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  1. 1. Introduction: “The word that bridges the gap between “no more” to “know more”- Advertising and further between “know more” and “grow more”. Knowledge is power, they say and today the biggest weapon of power in anyone’s hands is that of advertising. Just as water is to a fish, advertising is to business; something without which the basic question of survival is bound to rise.In this jungle of name and fame, where every creature confidently defies William Shakespeare when he says,” What’s there in a name” there is definitely everything attached to name and it’s this name which gives you fame……And what gives an identity it’s name? Well, the only golden word “Advertising” Definitely roses will not smell less sweet by any other name but businesses will undoubtedly go back to the coffers if the world forgets their names and to keep them alive in the minds of billions, you go for publicity.Today everyone advertises – from crèches to crematorium ,from hotels to hospitals, from clubs to pubs,from marriage bureaus to lawyers…… well name it and you have it. Everyone needs recognition, from a 6 month baby in the cradle to a 60 year old preparing for a graveyard, from a beggar to a billionaire…… everyone wants you to recognize in a train or in a plane , irrespective of what you are. In the yesteryears , everything was considered fair in love & war and advertising . It does not mind if you have to pull someone down, important is that you should rise.And who helps you to project yourself in the public, who brings you from the greenlight to the limelight, who brings you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of recognition? Obviously, the advertising gurus seated comfortably in their mind-blowing officesThese Advertising Agencies may be raking in big “moollahs” but no one can question their contribution in enabling the business to burn their “choolahs” .Today there are the movie moghuls and cricketing badshahs dancing on their fingertips, models and celebrities weaving their irresistible web of magic around people like us. Well, necessity is the mother of invention and our necessities have opened the doors of prosperity for these agencies.Be it a product or be it a service, they have the magic formulae for everything and mind you, these formulae really work on our minds as is clear from our very own experiences. And sometimes their roles really makes a layman wonder as to what would have happen to those hundreds of unsung brands appearing as faces in the crowd on some rack or shelves of a huge supermarket or a not-so-popular stores if these agencies would have never risen from the sands of time.Today, the exposure of every individual to advertisements and advertising has increased manifolds than what it was in the past. Kudos to these agencies ; at least they have turned out to be major trend-setters and torch-bearers for people like us showing us the way to the magnanimous world of sophisticated products & services. However unethical and materialistic these agencies may be, at times in a bid to grab the lion’s share of the buyers’ market, it is doubtlessly certain that without these agencies we would have never come out from the age of transistors to reach the modern age of home theatres. Well, every cloud has a silver lining to it.Who can forget the extent and the manner in which Reliance Infocomm marketed its Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) Technology on the onset of the launch of its mobile service. Irrespective of the post-use catastrophes, the impact of solid marketing & publicity on the minds of an ordinary laymen for whom having a mobile in hand was nothing less than wearing a gold ring in the ring finger is reflected in the way such a person is today using a cell phone. The hype was created by the agencies like Xebec Communications who advertised the product of one of the Fortune 500 Companies of India and the hysteria still continues.The Objectives of the Project Report:The project deals with the study of advertising agencies encompassing a multi-dimensional discussion on the whereabouts of these agencies, their modus operandi, their manner and coverage of operations, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available to them and the threats posing obstacles in their journey to the max. This study shows the diversity underlining their operations and at the same time the unity in aims, objectives and target. As during the preparation of this project, some inevitable obstacles and natural hindrances restricted the scope of this study just as these agencies are restricted by many environmental and socio-economic factors, nonetheless, its a sincerest attempt to do the best possible justice to the said topic.AGENCIES COVERED:(1) Xebec(2) Canco(3) McCann-Erickson(4) Carat(5) Percept(6) Mudra<br />Number of Pages of Project Report:88Package Includes: Project ReportProject Format: Document (.doc)<br />Table of Contents of Project Report:CH 1 Research MethodologyCH 2 IntroductionCH 3 Profile3.1 Introduction to Advertising Agencies3.2 Functions of Advertising Agencies3.3 Model Organization StructureCH 4 ADVERTISING