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GSR Rural Development Planning (Part 2)


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Part two of a series of three presentations demonstrating the best thing about GSR projects is that they not only work on a small budget – they actually make a large profit while they help rural economies to grow.

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GSR Rural Development Planning (Part 2)

  1. 1. Practical Triple Bottom Line Development Part 2
  2. 2. GSR’s key to local successIs local partnership ©2009 Green Self Reliance 2
  3. 3. Local partners are invested heart and soul We conduct all assessments andestablish goals with our local partners, andprogressively hand overcomplete management control ©2009 Green Self Reliance 3
  4. 4. Full employment GSR’s local partnersalways stress hiring asmany people from the local community as possible. Full employment builds local pride and local buy-in ©2009 Green Self Reliance 4
  5. 5. Building equity GSR brings financial equity. Ourpartners provide the sweat equity ©2009 Green Self Reliance 5
  6. 6. Recycling profits GSR invests profits from localoperations in developing local business to fulfill local needs ©2009 Green Self Reliance 6
  7. 7. FOCUSING ON MEETING LOCAL NEEDSGSR’s local partners insisted on building corn mills, even though theglobal price is low. Still local farmers are planting tens of thousands ofacres of corn ©2009 Green Self Reliance 7
  8. 8. Empowering local entrepreneurs Professionals learns to manage, becomes business owner Unskilled workers becomes skilled professionals Unskilled workers increaseproductivity thru OTJ training ©2009 Green Self Reliance 8
  9. 9. The appropriate technology advantage -Affordable CAPEX plus maximum employment ©2009 Green Self Reliance 9
  10. 10. The ResultsGSR helps our localpartners build theiragricultural capacitysustainably. This improvessmall farmer income andputs nutritious food on thetable 10
  11. 11. 11