inconsideration of the gains and strength Indonesia has achieved.Bimasena, the Mines and Energy Society, is aware that clarity in the regulationand the direction of the sector would particularly be a factor to maintain thestrategic and important roles of the sector in the GDP of Indonesia. The Governmentshould continue to encourage and entice investments in this sector particularlythose that could boost the provision of supporting the infrastructure.With this in mind Bimasena, jointly with the sectors associations and concernedindividuals, will conduct a Focused Group Discussion to address the issues currentlycausing concern in the industry. The first one shall be the "Understanding andthe implementation of Article 33 of the Constitution and the debate on theResource Nationalism".An FGD will expectantly arrive at a conclusion with some recommendationson the issues. Therefore, a Bimasena forum would be able to reach a commonunderstanding and remove any encumbrances that impede the investmentinterests in the sector. The series of programs of Bimasena will be assisted by PENConsulting in the form of dialogues and seminars.On a more cultural note, August 2013 is the month when celebrations of IndonesiasIndependence dominate the festive mood of the country. Bimasena will organizea concert of classical music, once the signature program of Bimasena, with thetheme "Harmony in Diversity", with the Twilite Orchestra.The year 2013 is a prelude to the election year 2014 and a reminder of the diversebeauty of Indonesia, so rich in culture, tradition and varied inhabitants. Theconcert will distinctively reflect this in its repertoire.MESSAGE FROMTHE CHAIRMAN
  2. 2. twoJavanese Wayang Kulit “Kreshna Gugah”A Traditional “Shadow Puppet” PerformanceThe Dharmawangsa, Thursday, 21 February 2013”Fabulous at Every Age”In Coordination with Brawijaya Women & Children HospitalBeauty Talk at BimasenaFriday, 22 March 2013 - Lobby Lounge, Grha Bimasena“Sura sudira jaya nikang rat swuh brastha tekaping ulah dharmastuti”“Any act of ruthlessness will always be defeated by kindness”A traditional Wayang Kulit performance was highlighted at a special culturalevening organized by Ginting & Reksodiputro for their clients and relations.Together with BIMASENA, The Mines and Energy Society, an epic of oneof the worlds most remarkable wars of all time, The Bharatayuda, wasperformed in an intricate shadow puppet show “Kreshna Gugah”.Narrated by Dalang Ki Cahyo Kuntadi from the Institute of Indonesian Artsin Solo, the performance was in Padhat version lasting only 2.5 hours,with simultaneous translation in English by Mrs. Kathryn Emerson.Along with the rapid development of technology, there are more ways toget instant beauty. Beauty in a woman is usually identified with the clevernessof women to use cosmetics and expensive clothes, but they often forget thatthe elements of beauty is not only derived from treatment with the rightcosmetics, but also of physical fitness, dietary adjustments to obtain theideal body shape and other factors that support the realization of the naturalbeauty in a woman.The purpose of this event is to provide a knowledge of new solutions to getthe ideal body shape through Hypnolangsing.In addition to physical beauty, beauty is the most powerful through a clarityof the heart. Other values that contribute to power is personal self-confidence,positive thinking and confidence and that we have shown the best that wecan do.Speakers:dr. Grace NS Wardhana, SpKK of Brawijaya Women & Children HospitalMr. Juli Triharto - Founder & Master Hypnolangsing.Special Guest Speaker:Mrs. Mien Uno of Educational Institutions Duta BangsaModerator:Ms. Zivanna Letisha Siregar - Putri Indonesia 2008.This event is also sponsored by Mind Slim Center, Duta Bangsa Institute,PT. Jaya Fajar Lestari (Alessandro), PT. Luxasia Indonesia (Burberry),PT. Universal Aesthetics Asia Pacific (Pevonia) dan Kuronkor Intraceutical(Intraceutical)
  3. 3. threeAquatic Therapy Programat Bimasena Fitness CenterAquatic therapy, or often called pool therapy, is an exerciseperformed in the water which uses the therapeutic propertiesof water, such as buoyancy and resistance, to assist in patienthealing or provide relief of symptoms from a variety arthritis,traumatic injuries, fractured bones or overweight problems.This exercise is also beneficial to enhance/maintain the qualityof ones physical condition.Other benefits of Aquatic therapy are: improves and maintainsmuscles strength, improves coordination and balances postures,maintains range of joints motion, relaxes the body, reducespain and improves cardiovascular endurance. Other medicalproblems which can be treated by aquatic therapy are neck pain,lower back pain, spinal cord injury, stroke, knee pain, shoulderpain, and fibromyalgia.Aquatic therapy is now availableat the Bimasena Fitness CenterDay : Monday to Saturday(by appointment)Time : 17.00 - 20.00 hoursVenue : Indoor pool of BimasenaFitness CenterRp. 