AGENCIES1 XEBEC1.1 The Whereabouts1.2 Modus Operandi1.3 The Canvas on which Xebec paints its product1.4 How can I know about Xebec?1.5 SWOT Analysis1.6 Case Studies1.7 Awards and Achievements1.8 Who’s who in Xebec 1.9 Divisions of Xebec1.10 List of Clients2 CARAT2.1 The Whereabouts2.2 Modus Operandi2.3 SWOT Analysis2.4 List of clients<br />3 CANCO3.1 The Whereabouts3.2 Modus Operandi3.3 SWOT Analysis3.4 Canvas on which Canco paints its product3.5 How can I know about Canco3.6 Organization Structure3.7 Facilities offered by Canco3.8 Awards4 MCCANN - ERICKSON4.1 History4.2 Who’s Who4.3 Modus Operandi4.4 SWOT Analysis5 MUDRA5.1 History5.2 Pioneers in Advertising Agencies5.3 Divisions5.4 Founder5.5 List of Awards5.6 Major Clients5.7 Organization StructureCH 5 SWOT Analysis of Advertising Agencies-Comparative StudyCH 6 Statistics6.1 Comparison between Gross Income of Top 25 Agencies6.2 Growth of Advertising Agencies6.3 Top 20 Advertising Agencies6.4 Top 20 Advertising Spenders6.5 Agencies Ranking6.6 2001- Top Ten Multinational Advertisers6.7 2001- Top Ten Advertising Agencies6.8 Comparison of Agencies on the basis of Worldwide Gross Income6.9 Graph of Growth of AgenciesCH 7 Suggestions and RecommendationsCH 8 ConclusionCH9 AnnexureCH10 Bibliography and Webliography<br />Advertising Agency Business <br />March 21, 2010 10 Comments <br />There is a great scope of advertising business in India .This is because MNC companies which have recently been allowed to sell products in India depend heavily on the agencies to reach out to the common masses. Likewise small companies- coming up in large number -due to easy availability of business loans are looking for effective means to promote themselves in the market. With the help of these agencies small and big companies in India are trying hard to make their presence felt. Given the scenario, if you start your own advertising business you can make hay when the sun shines.<br />How to Start an Advertising Agency Business in India?Before you start your own business, it is good if you acquire experience working at an advertising agency.<br />Get your skills honed in copywriting and graphic art. If possible get an insight into how the accounting department works. This experience will stand you in good stead.<br />After learning the ropes you can venture out on your own. Choose an office in the right location. Pick a location that offers exposure to potential business customers. Obtain a business license.<br />Start Outdoor Advertising BusinessOutdoor advertising is a very important aspect of advertisement agency. Get in touch with media houses and buy out spaces in important junctions. This is where your discretion would come into play. If the space you buy is in a busy location or in a location which would develop shortly it would turn out to be a sound investment.<br />Before you get customers it is important to devise a marketing plan. The plan must include an assessment wherein you try to find out what is going on in the market. Try to know the history and the current situation of the market. Analyze the major trends in the market. Have insight into the future. Your plan should also include what your client should do about the most important opportunities or problems presented by the situation. You need to know how to deal with the brand. Once you produce results for your customers, you can build a portfolio to net more of the.<br />Start Online and Internet Advertising BusinessAdvertising business opportunity on the Internet has endless possibilities. Once you know how it works it can become a very profitable. All you need for this is a little bit of experience in advertising and thorough knowledge of how the internet works.<br />Internet Advertising Consulting Services has become a specialized field. You can always help companies get their names and brands on the web. This will give you an edge over other advertising companies – most of which are still focusing on contemporary methods of advertising.<br />Open your own advertising consulting services business today and step into the future.<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Permanent Link: Advertising Jobs" Advertising Jobs- Jobs in Advertising Agency: The benefits of job in agencies are that you will get...<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Permanent Link: How to Start a Talent Agency Business: Plan to Open a Talent Agency" How to Start a Talent Agency Business: Plan to Open a Talent Agency- There is a large pool of talent waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talent....<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Permanent Link: How to Start a Recruitment Agency Business: Plan and Development" How to Start a Recruitment Agency Business: Plan and Development- In today’s hectic business environment, all organizations don’t have time to recruit their required staff...<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Permanent Link: Home Based Travel Agency Business | Travel Agent Business Opportunity" Home Based Travel Agency Business | Travel Agent Business Opportunity- I got good questions in comments on how to start travel business page, so I...