Air Conditioning, Mold, & Corrosion in Ft Myers, Florida


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Air conditioning equipment in Ft Myers or any sub-tropical area fight a constant battle against mold and corrosion. Corrosion can cause coolant leaks that result in less than efficient cooling as well as possible serious damage to your equipment. Mold will also impact your a/c units ability to cool efficiently and poses a serious health threat to inhabitants of the building. Only regular servicing by a licensed air conditioning contractor can reduce or eliminate the risk of potential harm to ones home and health.

Community Cooling and Heating Inc. in Fort Myers, Florida often finds less than acceptable levels of mold and corrosion while performing routine air conditioning service and maintenance. Customers rarely suspect that they have, and are, breathing air tainted with mold spores! Mold generally forms in the deep recesses of an air conditioning unit where they aren't visible without taking the machine apart. As the air conditioner moves air through the equipment and duct work in the unit the air is exposed to the mold, picks up spores, and circulates them through the home. Children, the elderly, those with asthma or other respiratory ailments, and pets are particularly vulnerable to the effects of mold. Once discovered mold is relatively easy to treat and remove ... the biggest problem is opening the equipment to find it.

Corrosion is caused by moisture, salt, and other oxidants found in the air. Far too often a relative small amount of corrosion is capable of pitting a freon or coolant line creating a pin hole leak. Even a small leak is enough to drain an air conditioners coolant out resulting in less than satisfactory levels of comfort. Even more importantly ... air conditioners are engineered to run with a specific amount of coolant in them ... as soon as the coolant falls below that level the machine works extra hard to try to compensate for the shortage ... IT BEATS ITSELF TO DEATH! By the time the homeowner realizes he has a problem the additional wear and tear on the machine has seriously reduced the equipment's life expectancy!

Community Cooling and Heating is offering a 16 point cooling system check which includes:

Clean your condenser coils.
Check operating pressures
Check electrical connections
Check sub-cooling
Check fan blade
Lubricate moving parts
Clean air filters
check thermostat
Check blower operation
Check controls
Check superheat
Check temperature drop across evaporator
Clean indoor coil if visible
Check complete unit operation
Treat condesate line and pan
Make necessary recommendations

While performing the check up they have peruse and assess the entire air conditioner to be certain corrosion and mold aren't gaining a foothold in your equipment and your home.

Protect your equipment, your home, and your family!

Air Conditioning, Mold, & Corrosion in Ft Myers, Florida

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  7. 7. Your air conditioner removes heat from yourhome by removing moisture (which holds heat)from your home. This creates a perfectenvironment for mold & corrosion to thriveinside your A/C unit! Only regular servicing bya licensed Ft Myers Air ConditioningContractor can ensure your home andequipment are free of corrosion, and are notimpacted by mold!
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