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What am i going to teach my English class? Conceptualising Content for Foreign Language Activities


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Assignment 4
Appendix D

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What am i going to teach my English class? Conceptualising Content for Foreign Language Activities

  1. 1. Conceptualising Content forForeign Language Activities
  2. 2. Aim: To help teachers rather than the textbooks make decisions about the content of their classes1.A look at the MEXT objective2.Two assumptions about Foreign Language Activities3.What language shall I teach?4.How will the language will be used?5.A word about objectives
  3. 3. To form the foundation of pupils’ communicationabilities through foreign languages while developingthe understanding of languages and cultures throughvarious experiences, fostering a positive attitudetoward communication, and familiarizing pupils withthe sounds and basic expressions of foreign languages.
  4. 4. What does it mean to develop understandingof languages and cultures?To gain knowledge about languagesand cultures?To gain the ability to use the languageand participate in the culture?Something in between?
  5. 5. What does it mean to be familiar with thesounds and basic expressions of a language? To have heard them? To recognise them? To be able to reproduce them? To be able to use them?
  6. 6. I just play games and try to make itfunI just follow the textbookI tried following the plan in theteachers’ book, but it was reallyboring
  7. 7. 1.We are going to be teaching English2.Since we will be teaching English, we want their students to be able to do something with English by the end of the course
  8. 8. Look at the Teaching Taxonomy for ELLsi. Tick the boxes for the language you would like / expect to cover in your classii. Compare and discuss your answers with other members of your group
  9. 9. 1.They ask for information2.They give information i. About external things ii. About their personal world3. They demand actions4. They interact with others
  10. 10. Look at the Language Functions page.Match the example sentences to the functions.
  11. 11. Giving information Asking for Demanding Interactinginformation about external about their actions with others things personal world c e d k g j afi b h
  12. 12. Each group will be assigned a section of the taxonomyi. Look at the language you have chosen for your section. Decide how you want the students to use the language and list some vocabulary and expressions students could useii. Check the textbook for useful pages. Identify language not covered in the textbookiii. Present your results to the group
  13. 13. A good objective will include:i. Subjectii. A performanceiii. Conditions (if any)iv. A measurev. Criteria
  14. 14. Subject and performance:The students will be able to...Conditionsfollow 3 step verbal directions
  15. 15. Measure:Classroom observationCompleted task sheetSelf assessment (振り返カード)Video of performanceetc
  16. 16. Criteria:Success in getting the message acrossAudibilityEye contactGesturesetc
  17. 17. Summarise your group’s presentation.Write an objective for the function you selected.Email the summary and objective to me