<br /> HYPERLINK "" o "Permanent Link: Cool Business Ideas" Cool Business Ideas- Question: I was working with one of the leading advertising agencies in Dubai as Media...<br /> HYPERLINK "" Share <br />10 Comments HYPERLINK "" l "respond" o "Leave a comment" »<br />girish said: <br />Hi,<br />I am very much interested in internet advertising and i am currently working as a software engineer in a start up company.what is the initial investment for this please help me.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br />Scott Wilson Reply:May 12th, 2010 at 7:38 am<br />Mr. Girish,If you are interested in this field and you are software engineer, then this is the perfect plan for you. This can be done part time as well. As far as the investment is concerned, there is not much investment needed in this. You need approximate 200-400 USD to start up.If you need any further guidance and assistance, you can surely ask as many questions as you want.Thank you.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br />S R Reply:September 25th, 2010 at 9:58 pm<br />Hi, I am also very much interested to set up an ad agency. But I do not have any relevant exp in the field but my strong point is I can think differently and can create some good ads which should be in a practical way. Please let me know how to start the ad business either through internet or external? Many thanks in advance for your inputs. Thanks.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 12 May 2010 at 6:44 am <br />A R said: <br />I am really interested in outdoor advertising. What is the process to start out door advertising? I am new to this. Can you let me know what all I need to know to get into this business..starting from applying for license to selecting spots,from the cost of renting places to the cost of constructing hoarding frame..please let me know.thank you<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 16 July 2010 at 6:46 am <br />S R said: <br />Respected sir, I am a 4th year undergraduate (computer science) in a top-rated college in India. I even worked has an intern in a software company. I have a dream of starting my own ad agency here. Your post boosted me encouragement to this. How can I start online and internet advertising agency? Please help me out with some important information.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 28 July 2010 at 4:21 am <br />S S said: <br />Hi, can anybody here, please guide me of getting the license for establishing an ad agency, I am running my own ad agency from last 2 years , and I have more than 5 years experience in this industry.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br />M F Reply:December 15th, 2010 at 4:42 am<br />Hello, I am planning to open an Advertising agency. I am only 21 and I really want to make this ad agency business work. Can you help me how to set up this business, what are the requirements and how to make this work? Thank you.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 5 October 2010 at 5:36 am <br />V U said: <br />I am interested in to start an ad agency. Can you please help me find out total estimation cost to establish, and licence procedure + costs.Also suggest me some good name for my ad agency.Thank you in advance<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 25 October 2010 at 10:58 am <br />SR said: <br />Respected sir,I am a BBA student and hence like to start up with add agency. Can you help me out in identifying the estimated cost, legal formalities and what other qualification I have to bear.Thank you.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br /># 11 February 2011 at 4:13 am <br />ST said: <br />Hello Sir,I have 4 yrs experience in IT field but now I want setup an Ad Agency please suggest me all about this. And how I can start my own Ad Agency? Please give me your valuable suggestions.Thank you.<br /> HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0)" Reply This Comment<br />How to Start an Advertising Agency<br />As the head of an advertising agency, you're the white knight for other business owners. You're the solution to their problems, you bring relief to the very thing that keeps them up all night--how to make more money and succeed. You're the person to launch businesses and cause companies to make millionaires.<br />Difficulty:<br />Moderately Challenging<br />Instructions<br />1 <br />Learn advertising. Take copywriting and graphic artist courses at a local college. Your instructors will give you projects, then provide you with feedback. Save the finished product for your portfolio. Volunteer your new advertising and graphic art skills at a local church and non profit organization. Save copies of your work as part of your portfolio.<br />2 <br />Follow your studies up by reading Claude C. Hopkins "My life in Advertising" and "Scientific Advertising."<br />3 <br />Prepare a resume listing your schools and experiences. Make a hardcopy of your portfolio. List copies of your advertising and graphic art work. Submit a resume, cover letter and a few samples to an advertising agency.