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Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. www. shikahogh. am GENERAL INFORMATION Sh kahogh State Reserva was esmbüshed m 1958 by a denac- oI me ArmSSR Councal o! 'nnishvs (No P-341 01 13 September 1958) iH order 1a c0nserve„ *šludy and rccover urvque "ata and Luna of me broadienf lotesls cm [hc ncrthem slopes DV : lw Mughrī Rug: : The nesen/ e : s īotzsīed un the extreme south of Armcrua un 'ne Kapan dnsmd o( m0 Syunk Provmce (Ilvennglhwarei: 01 12137075 haand compnssng the Shhahoçzh and Mmadzor dzstrms its e| evahnns vary (rom 700 m above sea leva? „sav nvermdc) up u: over ? U00 m on (hc- Meghn Rrdgū SI' i-. ahogh Slam Rcsc-Nc- and Pīane Grave Stutt- Sarunuary : we managed by S? ” v-. ĒÜOQH Suve Renars/ e s: :s: nan-commevuaī (xgimtzaäzun l*: ` -, ”c . VšsáąåV s _ w. - alx! " . ē J; [Lg „L” F* ,
  2. 2. „IÜÜIF The ciimate in Shikahogh is humid and warm due to the isolatlng role df the Meghri Ridge which hinders panetration of dry air masses from Iran, but reiains moisi airfiows blowing from the Caspian Sea. Foothiiis and middle heights are covered by dense broadieaf forests of the Georgian oak. Caucasian oak and Caucasian hombeam which are repiaced by subaipine meadows on higher aiiitudes. Some parts of the Meghri Ridge are marked by staep rodty massifs protruding through the ierasts. Mean annual precipitation varies from 530 mm in foothiiis to 850 mm on mountaintops. Secondary aiter› forest meadows are limited due to low lniensity oi deiorestalion 'vu vu v v* v 4 lÄ f 5.; i Flora of higher piants numbers 1074 species, 432 genera and 92 iamilies. The main speeles grow in iorests: Georgian and Caucasian oaks. Caucesian hombearn, iieid. Beikan and Georgian maples. honeysuckies and Others. Endemics include the Zangezur pear, Takhtajyarfs blackberry. Transcaucasian snowdrop. etc. Shikahogh Reserve is one oi 3 places in Armenia where the Tertiary reiict. common yew. has still survived and ls the only in southern Armenia location of the onenial beech grove. The biggest in the Caucasus grove of the onental piane IS located on the edge of the reserve within the Piano Grove Sanctuary. Eighteen species of the reserve's Gora ara listed in the Red Data Book of former USSR. including the pomagranate, date-plum. stinking juniper. common iig. 6 species of orchirds and Others. Hill". Fauna of Shikahogh Reserva is divorsa and composed oi both European and Asian speeles. Insecis number about 1000 species of which 37 species occur only in the reserve, 27 are rare. endangered or having limited dislnbuiion. and 4 are extremely rare. Fish species are 6. including the brook trout. Amphiblans are oniy 4 and repuies are more numerous: 11 species oi lizards. 13 snakes and 2 tortoises. The spur~ihighed iortoise and the Armenian viper are registered in the lUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Ormthoiauna is representad by 135 soecies of bifdS. mostly r 1„ ioresl-dweiiing ones. oi which the Caucesian black grouse is listed in the lUCN Red List. Mammaiian spscies are 37. among which the Caucasian ' leopard. bezoar goat and brown bear are listed in the lUCN Red List.
  3. 3. īūīl For the conservation reglme. Shlkahogh Reserve and Plane Grove Sanctuary are allowed only for ecotourism, cultural, historical and scientilic/ cogniliva tourism. Local environment ls rich in natural herllage. caves and ruins of abandoned settlements. lortresses and churches. Mountainous lerrain demands for good physical capacities cl tourisls. Tours can be arranged for lndlviduals and small groups (up to 5 persons in the Mlnadzor area and up lo 10 persons elsewhere in the reserve and sanctuary), on loot oi horseback. The penod from June to October is the best for visltations. Duration of each tour is limited to one day, Overnight stay inside the reserve and sancluary is prohibiled and arranged in local viilages : l-: nl - Shilizhoglivlllage - yeiivgrove Wsitorcentre in Shikahogh village Medieval church oi Shikahogh village Ancienl Settlement ol Karktor Canyon of Shikahogh River Walerlall Yew grava Subalpine rneadow Tour duralion is about 8 hours. Meals and living are arranged in the Shikahogh village. _ļ_ I u o, Srasheii village - Narldil „and village- ` ' ' ` Plaiie Grava Sandim*: Visitot Centre ln Shlkhogh village Shikahogh village St. Hrlpsime Churdl(17-18tl1 oenmnes). Srashen village Oriental beech grove Church (18-1901 centuvles) of Nerkln Hand village Plane Grave Sanctuary Tour duratlon Is about 8 hours. Meets and living ara arranged in the Nelkin Hand village. Sliiluliogli iiillagu - vnurhll - rulns o! Kemaiib udeniem Wsilor Centre in Shlkahogh village Snlkahogh village Tsav village Chrik site Waterfall Ruins oi Kemants setllemenl Tour duration is about S hours. Maals and living are arranged in the Tsav village andlortempoiary tenl camp in Kemants. u_ _ ` Īsaviilllage-Kaaļursåte-mlns nlMam »moment Visitor Centre in Shlkahogh village Tsav village Medieval bndge Ksaiur site: medieval church. salubrlous mineral spnng and ruins Mazra River Ruins of MBZTĒ seltlemenl Tour duratlon ls about 8 hours. Meals and living are arranged in the Tsav village.
  4. 4. nav village -rulnndsananlu settlement- This nookict was produced as pari ol the project 'Blodlverslty Mtnidxoranl Prolechon and Community Development: lmplementmç Ecoregianal Conservatiori Plan Targets in South Armenia' “sim, centre m shikahogh Vmage The protect was implemented by WWF Ņomay and WWF Armenia nav vmage wiln the financial suppon ollhe Nonivegian Government Z('l'ii Fi Sananlu ancient setllement Minadzor River Mtnadzoraroa: mins. church and virgin oakery Tour duration is about 8 hours, Meals and living are arranged in the Tsav village "Shikahogh State Reserva" SNCO Stirkahogn village, Syunik Province_ Republic olArnienia Tel. , 0 374 (285 lū-Dö-āā URL mwwshakahogham world Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Armenia Sarmeni Sir 96, Yerevan 0019. Armenia Telliax: „S74 (10)52-47-12 E-mail afāce@wvdcaucasus. am URL www paridaorg/ airncnia mumu. "AV š-. ī š š š_ s n-ī ī š! . : š: ģgsšš ģižāšiīi šzššiīå "z l' : ĒĪI . Pholagrapm tv. W : un-w ~ ii-īnwrazw' -'-* ī '