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Jobs roles and contracts


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Descriptions of film production roles and responsibilities

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Jobs roles and contracts

  1. 1. Job roles and contracts By Gabriella SaidThursday, 10 January 13
  2. 2. Runner • A Runner is responsible for a huge range of jobs, usually quite straightforward, such as stopping traffic during production and fetching items from props; requires complete reliability and the ability to use initiative and follow instructions precisely. The main entry point to the film industry.Thursday, 10 January 13
  3. 3. Researcher • A Researcher often develops ideas for television programmes, finding information or contracts to meets the programmes requirements, for the producers to decide next steps. An entry route into television.Thursday, 10 January 13
  4. 4. Editor • An Editor is responsible for completing the production as a sequence of shots made from the rushes, dialogue, sound effects and graphics.Thursday, 10 January 13
  5. 5. Director • A Director is the driving artistic force behind the production. Directs both the crew and cast or presenters as to how they want a section to look or scene to be played. Typically directs actors or participants and shots composition, alongside casting, script editing, and working with the editor.Thursday, 10 January 13
  6. 6. Floor Manager • A Floor manager is a liaison between the director and the studio floor; which manages the studio, cast, crew, audience and all the safety and fire precautions.Thursday, 10 January 13
  7. 7. Location Manager • The Location manager is responsible for finding, selecting and finalising locations.Thursday, 10 January 13
  8. 8. Director of Photography • The Director of photography is responsible for the process of filming a scene as the director intends it to look. The role includes choosing cameras, lenses and the type of film stock to be used. DP’s also design and select the lighting, and work with the director on shot composition.Thursday, 10 January 13
  9. 9. Camera Operator • A Camera operator operates the camera to the specifications required by the director. Freelance camera operators often provide their own camera on a small-scale shoot.Thursday, 10 January 13
  10. 10. Sound Designer • The sound designer is in charge of the whole film soundtrack; responsible for designing and overseeing or creating all the audio elements.Thursday, 10 January 13
  11. 11. Sound Mixer • A sound mixer is the audio engineer who performs the sound mix in post- production.Thursday, 10 January 13
  12. 12. Sound Recordist • A Sound recordist is responsible for operation the audio recording equipment on a set.Thursday, 10 January 13
  13. 13. Producer • A Producer is in charge of a media production in all matter except for the creative efforts of the director; makes a production happen; responsible for raising finance and hiring key crew members. including the director.Thursday, 10 January 13
  14. 14. Executive Producer • An Executive producer is responsible for the overall production; might handle financial. business and legal matters.Thursday, 10 January 13
  15. 15. Line Producer • A Line producer is responsible for managing and coordinating the production; managing human, technical and financial resources efficiently.Thursday, 10 January 13
  16. 16. Designer • A Designer is responsible for the art department which designs and builds sets, as well as the work of the props, costume, hair and make-up specialists.Thursday, 10 January 13