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Emotional intelligence the endurance case june 2013


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Emotional Intelligence and The Endurance case study

Published in: Technology, Business
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Emotional intelligence the endurance case june 2013

  2. 2.
  3. 3.  Shackletons obsession to reach and explore theAntarctic 1914 --> Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Target --> To cross the Antarctic Continent on foot
  4. 4.  What happened with the Endurance Shackleton proved is a great leader All his 28 members of crew survived
  5. 5.  Accurate self-assessments Great self-confidence He knew his strengthsand limits He selected optimiststo be his crew
  6. 6.  Adaptability Emotional self-control Achievement orientation Trustworthiness Optimism
  7. 7.  Honest leader Great empathy Organizationalawareness Teamwork Loyalty
  8. 8.  Inspirational leader He helped his men improve their performance He supported teamwork and collaboration All felt valued and equal Responsibility and sufficient independence High morale
  9. 9.  Intentional Change Theory (ICT) by Boyatzis
  10. 10.  Tips for empathy Tips forcommunication skills Steps to EnhanceCommunicationSkills
  11. 11.  Emotional Intelligence is a competence thathas great flexibility. People can work on it and improve it. "No creature can fly with just one wing.Gifted leadership occurs when heart and head- feeling and thought - meet. These are thetwo wings that allow a leader to soar"(Goleman, 26)