Comp plan 02 22-2010


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Comp plan 02 22-2010

  1. 1. MARKET MOVER TRADING Compensation Plan
  2. 2. Welcome toMARKET MOVER TRADING Have you ever wanted to trade on the stock or futures markets, but you did not know where to begin? You do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on tuition that may or may not get you what you need to know. Well, what if trading was so simple that everyone would do it? What if all the barriers to entry were simply stripped away and everyone had the opportunity to take their financial future into their own hands? We realize that there are literally millions of people in the world today that would like to learn to trade, but certain roadblocks will likely prevent most of them from ever pursuing it. Either they do not have enough time, enough investment capital, or the traditional methods of trading, including heavy technical analysis and trend forecasting, are far too complex and cumbersome. After years of development and after literally studying hundreds of traders, we now have the tools to tear down the barriers and bring trading to the mainstream. Market Mover Trading is an online-based education and software provider dedicated to helping anyone, regardless of background or status, become a successful trader. Our mantra is to put a trader in every home. For the entrepreneur Market Mover Trading is even more. It has created a true double-edged sword. Not only do you have the potential to make serious money as a Market Mover Trader, but you will be generously compensated as you help us share our vision and this amazing opportunity with others. The following pages describe the compensation plan - your way to make money with Market Mover Trading. We know you will be as impressed as we are with the earnings and growth potential that both trading and marketing Market Mover Trading will have for you and those around you. Only the Best - Jason Anderson & Sean Larsgard
  3. 3. MAKE MONEY.Market Mover Trading hasassembled the most comprehensivecompensation plan that will help youachieve financial success in ways youhave only imagined in the past.There are five (plus) ways to grow yourpersonal financial portfolio. Each is outlinedbelow and discussed in detail in the following pages. 5 +to ways earn Begin trading using the education and information Trading Performance provided by MMT and create the opportunity to increase your own personal investment portfolio. This bonus gives you fast cash as you grow your downline. Get $500 or $250 for people you sign up as Hustle Bonus Independent Traders or Students. You are qualified to receive the Hustle Bonus as soon as you sign up. You get a percentage of the total monthly Access Pass revenues generated by Market Mover Traders in your Matrix Commissions group. It’s automatic and it’s easy. And, the volume really increases quickly as your downline grows. Advance through the ranks of Market Mover Market Climber Bonus Trading and you’ll receive a one-time rank bonus from $100.00 to $5,000.00 per rank! This is where the fun begins! Attain certain ranks and you will begin to receive a monthly automobile or jet card Executive Benefits reimbursement based on exceeding your group volume requirement. That car you’ve been dreaming of can be yours! If someone in your line drops out, volume continues Stop Loss Feature to roll upline to the next qualified position. Re-enter your own Matrix after every 15 Infinite Arbitrage personally enrolled traders! ”Double-dip” on commissions in your Matrix! Get on the fast track and advance the first 3 ranks in just 30 days. As you enroll new traders you still 3 in 30 get paid your Hustle Bonus, Matrix Commissions, and Market Climber Bonuses - all in record time!
