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Money governance models for cobudget


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To be able to start doing Collaborative Funding in your group, you need to choose a money governance model to use. This presentation will guide you through these steps and the different money governance options.

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Money governance models for cobudget

  1. 1. Money Governance models for Cobudgeting.
  2. 2. To get started with Cobudgeting, you need a money governance model...
  3. 3. So here are 3 models for money governance models you can use.
  5. 5. The person who contributed funds receives 100 % of this amount in their personal Cobudget account. INTERNAL CROWDFUNDING 1 500 500
  6. 6. The funds that enter Cobudget are put into a common pot and redistributed among part of or all group members. REDISTRIBUTION TO THE COLLECTIVE 2 350 2 380 2000 30 595 595 595 595 595
  7. 7. This can be done with different redistribution algorithms: ● Equal: funds are divided equally among the number of group members. ● Proportional: funds are split proportionate to a factor you define, i.e. time invested, role, project. >> Read more about redistribution algorithms REDISTRIBUTION TO THE COLLECTIVE2
  8. 8. By combining models 1 and 2 you can create your custom money governance model that suits your organizations needs and values. MIX & MATCH! 3 Examples: ● A fixed percentage goes into the contributors personal account ● The rest is distributed among the group according to the algorithm you choose or the other way around! There are many options.
  9. 9. Get started & create your account: Questions? Contact