<br />4 <br />Gain experience working at the advertising agency. Do work involving both copywriting and graphic art. Work in the accounting department. Future prospects could turn you down if you don't have experience.<br />5 <br />Determine if you're going to be a freelance advertising agency or one that works from an office building. Obtain a business license in either case. If you're going to work out of an office, get building, fire and safety inspections. Your location is very important. Pick a location that offers exposure to potential business customers.<br />6 <br />Come up with a business and marketing plan. Use your copywriting and graphic artist skills to market your service.<br />Event Mgmt and PR<br />Ashok INLEAD offers 1year P.G Diplo ma with 100% placement assistance<br />B2B Marketing<br />2 Day Strategic Marketing Seminar Over 70,000 Succesful Alumni<br />See Your Ad On<br />Advertise Your Business On Google. Get A Free Rs. 1,500 Trial Coupon!<br />Job Openings in<br />Exp: 0 to 13 Yrs.Sal: 25k to 95k PM Apply Now & get Multiple Interviews<br />Ads by Google<br />Tips & Warnings<br />Know Bernard B. Kamoroff's "Small Time Operator" like the back of your hand before starting a business. In fact, don't do anything to start your business before reading this book.<br />Contact your small business development organization before starting a business to learn what you need in terms of licenses, inspections and records. They want to help you succeed before you start, as successful businesses bring jobs to your region.<br />Read Claude C. Hopkins two books, "Scientific Advertising" and "My Life in Advertising." If you plan on starting an advertising company, this book should be your bible. You should also read John Caples' "Tested Advertising Methods." This book should be a co-bible at your advertising agency. Both books should be required reading once you gain employees.<br />Resources<br />Small Business Administration website provides basic business starting information<br />IRS website provides information on getting managing your business' taxes<br />Train Up offers online advertising seminars<br />Online advertising offers links to Internet media training, market targeting and other advertising resources<br />Visit to shop for the titles listed in the steps above<br />Print<br />Email<br />Share<br />Comments <br />Billy Emiezi Apr 04, 2011 <br />An eye opener.<br />Володя Apr 03, 2011 <br />Strange article... Get building, good location. Looks like a variation "How to start WhateverYouWant" (type in, what you need).<br />mktsharemaster Jan 15, 2011 <br />Business owner beware! This article demonstrates why many businesses fail at the hands of Creative and Print shops purporting to be Advertising Agencies. The above description is How to start a Creative Shop, not an Advertising Agency! The Creative Shop can charge you tens of thousands for a super bowl quality ad, but if you do not run an effective campaign using that ad, you might as well light your money on fire! <br />Print<br />Email<br />Share<br />Related Ads<br />Advertising Agency<br />Advertising Agencies<br />Web Design Agency<br />Marketing Agency<br />Real Estate Agency<br />AD Agency<br />Related Articles & Videos<br />How to Start a Newspaper Ad Agency <br />How to Choose an Advertising Agency <br />How to Start a Printing & Advertising Agency <br />How to Start a Digital Media Ad Agency <br />How to Set Up an Advertising Agency <br />What Is an Advertising Photographer? <br />Starting a Modeling Agency <br />How to Start a Modeling Agency <br />How to Start an Insurance Agency <br />How to Advertise Babysitting Services <br />Top of Form<br />Bottom of Form<br />You can also make money by operating your own ad agency from home.  Offer businesses advertising space in YOUR publication. You will run a little publication  that contains adverts and if you like, a sprinkling of articles. You take payment from advertisers first before they place their adverts with you. You use part of this money for printing and distribution costs. The balance of the money is your own profits to keep. You now arrange distribution of your publication. In this way, you can start and operate a highly profitable advertising business without spending a single cent. You use the finances of other people (the advertisers) to float your start up expenses and reap for you a sizable profit on a daily basis.<br />Publication Size  <br />Firstly, give a name to your publication. This makes it easily identifiable and it looks professional too. Now decide on how your publication is going to look and how many pages it will consist of. It is good to start with three A4 pages. Place these three A4 pages together and fold horizontally to make an A5 sized publication that has A5 sides. The name of your publication and your telephone number goes on the top first page. Decide on the area you will distribute these publications. Put the name of this area next to or immediately below the name of your publication. At a later stage, you may run same named publications but in different areas.