  4. 4. - FIVE PLUS Personal ME W Trading 1 HO # AY RY ST DER IN EVE O EAPerformance RN - TRA MAMarket Mover Trading was born out of the need for getting RKthe most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. A ETSo rather than spending hours and hours staring at charts, you MO - Gcan literally trade 5-8 times a week, at about 2-3 minutes per trade. VER TRADINMarket Mover Trading (MMT) offers several different elements of "Educationand Information" that can assist you in becoming an effective and profitabletrader.* These include: MMT University - A password protected site that offers all sorts of trading information, definitions, and videos that will assist you as you begin trading using the MMT philosophies. MMT Trade Recaps - Each economic announcement is recorded and archived on the MMTU site. MMT Instructors add commentary and instruction as you watch the trade progress - helping you gain a firm grasp of MMT philosophies and trading style. MMT News Server - As an MMT Member, you get the news literally as it breaks which helps you execute trades more effectively. The news is delivered to your desktop via the internet in a clear, usable form. This news is invaluable to help you know what direction the market is going to go and why. MMT Live Class - You have the chance to learn from the founders of MMT as they host a live ONLINE class. In class they discuss different strategies and philosophies of trading that can be applied immediately to your trading practices. This is an invaluable resource as you are learning and refining your trading abilities. MMT Announcement Calendar - This calendar is provided every week at the MMT Live Class and then is posted on the MMT University Site to help you know when and what to trade. MMT Prediction Points - Imagine having the foresight to gauge where price is most likely to react to before it actually gets there. Millions of dollars were offered to reveal the secret formula. But only you as a Market Mover Trader will have access to these proprietary numbers before the market moves through the MMT Server. Prediction Points will enable you as a trader to have a good indication as to where the market will go and the price levels at which the market will have a high probability of reacting.Whether the market moves up or down, Market Mover Traders stand poised to capture profits ineither direction. Many MMT Traders report their statistics at the end of each week. Each pointpotentially represents 10% on the money traded. Here are some of our Top Traders* from weeks past: David T. from Texas - Up 21.75 points Chris P. from Utah - Up 12.00 points Drew B. from Colorado - Up 17.25 points Hans S. from Utah - Up 11.50 points Sean K. from Pennsylvania - Up 16.25 points Amy A. from Utah - Up 11.25 points Kelly H. from Utah - Up 14.50 points Kevin B. from Utah - Up 8.00 points* Trading results will vary. See Market Mover Trading Student Agreement for full disclaimer.
  5. 5. E A RN - S TO Hustle MA AY R W 2 KE US TM- FIVE PL # Bonus OVER TRADI ME The Hustle Bonus is also known as a Hustle Bonus Commission and is paid to an Independent HO NG Trader when he personally enrolls a Student or Y - AT ER Independent Trader into his matrix. The Hustle Bonus RADER IN EV is paid two levels deep as illustrated below. When you sign up Bob, you get 1 You a $500 bonus paid at the end of the following week. Bob 2 You When Bob signs up Jane, he receives $500 Hustle Bonuses are a $500 and you great way to get money ob receive $250. B fast by enrolling people under you. Once you $250 have signed up as an Jane Independent Trader, you $500 are eligible to receive Hustle bonuses. 3 You Hustle Bonuses are paid when enrolling When Jane signs up Mike, Students or Bob she receives $500, Bob Independent Traders. receives $250 and No Hustle Bonus is paid $250 for Floor Runners until ne you get $250. Ja the Floor Runner $250 upgrades to Student or Mike Independent Trader.* 4 You $500 Hustle Bonus payments are processed at the end of the week Bob following paid enrollment. When Mike Jane Bonuses will be signs up $250 Mike credited to your ProPay Pat, he account. Additional receives a $500 processing fees will bonus, and Jane and $250 Pat apply. Bob both receive $250. At this level you do not $500 receive the Hustle Bonus. * Floor Runners may receive a $500 credit towards their tuition fees for each Student or Independent Trader they personally enroll. However, they do not qualify to receive the $250 Hustle Bonus credit. Any $250 Floor Runner credit is forfeited.
  6. 6. - FIVE PLUS ME W 3 HO Freedom # AY Matrix RY ST DER IN EVE O EA RN - Commissions TRA MA RK A ET The Freedom Matrix is a three-leg system that is designed to MO - help you grow your business while supporting every level of your VER TRADING downline equally. You are allowed to freely place your personal enrollees wherever you would like in your matrix. Commissions are paid on monthly Access Pass volume. 120 volume points are assessed for each paid Access Pass. You advance in rank as you increase your number of personal enrollees - up to the 12th enrollee. Some ranks (Market Maker & Market Master) also require that you have high-ranking individuals in your downline. Personal Volume (PV), Group Volume (GV) and Leg Volume (LV) requirements are also required as you advance through the ranks. Below is an example of a Market Mover Trading Freedom Matrix:Payout Levelsgo from 1 to 16, Youwith anincreasingnumber ofpositions ineach level. = Personally EnrolledThe Payout = UplinePercentage Enrolledchanges as your = Downlinedownline grows Enrolledand as youadvance in rank.There are a totalof eight ranks.They are: Floor Runner Market Mover Pit Trader Pit Broker Elite Trader Uber Trader Market Maker Market Master See the following page for the detailed Freedom Matrix Commission & Market Climber Bonus Chart.
