My lx with genealogy


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My lx with genealogy

  1. 1. myLX Training
  2. 2. ANNOUNCEMENTThis presentation was prepared for your benefit sothat you may know and understand the empoweringbusiness programs of VMobile.If you are in any way distracted by person(s) sittingaround you, please politely ask such person(s) torespect the presentation and the people attending. Ifyou suspect that there is/are unscrupulousindividual(s) promoting other products orcompanies, please don’t hesitate to call the attentionof the speaker so we can politely PREVENT theirunethical actions and request them to leave thepremises.
  3. 3. Friendly Reminders!!• All the Mobile Phones must be on silent mode• No Texting or Calling while on training• Questions shall be entertained right after the presentation.
  4. 4. Thank you for your usualcooperation!
  6. 6. WHAT IS MYLX •Is an optional leverage business opportunity program open to all registered subscribers of LoadXtreme.eabt
  7. 7. eabt
  8. 8. myLX REGISTRATIONeabt
  9. 9. myLX REGISTRATIONeabt
  10. 10. myLX REGISTRATIONeabt
  12. 12. myLX REGISTRATIONeabt
  13. 13. How to activate your myLX account via web… ACTIVATE BUSINESS CENTEReabt
  14. 14. myLX REGISTRATIONeabt
  15. 15. Pageeabt
  16. 16. eabt
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  19. 19. myLX Member Page Navigationeabt
  20. 20. myLX Member Page Navigationeabt
  21. 21. myLX Member Pageeabt
  22. 22. How to Read your Genealogyeabt
  23. 23. MYLX GENEALOGYeabt
  24. 24. MYLX GENEALOGYeabt
  25. 25. HOW TO EARN DSI? P500 DSI P500 DSI Nice P500 DSI P500 DSI P500 DSI Jane Hya P500 DSI Feb Dada Ellen Ceres The DSI will be earned by whoever the sponsor ID is. Unlimited use of Sponsor IDeabt
  27. 27. How to earn TSB? Nice P500 TSB Jane Hya P500 TSB Feb P500 TSB Dada Ellen P500 TSB Ceres Placement ID can only be used twice. A registered silver package is worth 400GP TSB shall be earned if you have 400GP both on you’re a & B teams which is equivalent to 1 Sales Score. Computed on a pro-rataeabt
  28. 28. GOLD POINTSeabt
  29. 29. Ensures to have an equal income opportunity forall Technopreneurs of VMobile Technologies Inc.
  30. 30. SAFETY NET “BONUS POOL”eabt
  32. 32. Encashment Facility (Check)eabt
  33. 33. Encashment Facility (Check)eabt
  34. 34. Loadwallet Conversioneabt
  35. 35. • Loadwallet Conversion Cut off: Crediting: Friday 7pm Monday 7pm onwards Monday 7pm Wednesday 7pm onwards Wednesday 7pm Friday 7pm onwards• Encashment Cut-off is every Wednesday 12:00:00 (12nn) Release of check is every Friday at 11am-7pm eabt
  36. 36. Definition of Terms• Downline Pertains to any Technopreneur or TechnoUser that directly or indirectly joins under your sales network structure.• DSI – Direct Sales Incentive. Whenever you sell subscription packages or product packages to any prospect, you are entitled to earn Direct Sales incentive (DSI). Upon successful registration of the PPSC assigned to each product or product package you sell, myEnterprise instantly credits the corresponding DSI to your Account.• Team Sales Bonus (TSB) As you grow and develop active sales groups, your myEnterprise income also grows. TeamSales Bonus (TSB) allows you to earn commissions from the sales of products and subscription packages by forming two (2) Sales Teams: Sales Team A (STA), and Sales Team B (STB). The total Gold Sales Points volume produced under these Sales Teams determine your qualification to earn Sales Score (SS) and the corresponding TSB.eabt
  37. 37. Definition of Terms• PPSC – Product Pack Sales Code. PPSC is a 16--‐digit number that uniquely identifies a product or product package.• Sales Points (SP) The amount of point value assigned to each product. SP is used in computing most of the incentive features of the myEnterprise Program.• Sales Score (Score) Refers to the instance when the cumulative Gold SP on both Sales Teams (Sales am A and Sales Team B) becomes equal at 400 points. myEnterprise determines these occurrences to compute the TSB of a Business Executive.• Genealogy – study of ancestry. Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Genealogists use oral traditions, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. The results are often displayed in charts or written as narratives. eabt
  38. 38. • FAQs RESOURCES myEnterprise Program v1.3eabt
  39. 39. Thank you for your time.eabt