<br />Decide on the number of copies of your publication you wish to distribute in a specific area. The more you plan to distribute, the happier your advertisers will feel about advertising with you. This is because the more copies you distribute, the greater amount of people will read the adverts and hence more exposure and business is possible for your advertiser.  Try and visit at least three printers and get printing quotes on printing your publication. <br />Distribution <br />You can use various methods to distribute your publications like handing them out at street corners to passing pedestrians and motorists, at busy malls, at community centers and door to door in neighborhoods. <br />Work out the cost to distribute each copy of your publication. You may need to employ school kids or part-time workers to do the distribution for you. Decide on what to pay them. Three cents per publication correctly delivered is a very fair price. Do random checks to ensure that these are delivered to your requirements. This method is the most effective method from a cost point of view and it works the best. The amount per copy you decide to pay is your distribution costs.<br />Charging Advertisers<br />In order to calculate a fair price to charge advertisers, ensuring you have a sizable profit for your time and trouble, you’ll have to work backwards.<br />The costs you have so far are printing costs and distribution costs (including fuel costs and sundries if applicable). Adding these two together will give you a total of all costs you will ever get. This represents the total operating costs to you. Calculate ? (one third) of the total operating costs. This figure that you get represents your profit that you keep for yourself. Add this profit figure to your total operating costs figure. The amount you get represents the total amount of money you need to get from total advertisers’ fees that you have to charge. Divide this amount by the number of page sides (twelve A5 sides if you choose the size mentioned earlier).This figure will give you the cost of advertising space for one A5 side of your publication. Divide this figure by four and the new figure that you get will give you the cost of ¼ (one quarter) page of advertising fee in your publication. You will base your advertising fees on this figure per quarter page of advertising space. As an incentive for advertisers to book more space in your publication, you can give discounts on larger spots taken.<br />Remember advertisers pay you first, then their advert appears. This money received from advertisers is pooled together and used to finance operating costs and your very own profit. You can therefore start and operate this business with no capital whatsoever.<br />How To Get Advertisers<br />Get hold of newspapers on a regular basis. Jot down details of small businesses or individuals advertising in the classifieds. Check this newspaper on different days and cross check with the list you have already drawn up. Once you find adverts appearing more than once, tick these off on your list. Contact these people and offer your advertising services.<br />Collect Adverts And Prepare<br />The last stage is to collect adverts from advertisers, collect payments and hand over adverts to your printers. Explain the setting up of your publication to your printer, who’ll do the layout and typesetting for you. Once the entire publication is typeset, check for any errors and if happy commence with printing. Some customers may have fancy logos which can easily be scanned onto your publication. <br />You may find that you will have to assist some advertisers with the drafting and preparation of their adverts. Do this for them as part of the service. It is important to create a deadline for taking in adverts. If you find you have some space left, allow a few extra days making sure you don’t run behind schedule.<br />Notify advertisers when publications will be ready and when, how and where they will be distributed. Give the advertiser a publication for his own records.<br />Once publications are ready, commence with distribution as planned.<br />Conclusion<br />The first time you do this may seem a bit taxing but the second time round will be a breeze as more advertisers gain confidence in you, your business and your abilities. As we found in our second time, we had so many advertisers that space was booked in two days! We had to put off the rest till the following week. <br />Think of how much advertising you run into every day. Magazine ads, television, some places you'll even find advertising in bathroom stalls! <br />You must make a marketing difference. You need a strategy. You have to be distinct. <br />So just how do you stand out from the competition? It's a long, well-thought out process. And it begins with your marketing plan. <br />There are several key factors you must identify to make your marketing plan a strong one: <br />Who are your potential customers? <br />What's the most effective way to inform your potential customers? <br />What do your customers want? <br />How can you position your product/service in an appealing manner? <br />Look closely at your target market. What's their age, sex, profession, income level, educational level and residence? <br />If you're selling $70,000 vehicles, it really is a waste of time to target