  7. 7. Rank Advancement There are a total of eight different ranks or advancement levels within the Market Mover Trading Freedom Matrix. Each rank is significant and important as you grow your business and increase your Matrix. Below is the list of each rank along with the requirements and some of the rewards that are available as you attain each rank. The information below will help you become familiar with each level and give you the knowledge you need to reach for the additional levels to enhance your standing and earnings potential. Good luck as you advance through the ranks of Market Mover Trading. Just as a runner on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, our Floor Runner is the most junior member of the Market Mover Trading team. Floor Runners pay a small $35 fee to get set up to sell the Market Mover Trading opportunity and idea to others. While a Floor Runner has not paid the dues necessary to begin studying and trading using MMT philosophies and ideas, they can promote and sell the trading course to friends and associates. Once a Runner is ready to upgrade to1 FLOOR RUNNER Market Mover, and personally begin studying and trading, he must pay the necessary fees. If the Floor Runner signs up a Student or Independent Trader, the $500 Hustle Bonuses are credited toward his tuition fee. A Floor Runner does not qualify for the $250 Hustle Bonuses. After four personally enrolled people, the Floor Runner may simply pay the remaining $20 and be advanced to Market Mover, and then continue advancing through the ranks from there. A Market Mover has paid the $2020 License and Tuition fee and is 2 MARKET MOVER paying the monthly $150 Access Pass fee. A Market Mover must have at least one personal enrollee (himself). A Pit Trader has at least two personally enrolled Students or3 PIT TRADER Independent Traders. He receives a $100.00 Market Climber Bonus for advancing from Market Mover to Pit Trader. A Pit Broker must have at least three personal enrollees. He receives a $250.00 Market Climber Bonus. He must also have at least 1080 points of Group Volume, 4 PIT BROKER which comes from the monthly Access Pass fees (120 points assessed per paid Access Pass) in his organization. An Elite Trader has been a Pit Broker for at least a month*, has enrolled at 5 ELITE TRADER least five people personally, and has a total of 2160 in Group Volume. The Elite Trader receives a $500.00 Market Climber Bonus. The Uber Trader has enrolled at least seven Students or Traders and has met the 6 UBER TRADER 3240 Group Volume Requirement and has held the previous position for a month*. This Trader receives a $1000.00 bonus and may also qualify for Executive Benefits. A Market Maker has nine enrollees, 4320 in Group Volume, 1080 in Leg Volume, has 17 MARKET MAKER Pit Broker per leg, and has held the previous position for a month*. He may also qualify for Automobile Executive Benefits and receives a $2500.00 Market Climber Bonus. A Market Master has reached the ultimate position. He has enrolled at least twelve people, held the previous rank for at least a month*, 8 MARKET MASTER has 1 Elite Trader per leg. He also has 6480 in Group Volume and 2160 in Leg Volume. The Market Master receives a $5000.00 Market Climber Bonus and may qualify for the Bluestar Jet Executive Benefit. * One month is defined as one matrix commission cycle.
  8. 8. E PLUS WAY FIV - ST Freedom Matrix & Market E 4 O OM EA # IN EVERY H RN - MAR Climber KET ER Bonus D MRA OV ER T TRADING - A Every time you advance from one rank to the next, Market Mover Trading will award you a Market Climber Bonus. These one-time bonuses range from $100.00 to $5,000.00! You must hold each rank for a one month minimum. The Market Climber Bonus is paid monthly along with the monthly Matrix Commission payout which is also outlined below. You advance rank as you increase the number of Personal Enrollees and your Personal, Group and Leg Volume meets the level required. Remember, a volume of 120 is credited for each monthly Access Pass fee paid. Market Climber Monthly Volume Personal Payout Payout Maximum Rank Bonus Requirements Enrollees Levels Percentage Positions Floor Runner No Bonus 0 Personal Volume 0 Enrollees 0 0.00% 0 Market Mover No Bonus 120 Personal Volume 1 Enrollee 1 5.00% 3 2 5.00% 9 Pit Trader $100.00 120 Personal Volume 2 Enrollees 3 5.00% 27 4 5.00% 81 Pit Broker $250.00 120 Personal Volume 3 Enrollees 5 5.00% 243 1080 Group Volume 6 5.00% 729 Elite Trader $500.00 120 Personal Volume 5 Enrollees 7 5.00% 2,187 2160 Group Volume 8 5.00% 6,561 Uber Trader $1,000.00 120 Personal Volume 7 Enrollees 9 3.00% 19,683 May Also Qualify for Executive Benefits 3240 Group Volume 10 3.00% 59,049 Market Maker $2,500.00 120 Personal Volume 9 Enrollees 11 1.50% 177,147 (1 Pit Broker Per Leg) 4320 Group Volume 12 1.50% 531,441 May Also Qualify for Executive Benefits 1080 Leg Volume 13 1.00% 1,594,323 Market Master $5,000.00 120 Personal Volume 12 Enrollees 14 1.00% 4,782,969 (1 Elite Trader Per Leg) 6480 Group Volume 15 0.50% 14,348,907 May Also Qualify for Executive Benefits 2160 Leg Volume 16 0.50% 43,046,721 You are paid a percentage of the total volume in your downline. Not on just one side or leg of your matrix. You get commissions from the WHOLE Matrix, up to 16 levels. Once you have attained a particular rank, you will maintain that rank indefinitely. However, if your Group Volume decreases, you will be paid commissions at the level that your Group Volume dictates. Uber Traders, Market Makers and Market Masters may also qualify for additional Executive Benefits outlined on the following page.