300.000++/person/ hourFor further information pleasecontact:The Bimasena Spaat tel: (62-21) 725 8668 ext. 6300Coming from a Javanesearistocratic family, Kartini wasa renowned Indonesiannational heroine. She was apioneer of womensemancipation in Indonesia,was born in 1879 and died in1904.Today, women all overIndonesia celebrate the KartiniDay on April 21 to honorKartinis merit and courage inelevating the social and legalstatus of Indonesian womenduring her times.To commemorate Kartini Day, The Bimasena Spa has createda special offer exclusively for women:For every purchase of treatment/sat the value of a minimum of Rp. 750.000++ per person,will get a free 30 minutes Foot Massage or 30 minutes Anti-StressMassageAvailable from April 21 - April 28, 2013For further information, please contact:The Bimasena Spaat tel: (62-21) 725 8668 ext. 6300A Special Gift for Women on“Kartini Day” From The Bimasena SpaA new therapeutic program at The Bimasena Fitness CenterGroup Therapy Mind Slim ProgramBy Mind Slim CenterSaturday, 6 April 2013 - Monday, 7 April 2013,Grha BimasenaBimasena held Mind Slim Group Therapy program with MindSlim Center exclusively guided by Mr. Juli Triharto, Masterand Founder Mind Slim.Mind Slim Program is weight loss program with a focus onchanging the mindset to change of habits and culminate tochanges kg desired.Lose weight without depending on pills/diet/needles.It is with much pleasure to announce the appointment of EleineKoesyono as the SPA Manager effectively 21 February 2013.Eleine started her career with The Dharmawangsa - GrhaBimasena as Head SPA Receptionist and has been with thecompany for 10 years.For six years, Eleine also held the position of Public RelationsOfficer and Assistant Public Relations Manager.We look forward to her skills to achieve the highest proficiencyin her new profession as the SPA Manager.NEW SPA MANAGERMs. ELEINE KOESYONO
  4. 4. Looking for something exciting with an enjoyable and memorable occasion on the specialMothers Day, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is the right venue to treat your beloved Wifeor Mom. Our Executive Chef Vindex Tengker will create an array of exquisite cuisine onMoms Day Brunch on Sunday, 12th May, 2013 at Jakarta Restaurant.This brunch features a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes, offering Yellow Fin TunaTartar and Avocado Napoleon, Cold Seafood on Ice, Roasted Turkey with Apricot andPistachio Stuffing, Roasted Veal Medallion with Morel Mushroom Sauce, and LobsterThermidor. Wrap up this memorable day with our special dessert, such as Assorted Minicup Cakes and Cinnamon Raisin Roll.To build an affectionate interaction between Mom and children, the “Mama I Love You”activities such as cup cake decorating and craft-making (mamas greeting card, door knobcard, bookmark, and beaded jewelry) will be an alluring and lively moment.Rp 588.000++/adult and Rp 475.000++/child(Inclusive of a glass of “Mamma Mia” cocktail or “Dear Mama”mocktail, a stock of Rose,a glass of Baby Chocolate Martini, free flow of juices & iced tea)add Rp 295.000++ for a free-flow Undurraga Sparkling Wine, red, and white wine.For further information, please contact Jakarta Restaurant at (62-21) 725 8181 ext. 6237Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 23, Kebayoran Baru,Jakarta 12160, IndonesiaTelephone : (62-21) 725 8668; Facsimile: (62-21) 725 8778E-mail : : Mozilla Firefox)For more information, please contact:Moms Day Brunch at Jakarta RestaurantSunday, 12th May 2013 at 11.30 - 15.00Saturday Brunch Sekitei RestaurantSekitei Restaurant, Grha BimasenaChef Yamaji Masaharu will tempt your palate with a greatselection of Premium Sushi and Sashimi, Tempura, Sukiyaki,Ramen, Teppanyaki, Wagyu Fried Rice, assorted desserts, andmany more. Our Saturday Brunch is perfect for your weekendindulgence.Every SaturdayStarting from 11:00 until 15:00Rp 325,000++/adult, Rp 225,000++/child (4-11 years old)(Inclusive of free flow of Cold or Hot Ocha)For further information please contact:Sekitei Restaurantat telephone (62-21) 725 8668 ext. 6219Hands-On Cooking Class “Sweet Temptation”Saturday, 23 March 2013, 10:00-13:30 hat the Dining Room, Grha Bimasena.Participants of Hands-On Cooking Class creation of Dessertsfor Bimasena Members, Apartment Tenant and Guests.Specialtis:Chocolate Truffle, Fruit Pannacotta, Macaroons and ChocolateBisquite no Flour.