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“Green” is a word that refers to so much more than the color of grass or money. It has
become a recent buzzword in modern society that defines products, lifestyles, and tasks that are environmentally conscious. Becoming more “green” usually involves consuming fewer resources and can result in
saving money on typical household expenses. The tips below list some simple
ways that you can “green” your life while putting more “green” in your wallet.

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Freedom Debt Relief - Frugal Green Tips

  1. 1. Volume 4 #3 Frugal Green Tips • FDR Client Reminders Renting Tips • Make a Credit Comeback Fun Online Money Games • Spare Change Welcome to the Freedom Debt Relief monthly newsletter! As part of our ongoing goal to enhance our services, we will be sending you a monthly newsletter filled with interesting articles and helpful financial tips and advice. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that you find the enclosed 1-800-655-6303 information helpful as you continue on the road to financial freedom. Living a “green” lifestyle will help the environment and put more “green” in your wallet Some people may associate living green with abandoning all personal possessions and “Green” Mountain Institute modern technologies to live on (RMI), an organization a commune. In actuality, some is a word that refers to so that focuses on energy technological advancements can much more than the color policy, a six-minute actually help reduce the amount of grass or money. It has shower uses 20 gallons of waste that ends up in landfills. become a recent buzzword of water. Taking short Consider the options below. Keep in mind that the following in modern society showers can reduce tips are meant to help you get that defines products, water consumption and the most use out of items that Drive greener. lifestyles, and tasks that your water bill. For less can receive reward points you may already own; we are not are environmentally than $10, RMI also based on how much Most green articles urge encouraging you to purchase conscious. Becoming recommends installing they recycle. Visit www. consumers to purchase a brand new equipment. more “green” usually an on/off valve between to find hybrid car. As you strive to involves consuming fewer the shower arm and out if this program is settle your debts, buying a Go paperless! You can pay resources and can result in showerhead. This available in your local new vehicle may not be an bills online, use electronic saving money on typical temporarily shuts off the area. option. However, there are scheduling software, and send household expenses. The flow while maintaining other ways that you can free electronic cards. Before you tips below list some simple the temperature. It can “green” your car and save Conserve energy. print, ask yourself if you really ways that you can “green” be useful when lathering need to have a paper copy. money on transportation Simple tasks such Take advantage of organizing your life while putting up. For more water costs. For example, you as turning off lights important documents using more “green” in your conservation tips, visit will burn less fuel if you when you leave the email programs or document wallet. and www. roll down your windows room and installing a folders in your computer system in the summer instead of programmable thermostat software. You will use less paper using air conditioning. Clean green. Many can reduce your utility and will not have to purchase Performing routine Recycle. Many local popular household bills and overall energy expensive ink cartridges as often. maintenance on your cleaning products sold municipalities require consumption. When it car may also reduce in stores contain harsh citizens to follow comes time to buy new MP3 players come in all price ranges and allow gas consumption and chemicals that pollute the mandatory recycling appliances, you may users to download single songs prevent costly car repairs. earth and are hazardous ordinances. Some states consider Energy Star instead of buying expensive According to Treehugger. to humans. Natural have even given incentives models, which use 10– individual CDs. You may consider com, if every driver’s tires alternatives such as baking to recycle through 50% less energy and water transferring your CD library to were properly inflated, soda, white vinegar, and RecycleBank. This than standard models, MP3 format and resell your CDs approximately 2 billion lemon juice are very program gives participants according to the Energy on sites such as gallons of gas would be inexpensive and clean just a recycle Star web and Resell saved each year. You may as well as many brand bin site. You stores such as CD Warehouse also consider relying name cleansers. Visit this equipped can visit may also give you cash for your on your vehicle less by CDs. Visit www.cdwarehouse. link on the Greenpeace with a this site com for a location near you. walking short distances web (www.greenpeace. unique at www. or carpooling. Sites such org/usa/news/green-living- built-in energystar. Remember to properly as guide/basic-recipes-for- RFID tag. gov for dispose of your electronic allows you to search for green-cleani) for recipes At pick more equipment, also known as e- fellow carpoolers that using natural products. up, the tips on waste. If you can not use it, sell want to travel in the same bins are conserving or donate the item. You can also direction as you. scanned energy. Conserve water. visit for a and users recycling or donation center in According to the Rocky your area.