an audience who's making minimum wage. Sure, they may come by the dealership and test drive the car. But will they be able to afford the payments? It may sound like a cold way to approach your marketing strategy but, after all, you're in business to make money. <br />Learn all you can about your competitors: <br />Who are your nearest direct and indirect competitors? <br />What are their strengths and weaknesses? <br />Analyze market research data. <br />Now compare your product/service to your competition: <br />Is there a demand for your product/service? <br />What are the similarities and differences between your product/service and the competition? <br />Assess the unique features of your product/service. <br />Once you identify how your product/service is different, you can begin your description. Emphasize the special features. <br />Hit your selling points. Is your product easier to use, faster, smaller, cheaper? <br />You know your company provides a product or service that's better than your competition. Now you're ready for the meat of your marketing plan. Your marketing budget includes: <br />Advertising and promotional plan <br />Costs allotted for advertising and promotions <br />Advertising and promotional materials <br />List of advertising media to be used and an estimate of costs for each medium <br />You know how much you can spend now and just where you should spend it. You're ready to focus on your product's pricing strategy. <br />Write a brief description of your pricing techniques. Several elements can help you determine your pricing strategy: <br />Retail costing and pricing (for retail businesses only) <br />Competitive position <br />Pricing below competition <br />Price lining <br />Multiple pricing (for service businesses only) <br />Service components <br />Material costs <br />Labor costs <br />Overhead costs <br />Overall, your marketing plan is designed to give you short- and long-term goals as well as a strategy to achieve those goals. Spend as much time as you need on your marketing plan. <br />It's a hashing out process that's a lot like a child. It will only be successful if it's given a lot of time and attention. <br />Suggested Reading<br />10 Ways to Get Customers to Buy Now<br />10 Ways to Run Your Own Advertising Campaign<br />Small Budget Advertising <br />Related Articles<br />Marketing Plans - Pricing Strategy Section Of The Marketing Plan<br />Marketing Strategy - How to Write a Small Business Plan Marketing Strategy<br />Writing A Business Plan - Marketing Plan Section Of Business Plan<br />Marketing Plans - Marketing Plan Definition<br />Marketing Plans Versus Marketing Strategy<br />Starting your own advertising agency business is not difficult if you have the right aptitude and the inclination. There are too many options to choose from, start, and run a successful advertising agency.<br />Start Your Own Publication: <br />There are many ways to start your own advertising agency business and one of the most cost effective methods is to start a small publication with a few articles and publications you personally wrote. <br />If you can collect money from the advertisers before starting your publication, you could get your advertisers to finance your start up needs! Use part of the collected money for printing and distribution, the remaining balance will be your profit, or you may spend some bucks for your own advertising. <br />Select a name for your publication, the layout and, the logo designs. <br />Research for papers and magazines to see who advertises a lot and invite them to place ads in your publication. <br />Contact a few printing companies and compare their prices and offers. <br />Make some lists of the number of copies to be distributed in particular areas. <br />Plan a good distribution strategy, including distribution in public places like cinema halls, malls, parks, door-to-door delivery, in the streets etc. <br />Estimate the cost of distributing the publication, have some workers to distribute them and compute their compensation based on your planned budget. <br />Do a research on how much to charge per advertisement. Make sure your price is competitive, and also make sure you make profit. <br />Offer your advertisers a help with the design and drafting of their advertisements if necessary and let them know the schedule of the release, where and how many copies, and make sure that they get a copy of the publication too. <br />This method has been tested and proven to work many times making several people earn a decent income working from home. Many big online advertising companies started using the same way. <br />Use the Internet to Start You Own Advertising Agency: The Internet has taken marketing, advertising, and promotion strategies to unprecedented levels, as the reach is astounding. If you understand the basics of Internet Marketing and have a little background in advertising and promotion, you can have a very profitable and productive career by starting your own advertising agency business. <br />EZines: These are electronic online magazines and are very popular. Ezines usually specialize and focus in certain specific areas