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Graffiti Is A Crime


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Graffiti is a crime when you don't see the political or social messages.

Graffiti Is A Crime

  1. 1. This is not my property to paint… m ark S craw l It’s a crime ! s c ra t c h
  2. 2. Graffiti is a crime…
  3. 3. Only when you don’t See the Social + political M E S S A G E S
  4. 4. B oy , do I h av e a message!
  5. 5. See mine… Don’t mess with my environment . Not even on April Fool’s Day!
  6. 6. … with my windows closed. S top the P ollution NOW! I don’t want to live…
  7. 7. Living thing needs water to survive . Keep some for me ? Leave it clean!
  8. 8. I want flowers the way you see them… Real ones Growing in the fields!
  9. 9. Do no t be alarm ed . Notice No properties damaged due to these messages. Thanks to: MS clipart artists discovered.
  10. 10. Graffiti ala GreenBeingNancy (I was never here, I swear!) Inspired by Oliver’s call