  2. 2. Client Reminders D espite of the costs associated information for Upon moving out, difficult with owning a home. repairs. You also want make sure you leave financial In addition to a to review the policies the rental property in Tax Debt? If you owe money to times, the National mortgage, purchasing on terminating a lease. the same condition as Multi Housing a home also involves Most property owners when you moved in. the IRS and would like information Council reports that many other expenses do not make it easy For example, clean, on how to reduce your tax debts, the apartment industry such as maintenance, for renters. Make vacuum, and fill small please contact our sister company, is not affected. In insurance, and sure you understand holes in the wall fact, affordable rental property taxes. As a the provisions in case with spackle. Many Freedom Tax Relief at 1-800-455- units will be coming renter, your landlord circumstances arise apartment complexes 6TAX. Our tax attorneys and tax available as desperate or property manager is that do not allow you also require that specialists are eager to immediately sellers try to rent out responsible for fixing to fulfill the terms of you have the carpets units that are just not major repairs like a the lease. professionally cleaned start helping you resolve your tax selling in the current broken furnace or a before moving out. troubles. In addition, existing FDR market, according leaky roof. Expenses Don’t alter the You are more likely to clients are eligible for a $100 referral to, such as these could property. The lease receive the majority of an online financial really break your should also state what your security deposit, bonus if they refer someone to resource. Therefore, budget, especially the landlord’s rules are which is usually Freedom Tax Relief. the number of renters while you are focusing on making alterations equivalent to one is expected to increase. on settling your debts. to the property. One month’s rent, if you American Consumers Union If you are currently of the downfalls of follow the move-out renting or expect to Read the lease. If renting is that most instructions. We have recently partnered with sign a lease in the near you are required to property mangers do the consumer advocacy group, future, below are some sign a lease before not allow tenants to American Consumers Union, tips that you may want moving in to an paint walls or make to keep in mind. apartment, make sure permanent changes in order to provide additional you read it. Leases to rental property support to our clients with respect Renting may be usually include quite without written to creditor harassment. All FDR a good financial a few pages of small permission. Even if move. There are print and it can be you do receive written clients are automatically given many benefits of tedious to read. But, permission to paint, membership into the American buying a home. keep in mind that for example, you will Consumers Union, and are given Homeownership has you are signing a legal usually have to change often been equated and binding contract the color back to the the full use and support of the with the American and it is beneficial original before you advocacy group, at no additional Rental dream. However, this to understand the move out, which can charge. This is a terrific benefit for Links dream can easily turn agreement. Pay close be a hassle. Before you into a nightmare for attention to the rent make improvements our clients, and we are happy to be • Search commercial consumers that are due date, late fees, such as install an able to provide this service to our web sites such as not prepared for all and the contact air conditioner or a, www. clients at our expense. You can visit dishwasher, consider, the fact that you may them online at and www.rentnet. not be able to take com. All landlords these items with you do not place ads for *** when you move. This apartments. You may can be an especially want to drive through Customer Service costly endeavor if you your town and look Phone Number: do not plan to live at for “For Rent” signs the property very long. 1-800-655-6303 on various properties. Take care of your • Tenants review Hours of Operation: property. When apartment moving in, note any complexes on web 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST damage that is already sites such as www. visible on the property apartmentreviews. E-mail: net and www. so you do not get apartmentratings. charged for the repair com. when you move out.
  3. 3. Make a Credit M any classic com: http://www.bankrate. trends and com/aff/calc/MinPayment. fashions asp. When you begin to seem to be reinvented re-establish your credit, use Fun Online throughout generations. your credit card so you can Money Games Fabulous fads from the show creditors that you past suddenly resurface and can make timely payments. Below are some After Before become popular among However, only charge items interesting online games consumers. At one time, that you can afford to pay that will help introduce you may have thought in full each month. kids to the world of receive a line of credit for by TNS, a market research that a wallet full of credit money. $300. Since a secured card firm, in partnership with cards with high credit Less is more. Stuffing is considered a credit card, professors from Dartmouth lines exemplified style. But your wallet with a deck maintaining this account College and Harvard A.G. Edwards, a when minimum payments of credit cards is not very with moderate charges and Business School, high levels division of Wachovia skyrocketed or you impressive or fashionable. on-time payments may of debt may be correlated Securities, LLC, offers experienced an emergency, Upon completion of your boost your credit rating. to financial illiteracy. The a variety of interesting the allure of credit quickly program, apply for one or survey revealed that only financial games on their became a fad that you wish two credit cards, perhaps 35% of respondents were Some offers only web site. Visit www. would have been buried in one major card and one able to correctly estimate, click on look good on paper. a time capsule. department store card. how interest compounds the “Investor Education” Once you have Did you ever buy a product Remember that inquiries over time and more than tab, and then choose completed your debt that looked wonderful in appear on your credit half of respondents did not “Kids Games” from the settlement program, you the store, but once you report every time you understand how minimum bar on the left hand side will be