and levels interest. Make sure that the topic is interesting and people will surely advertise in them, as the cost of advertising is lower as well as having the potential to reach millions of people online, making it a very powerful advertising tool over the Internet. So give some thoughts in starting an Ezine website and taking it the first step in starting your own advertising agency business. There too many options available. Choose the one that suits your aptitude, skills, experience and budget. Hard work, perseverance, dedication, and determination will definitely ensure success. Starting an advertising agency business needs reputation, contacts, and timing. Publications and Ezines are just some stepping stones to start with, and to build contacts and reputation. <br />Advertising is a big business in this era in India. Indian Advertising industry has witnessed a prominent globalisation. With the inception of various divisions,the advertising industry has undergone a sea change. Indian consumer's deepening pocket and blooming markets for ad-spends have touched new heights in India. The Indian Advertising Companies are creating stories and brand experiences in a way that engages and involves. The Best Indian sites offers the names of the top Advertising Organizations In India. <br />Here is a list of the top Indian websites and a quick glance at them will help you to get the required knowledge about the websites<br />Top Advertising Companies Of India:<br />Ogilvy and Mather: <br />This is one of the leading advertising company in India. This organization believes that devotion to the brand defines the profile of their company. This company has offices across the globe. The objective of the company is to build brands. I t is a subsidiary of WPP Group plc. The headquarter of the company is in New York. <br />J Walter Thompson India:<br />One of the most popular company in the advertising industry is J Walter Thompson India. Their objective is to make advertising a part of the life of the consumers. This is also world's best advertising brand with about 200 offices in 90 countries. This company is the first one to introduce pioneer careers in ad for women,sex-appeal ads and also produced the first ever sponsored -TV program. <br />Mudra Communication Pvt. Ltd:<br />This is one of the renowned advertising company of India. This advertising organization was founded in the year 1980 at Mumbai. Recently the Ad company declared the addition of public relations,rural marketing,events etc. The head office of the company is in Bombay Area.<br />FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd:<br />One of the best company in India in the advertising arena is FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd. In US ,this advertising company ranks third and tenth in the world having about 188 offices in 102 countries. Their aim is to reflect the needs of the brand and not the personality of the brand. It has about 500 professionals and no prima donnas. <br />Rediffusion-DY&R:<br />This Advertising company of India has made a benchmark in the field of creativity. India's 5th largest advertising company is Rediffusion. This advertising agency offers a wide array of integrated pr services for external and internal communications. The primary strength of the company lies in the media relations. <br />McCann-Erickson India Ltd:<br />The prominent name among the best advertising companies of India is McCann-Erickson India Ltd. They define work in relation to the impact that advertising has on the lives of masses. The testimony of the company in which it firmly believes is the campaign of Coca -cola-'Thanda Matlab Coca Cola'. <br />RK Swamy/BBDO Advertising Ltd:<br />It maintained the record of remaining consistently among the top ten advertising agencies in India. Established in 1973,this advertising reached great heights. This is also India's No.1 research company in the market sector and is fully run by Indians. Brand Equity is an integral part of the company. <br />Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd:<br />A significant name in India in the world of advertising agencies is Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt Ltd.The company is primarily based in Mumbai and has offices in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and New Delhi. It is a subsidiary of Grey Worldwide. The company specializes in advertising and marketing services. <br />Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd :<br />It has a significant presence in about 96 offices in 10 countries. This advertising agency was awarded the 'Worldwide Agency of the Year' in 2004.They are proficient in explaining how a single image is worth thousand words and can break the barriers of language but not at the cost of the ad's emotional power. <br />Contract Advertising India Ltd:<br />This advertising company of India is one of the leading advertising agencies in India. It is one-to-one customer lifecycle management advertising agency. It was founded in 1992 and is situated in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of services like online marketing and strategy and many others.<br />