  9. 9. - FIVE PLUS ME W 5 HO Executive # AY RY ST DER IN EVE O EA Benefits RN - TRA MAGet treated like the executive you are when you reach specific RK Avolume goals in your downline. As an Uber Trader, Market Maker ET -and Market Master, Market Mover Trading offers you an additional MO Gbonus which pays cash for an automobile payment. VER TRADINYou choose what you drive (Acura, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Infiniti,Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Tesla, and Volvo) andMarket Mover Trading will pick up the tab! As a Market Master, MMT covers you with aBluestar Jets card payment. Accumulate cash and fly anywhere you want in a moments notice onBluestar Jets. Here’s how it works. Simply achieve the rank of Uber Trader, Market Maker, or Market Master, and reach at least 150% of your Group Volume Requirement for that level, and the money is yours. Find your luxury dream car, get it approved by MMT, and get the monthly payment - as long as you remain qualified. Rank Regular GV Goal New GV Award Requirement Requirement Uber Trader 3240 GV 150% 4860 GV $500/Month Auto Payment Market Maker 4320 GV 150% 6480 GV $1,000/Month Auto Payment Market Master 6480 GV 150% 9675 GV $1,500/Month Jet Card Payment Market Master 6480 GV 200% 12900 GV $2,000/Month Jet Card Payment Market Master 6480 GV 250% 16200 GV $2,500/Month Jet Card Payment The awarded auto payment must be used on an actual car approved by MMT. A cash option of $500.00 may be taken in place of the $1,000.00 auto payment (Market Maker). Any jet bonus may also be replaced by a 50% cash equivalent. More details are available on the MMT Automobile Payment Request Form. Certain automobiles may not qualify.
  10. 10. + O EARN - M ST Stop Loss AR AY ++ W KE US TM Feature - FIVE PL OVER TRADIN For any inactive or ME non-qualified positions, volumeHO G - automatically rolls AT RY upline to the next RADER IN EVE qualified positions. With the Stop Loss Feature, if someone in your line drops out or becomes inactive for whatever reason, the volume that is generated below that position will continue to flow upward to you. You Infinite Arbitrage With Infinite Arbitrage, you may re-enter your own matrix after every 15 personally enrolled traders. This allows you to benefit twice from the volume generated from your new position. Re-entry does not require an additional enrollment fee, but does require a new access pass fee of $150 for the new position. You 3 in 30 As a new Market Mover Independent Trader, there is no waiting period to advance through the first three ranks. You can advance from Market Mover to Pit Trader to Pit Broker in just 30 days (one commission cycle). Many of our new Independent Traders are excited about this 3 opportunity and are signing up several people in a very short 2 time. 3 in 30 allows them to quickly advance to the rank of Pit Broker, taking advantage of all the Hustle Bonuses, Matrix 1 Commissions, AND Market Climber Bonuses along the way. Market Pit Pit Mover Trader Broker
  11. 11. Get moving withMARKET MOVER TRADING Contact an Independent Trader and get started today! MARKET MOVER TRADING 155 North 400 West - Suite 135 Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 - U.S.A. Call 877.800.4MMT (877.800.4668) - Fax 801.217.8723 Email