Leveraging The Power Of Data


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In today’s digital world, it seems that the connected consumer wields all the power. But retailers hold the power of data — social,
local, mobile, POS, CRM. It all adds up to actionable insight. In this session led by Simon Thompson, Director, Commercial Solutions at Esri, find out how to make sense of it all, by:
· Leveraging your data to shift the balance of power;
· Creating a meaning context for big data;
· Extracting the value of your social, location-based, and mobile data; and
. Implementing a system that adds value to your organization.

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Leveraging The Power Of Data

  1. 1. Leveraging  The    Power  Of  Data  Presented bySession sponsored by
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  6. 6. #CCSeries13Today’s  Panelists  Simon ThompsonDirector,Commercial SolutionsESRIMODERATORAlicia FiorlettaAssociate EditorRetail TouchPoints
  7. 7. Leveraging ThePower Of DataSimon ThompsonDirector, Commercial Solutions
  8. 8. Internetis everywhere
  9. 9. Internetis everything
  10. 10. Rethinkeverything
  11. 11. 100billionSmartPhone Apps
  12. 12. 80+% of all transactions embed a location
  13. 13. Mobile DevicesSensors / InstrumentationLocation AwareBig DataSocial / Sharing / Search
  14. 14. No Location=AnalyticsBlind Spot
  15. 15. BusinessAnalytics
  16. 16. LocationAnalytics
  17. 17. spreadsheetsweb servicesbusiness systemsbig data collectionsimages / videosensor networkssocial mediaanalyticsIntegrating information from many sourcesanalyzed based on locationcollaborationdecision-making
  18. 18. Accessible
  19. 19. Empowering
  20. 20. Combines different data sources and types•  Social & Behavioral•  Market Conditions•  Competition•  Past, Present & FutureProvides insightImproves engagementDrives progressLocation: A New Lens
  21. 21. Shoe Tweets & Young Women#luvshoes
  22. 22. SOCIAL & WEBANALYTICSLIVE DATAFEEDSADVANCEDANALYTICSWhat’s the socialsentiment for mybrand or productsHow do I optimize mystore inventory basedon weather & trendsHow do I betterpredict demand andprice?A New Set of Questions
  23. 23. “Being locally relevant has always been the core ofsuccess in retailing, going back 100 years to the towngeneral store whose owners knew what theircustomers wanted, liked, and would like to try.Big Data/Social is like the ultimate customizationvehicle, giving us back the local relevance wehad lost in trying to get scale and lower cost. It makesthat era of 100 years ago really possible again.”Walmart CMO Stephen QuinnA New Set of Answers
  24. 24. Analytics Lifecyclei
  25. 25. Store CharacteristicsInfrastructure ModelsCustomer InteractionCompetitive SitesTrade Area AnalysisPOS/Loyalty DataMarketing ActivityCombine
  26. 26. DemographicsSegmentationPyschographicsRetail ExpenditureMarket Potential DataPromotion ResponseBrand Affinity/SentimentEnrich
  27. 27. Inform
  28. 28. WHO ARE THEY?•  Understand who will shop at your locations•  Understand their demographicsWHAT DO THEY DO?•  Understand their lifestyle behaviors•  Target products that appeal to themTake ActionCustomers
  29. 29. WHY DO THEY BUY?•  Understand why they purchase•  Target the core behaviors of purchaseWHAT DO THEY BUY?•  Understand what they consume•  Promote & feature what they will buyTake ActionAffinity
  30. 30. WHY ARE THEY HERE?•  Understand where they are from•  Target their origin or others like themWHAT DO THEY WANT?•  Understand why they come and how they consume•  Align with their desired experienceTake ActionActivity
  31. 31. Monitor - Classic Drivetime
  32. 32. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%Senior Sun SeekersThe EldersIndustrious Urban FringeSocial Security SetRooted Rural0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%Enterprising ProfessionalsWealthy Seaboard SuburbsIn StyleCity LightsSuburban Splendor0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%In StyleUp & Coming FamiliesYoung & RestlessExurbanitesMetropolitans0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%Wealthy SeaboardConnoisseursPleasant-VilleEnterprising ProfessionalsCity LightStore Location #2Store Location #3 Store Location #4% of households by lifestyle segmentU.S.overallLocationStore Location #1affluentlifestyleyoung,educatedsingle workingprofessionalsretiredcouplesurbanelifestyleMonitor - Establish Baseline10 Minute Drivetime
  33. 33. • Enrich any place with insight§ Who is there and where they come from• Map origins and destinations• Understand interactions by place• Analyze consumer characteristicsUnderstand the “Wheres”Every phone has a home, a favorite place,frequent places, a history of its own
  34. 34. PatternAnalysisTimeofdayDay of week / month / yearUnderstand Where and Why
  35. 35. Calculate “Digished”Origin of visitors by density
  36. 36. Variation by Time of DayInflowOutflow
  37. 37. Customer AnalyticsShelf & Store LayoutTargeted PromotionsAdvertising analysisAssisted SellingLoss Prevention &FrauddetectionWorkforceManagementWeather/SalesforecastingSales & InventoryForecastingSocial Media AnalyticsChurnanalysisA/B TestingIT infrastructureoptimization Price OptimizationDecide - Apply KnowledgeLocation Analysis and Business Need
  38. 38. Thank YouDirector, Commercial Solutions, Esristhompson@esri.comSimon Thompson
  39. 39. #CCSeries13Q&A  
  40. 40. #CCSeries13Q&A    //    Panelists  Simon ThompsonDirector,Commercial SolutionsESRIMODERATORAlicia FiorlettaAssociate EditorRetail TouchPoints
  41. 41. #CCSeries13The  RFID    Tipping  Point  Tomorrow, 12 PM ET / 9 AM PTThank  You    For  Joining  Us  www.retailtouchpoints.com/connected-consumer-2013The next Connected Consumer Series session…