CloudLuxe Network Security


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CloudLuxe Network Security provides solution in a cloud that protects your data and network, delivering Anti Virus, E-mail protection, Firewall and Router security.

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CloudLuxe Network Security

  1. 1. ®ROBUST NETWORK ANDEMAIL PROTECTION CloudLuxe SECURITYProtecting your network from external attacks minimises yourdowntime, increases your network’s efficiency and your business’productivity. E-mail SPAM, viruses and network attacks all waste timeand are potentially extremely costly. CloudLuxe Security addressesall of these problems from the cloud.
  2. 2. ROBUST EMAIL AND CloudLuxeNETWORK PROTECTION SECURITY No matter how big or small your company is, your data is valuable. But is it safe enough? GCOMM can help you overcome your online CLOUD vulnerability. LUXE Security means a lot of different things. To some, it’s locking up your servers in a concrete building with 24/7 limited access. Or, it could mean that your servers are guarded by firewalls. The perceptions are different, and so are the levels of security. But, the risks are always out there. GCOMM thinks that security begins by safeguarding your data with appropriate network security, monitoring and policies. It also means that we’re thinking about potential financial losses, your reputation, business continuity and potential compliance issues. That’s why we’ve come up with CloudLuxe Security whichSuitable for your business protects your network as your company grows.if you want to: We focus on security, so you can focus on business.1. reduce potential downtime caused by external attacks Protecting your network from external attacks minimises your downtime, increases your network’s efficiency and your business’ productivity. E-mail SPAM, viruses and2. outsource network security network attacks all waste time and can be extremely costly. CloudLuxe Security to experts or don’t have addresses all of these problems from the cloud. in-house expertise CloudLuxe Security reduces your management and support costs, as well as3. have enterprise grade eliminates hardware expenditure by provisioning the services from the Cloud. technology delivered as a service Security solutions that fit your business’ security needs4. want to have detailed logging and reports Some businesses want a comprehensive, completely managed, multilayered of user network activity security implementation across their entire business. Others prefer to manage security with in-house resources armed with effective tools for their existing network. Either way, GCOMM can help. We assess and then tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether that’s providing end-to-end services or giving your IT team the best tools. For more information call: 1300 221 115 or visit© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 1
  3. 3. ROBUST EMAIL AND CloudLuxeNETWORK PROTECTION SECURITY CloudLuxe Security for Sunland Group The Sunland Group is one of the pre-eminent hotel and residential developers in Australia and is responsible for building some of the most innovative and recognisable buildings in Australia. GCOMM delivered a CloudLuxe Connectivity and CloudLuxe Internet solution, as well as CloudLuxe Security, which provided complete security for the organisations Internet gateway. Read More Integrated Solution. Service specifics Features All-in-one managed services that connect with your high-speed network FIREWALL e-mail filtering, content filtering, activity CloudLuxe Security provides firewalling as • Filtering of all traffic entering and leaving logging and a rock solid firewall to a service, no hardware purchase required. your network for malicious activity secure your business. We have the engineering skills needed to • Content filtering policies for restricting manage the solution for you. access to unwanted sites Customer Data Protection. The configuration, maintenance and • Supports remote VPN connections Keeping your customers data safe performance of the firewall is provided reduces the risk of legal action from as part of the service. data theft. No Business disruption. CloudLuxe Security protects against E-MAIL PROTECTION business disruption, which helps CloudLuxe Security email filtering service • E-mail filtering for SPAM and Viruses keep employees productive and filters your company’s email, checking it • Reputation-based filtering for highly improves collaboration. for SPAM illegitimate or infected content accurate results and preventing it from being delivered. • Less than 1 in 1 million false positives Regulatory Compliance. The solution is highly accurate, redundant • Enterprise-grade protection Our security services help your and will increase the productivity in your • Powered by Cisco IronPort company meet your industry’s business all from the Cloud. regulatory compliance. Secure Remote Access. Your employees can securely ANTI-VIRUS access the resources they need, CloudLuxe Security anti-virus protection • Protects your entire network including while your business is protected is designed to provide an effective servers and desktops from unauthorized access and shield from viruses, worms and other • Simple management interface Internet threats. malicious programs that could jeopardise • Real time virus definition updates your business’ critical data. The service are maintained Solid Reputation. includes automatic updates to the latest Our security services help you virus definitions, giving you peace of mind, guard one of your company’s most allowing you to run your business – without important assets – your reputation. worrying about security threats. About GCOMM Established in 1996, GCOMM is highly experienced in the IT industry, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long term customer relationships. Specialising in the 1300 221 115 delivery of managed, enterprise grade cloud-based IT services to medium and large sized enterprises with multiple office locations, GCOMM is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Get a 7 day free trial Sign up for no obligation, 7 day, free email filtering trial and protect Sign up now your network from E-mail SPAM, viruses and network attacks.© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. ®Address Phone 1300 221 115 Learn MoreGround Floor, Gateway Building, To find out more about how CloudLuxe 50 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise, Security can benefit your business, visit Queensland, Australia For Sales Enquiries please email 1300 221 116 a-service /network-security© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.