CSS3 vs Photoshop (remastered)


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Even If Photoshop was created for photo editing, it has always been the preferred tool for web designers. Yet the CSS3 arrival last year might have changed this. Indeed, CSS3's great success is partially due to its many "design related" functions. Since last year, we noticed that more people dare to design directly in the browser instead of using Photoshop.

This raises important questions for the future of web design: is the web designer supposed to code ? With CSS3, it seems impossible to stay away from it. But on the other hand, will the front end developper accept to give away this part of his job or will developpers now start to design as well?

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CSS3 vs Photoshop (remastered)

  1. 1. CSS3 vs Photoshop Smashing Magazine Meetup Basel, January 2012 Francis Chouquet @Fran6 h p://peaxl.com h p://francischouquet.com mercredi, 1 février 12
  2. 2. How I learnt Web Design... mercredi, 1 février 12
  3. 3. Difficult to predict the future if we don’t agree on the definition of web design mercredi, 1 février 12
  4. 4. The webdesigner loves Photoshop !! mercredi, 1 février 12
  5. 5. ... and CSS3 arrived... mercredi, 1 février 12
  6. 6. CSS3, the designer’s playground mercredi, 1 février 12
  7. 7. CSS3 offers a large range of visual effects that were previously done with images mercredi, 1 février 12
  8. 8. ...and who says images, says Photoshop... mercredi, 1 février 12
  9. 9. Example... mercredi, 1 février 12
  10. 10. Things we le on the move - h p://css3exp.com/moon mercredi, 1 février 12
  11. 11. with that idea in mind, some started to design in the browser mercredi, 1 février 12
  12. 12. mercredi, 1 février 12
  13. 13. mercredi, 1 février 12
  14. 14. Benefits Fast conception when you know HTML/CSS Modifications are easy to implement Immediacy - You know right away what you can and cannot do Dynamic prototype to show to clients Website implementation faster mercredi, 1 février 12
  15. 15. Disadvantages Quite simple designs. You still need Photoshop for more sophisticated effects YOU NEED TO KNOW CSS/HTML !! mercredi, 1 février 12
  16. 16. Goodbye Photoshop Hello ____________ * ??? * put the name of the browser you use... Internet Explorer is not a correct answer mercredi, 1 février 12
  17. 17. Should the designer know how to code? mercredi, 1 février 12
  18. 18. I asked the experts ! :) mercredi, 1 février 12
  19. 19. « To me a good web designer is a someone that is multidisciplinary as it doesn't stop with the visual aspect. He or she also take care of the conversion into actual webpages with a good knowledge of html/css so they can predict the outcome. Knowing Javascript is a bonus. » Veerle Pieters mercredi, 1 février 12
  20. 20. "Although it's possible to be a web designer, or an art director for the web, my opinion is that a deeper appreciation of the medium can only be achieved by having an understanding of code, even it's relatively basic. It's not just about knowing what you can create and what you can't: front-end code is playing an increasingly important role as a design tool, be it for designing 'in the browser' or adapting designs to suit multiple browser widths." Elliot Jay Stocks mercredi, 1 février 12
  21. 21. “ A "web designer" is one that can design a site and get it on the web in the HTML / CSS fashion, however no ma er what the medium a good designer can designer for. As a designer, we should be familiar with design rules and principles no ma er the medium, but that doesn't mean we need to learn how to code or code well. ” Brian Hoff mercredi, 1 février 12
  22. 22. Different views but one common point: understanding HTML/CSS is a strict minimum mercredi, 1 février 12
  23. 23. Examples in Car industry Architecture mercredi, 1 février 12
  24. 24. web design evolves everyday We are talking about CSS3 but what about Responsive Web Design ? mercredi, 1 février 12
  25. 25. my answer 1. If not done yet, learn how to use HTML/CSS 2. You cannot stop the web. It evolves everyday. We learn everyday. Try to adapt. 3. Use Photoshop for visual elements, quick wireframes. Then move to the browser. The more you will practice, the more you will start to use the browser earlier mercredi, 1 février 12
  26. 26. thank you ! @Fran6 h p://peaxl.com h p://francischouquet.com mercredi, 1 février 12