one step closer to brought it home, it did complete a credit card payments are calculated of the page. You will financial freedom. At this not perform as well as you application. Having many and applied to a principal then see links for several time, you can begin to would have liked? This recent credit inquiries will balance. The American games. The Savings re-establish your credit and idea could also be true of usually not improve your Bankers Association Quest game teaches kids make a credit comeback! sub-prime credit cards. credit rating. (ABA) has developed a free about the importance of Although your rating will Upon completion of your resource to help consumers budgeting, saving, and not improve overnight, debt settlement program, Start slow. With some make informed choices earning a pay check. consider the following ideas be aware of credit card fads, you may be unsure if about credit cards. “Guide Although it is classified as to rebuild your credit. offers that seem too good to you want to jump on the to Credit Cards” is available a children’s game, many be true. Sub-prime issuers bandwagon right away. In on ABA’s Consumer adults may also find this Revolving debt is may have lenient approval order to gradually make Connection web page at game interesting. The guidelines, but prey upon not in style. Many your credit comeback, Make sure Star Trader game is for individuals with previous consumers realize that you may also want to that you also check your ages 10-adult and gives credit problems by charging fashion and trends are consider a secured credit credit report frequently. users the opportunity to astronomical approval fickle because they can card. The credit limit on You are entitled to receive a choose stocks and play and annual fees. These change from month to this card is based on the free credit report every year. the market. companies commonly month. Credit cards make deposit that you make. For more information, visit apply these fees to your it easy to charge all of the For example, if you put www.annualcreditreport. As part of their card. Therefore, you acquire latest gadgets and just pay $300 on your credit com. Schwab MoneyWise a balance before you make a low monthly minimum card account, you will initiative, Schwab gives any significant purchases. payment. Making this Become a teens and young adults a habit can create costly an opportunity to see trendsetter. As a prelude Educate yourself. unwanted debt because how major life decisions to your comeback, you Knowledge and education of compounding interest. will affect their finances can become a trendsetter never goes out of Also, consider the fact that with the “It’s Your Life” by practicing sensible style. Become an you may still be paying online game. Visit www. budgeting techniques while educated consumer on merchandise that was you strive to settle your by understanding purchased years ago or and then click the “It’s debts. Your friends and your credit card that is no longer used. Your Life” link. family will hopefully follow agreement. This Do you really want to you in your footsteps. may involve pay for holiday gifts Planet Orange, an Discuss with your family reading the three years from now award-winning online members various ways tedious fine print, or clothes that will game brought to you by to save money and visit but it is beneficial eventually wear out or ING Direct, educates sites for frugal tips such as to know your become outdated? You kids about spending, sav-, annual percentage can discover the true cost ing, and investing. Visit www.101waystosavemoney. rate, due date, late of paying the minimum and com/, and www. fees, etc. According to a with this online calculator experience a whole new recent survey conducted provided by Bankrate. planet.
  4. 4. Spare Change: of Americans fall victim to out-of-control credit card costs and as the credit card market begins to News, financial tips, and other resemble the sub-prime mortgage market, U.S. information regarding personal Senator Robert Menendez recently announced a plan financial freedom to put an end to deceptive practices and irresponsible marketing. The Credit Card Reform Act goes beyond Private student scores or limited credit any other current legislative histories. Private loans also loans are costly for proposal in curtailing do not have the same range borrowers. A new study skyrocketing interest rates, of protections for borrowers curbing sudden changes in warns that college students that government loans have. credit card agreements, and are risking their futures For example, private loans restricting issuance of cards by taking out expensive are not subject to rate caps to consumers who don’t loans to pay tuition and Consumer Reports National coupons in product backed by most federally have the ability to make other expenses. These Research Center for e-mail newsletters and funded loans. The survey payments. More specifically, private loans now account ShopSmart magazine, manufacturer web sites. found that the interest rate the act will prohibit for nearly one in every women who use coupons Use store-loyalty cards with on some loans were as high practices such as universal four dollars of student and store-loyalty cards those coupons to save even as 19%. Also, issuers of default and retroactive rate borrowing. “Paying the save over 10% a year on more. You can also visit private loans do not offer increases. Card companies Price: The High Cost of groceries, the equivalent the web site for ShopSmart relief such as forbearance or will also have to receive an Private Student Loans and of $678 a year. Consumer magazine at www. hardship deferments. For opt-in approval form from the Dangers for Student Reports also states that for a more information, visit the consumers under the age of Borrowers,” a recent report consumers can get money- variety of money-saving tips NCLC web site at www. 21 before they can mail this issued by the National off coupons and free and informative articles. age group card solicitations. Consumer Law Center samples from coupon sites The Credit Card Reform (NCLC), finds that private such as www.SmartSource. Credit card reform Consumers save Act has the backing of 11 student loans are almost com, strives to cease money with coupons. major consumer groups and always more expensive than and www.CoolSavings. deceptive practices. According to a new unions. federal loans, especially for com. You may also find As an increasing number poll conducted by the borrowers with lower credit 1875 South Grant Street Suite 400 San Mateo, CA 94402 Phone: (800) 655-6303 FAX: (650) 897-8800