Meeting The Needs Of The Cross-Channel Shopper


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As consumers demand better and more personalized shopping experiences, retailers have an opportunity to drive sales and loyalty by delivering a seamless omnichannel experience. The best strategies and solutions will balance a targeted marketing approach with shoppers’ willingness to share personal information and access promotional messaging. This session will provide insights into the psyche of the new omnichannel consumer and strategies to implement throughout the enterprise.

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  • How we got here – the evolution of retail and POS over the last few years and what this means
  • The customer is truly the center of the universe and has the power in her hands to directly influence her shopping experience
  • BRP surveys top retailers every year to understand the trends and initiatives driving retailers
  • Customers are going mobile - By the end of 2014 the mix of POS hardware will change tremendously – 55% of retailers expect customer-owned mobile devices to be one of their POS offerings
  • Customers are going mobile and here is why retailers are going mobile
  • Customers use their mobile devices to interact with friends, get advice on outfits, etc. – retailers need to also look at how they can offer tools for the customers to use to interact with associates or with their friends
  • As mobile becomes more important retailers are starting to see the importance of a centralized technology platform to truly offer an omni-channel experienceThe internet really started cross-channel shopping and now mobile is pushing it to new heights
  • Omni-channel services to optimize the customer’s shopping experience
  • There are still ways to enhance the experience – many retailers still cannot identify customers at the POS so how can they truly offer an omni-channel experience?
  • Again, retailers have opportunities to enhance the shopping experience for customers by providing information to associates to be able to tailor the shopping experience (like you find on Amazon!)
  • Next steps involve getting the customer information to the associates before the customer reaches the POS, thus helping to drive a more profitable transaction
  • Meeting The Needs Of The Cross-Channel Shopper

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    11. 11. Page 11The Evolution of RetailBefore 1980s The FutureDistributed POSmodel• Basic cashregister and cashdrawerOmni channelretail puts it inthe customer’shands
    12. 12. Page 12The Customer is the Center of the UniverseCustomers nowhave the freedomto achieve theirgoals throughoutthe shoppingprocess……usingwhicheverchannels and touchpoints they prefer.Social MediaWebsiteEmailAppsMobileWebsiteSMSDirect MailCatalogEmployeesCheckoutKioskSignageAdver sing
    13. 13. Page 1314th Annual POS Benchmarking Survey• Surveyed more than 500North American retailersin October – December2012• Specialty retailersaccount for more thanhalf of respondents
    14. 14. Page 142014 POS Hardware Plans
    15. 15. Page 15Organization’s Mobile Strategy Drivers
    16. 16. Page 16Customer-Facing Mobile Services
    17. 17. Page 17POS Platform Expansion Plans
    18. 18. Page 18Omni-Channel Services
    19. 19. Page 19Identifying Customers at POS62.5%56.2%43.7%37.5%31.2%15.6%9.3%0.0%21.8%Email addressTelephone numberCustomer/ iden fica on numberName and addressMember/club numberPrivate label credit cardDrivers licenseMobile device - opt-in to WifiDo not iden fy customers at POS29. Which of the following methods are u lized to iden fycustomers at the POS?
    20. 20. Page 20Customer Information Available to Associates68.7%40.6%37.5%21.8%12.5%9.3%9.3%6.2%3.1%0.0%28.1%Contact informa on (e.g. name, address, telephone number, emailaddress)Transac on lookup for returnsSales historyPurchase summary (e.g. average transac on amount, purchases thisyear, life me totals, etc.)Customer-specific offers and discountsCustomer-specific messagingWarranty and service lookupFriends and family informa on (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, sizes,wardrobe)Profile (e.g. demographics, preferences, sizes, etc.)Purchasing sugges ons (based on customers current or previouspurchases)No customer informa on is available at store level30. What customer informa on is available at store-level?
    21. 21. Page 21Customer Information Available in Transaction
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